Thursday, March 02, 2006

Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes on clinching at least a share of the Big Ten title. If the Bucks win outright, they will be the first school in Big Ten history to produce a solo Men's & Women's title in the same year.

Off the Big Ten ... is anyone else with me that Dick Vitale is more out of control with his lust for Duke than ever? I can't even stand to see his face, let alone hear his voice. All he does is call Duke games and when they lose, he makes excuses or sings their praises for being so tough and resilient rather than touting the other team. Gag, barf, puke. He wondered aloud last night why everyone hates a winner like Duke? Let me answer that Duke, er Dick - because of blowhards like you!


Buckeye Nation said...

Andy: Nailed it on Dukie V.
He needs to zip it once in awhile about Duke.

felix said...

I with you on Dukie V. He should stop fawning over some program and just acll the games.

BigTenSportsFan said...

Wow! What a year for those Buckeyes on both the gridiron and the hardwood. Are there a better pair of basketball/football coaches in the history of college athletics than Thad Matta and Jim Tressel!?

On a side note, Andy it's refreshing to read your prose once again! Can't wait to read your takes during March Madness!!!!!

Hail Leroy said...

Nail on the head, Andy - my favorite part of the Dookie V bit is that now the Rat (Coach Ksyshevsvsvshvsski) is claiming that there is an anti-Dook bias in the media. Not that there was any question about this, but the sheer joy that I will feel when they get knocked out of the tournament knows no bounds - please, please, please let it be before they darken my fair city with their presence

I just threw up in my mouth...

felix said...

Ed and Andy, I would have taken Brunner ahead of Davis also. While Davis has better offensive stats than Brunner, I think defense counts too.

Both Brunner and Augustine play better defense than Davis. And both play for better defensive teams than the Spartans which limits possessions and shot attempts leaving each player less attempts than Davis.

So I'm not surprised at all that the coaches would choose Augustine first team. They know what's important for a "winning" bball team. Also he's the best athlete of any big man (6'10" and up) in the league. He is a quick leaper and runs the floor extremely well.

Augustine's stripping Davis of the ball and throwing down the slam to ice the Illini victory last Saturday against MSU while playing with a bad knee showed everything Augie brings to the table.

I think Brunner, Davis and Augustine will all get a look by the NBA and Augie and Davis should be drafted.

Shannon Brown indeed is a special talent. However, I doubt he is the best athlete. I know he couldn't win a one on one with Brian Randle who at 6'8" is able to shut down both bigs and guards. He plays D as well as anyone.

Didn't you notice how he blocked the breakaway dunk attempt last Saturday! Or how he shut down a red-hot Ager in the first game against MSU.

Also he he throw it down with anyone in the country. He's had dunks feastured on ESPN since his freshman year two years ago.

Next year, with no Dee Brown or Augustine, the country will learn of Randle when he'll be featured in the Illini offense.