Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Ten Football Previews – Quick Recap

Editor's Note: If you missed my annual summer Big Ten football previews now is your chance to click-thru and read them before the season kicks off. For the old regulars from TFS, Get Gamm kicks off on 8/28 with picks due by 6pm on 8/31...

How they’ll finish:
T-9th – Indiana: Preview

T-9th – Minnesota: Preview

T-9th – Northwestern: Preview

8th – Illinois: Preview

T-6th – Purdue: Preview

T-6th – Wisconsin: Preview

5th – Michigan State: Preview

4th – Michigan: Preview

3rd – Penn State: Preview

T-1st – Ohio State: Preview

T-1st – Iowa: Preview

Major Awards:
Offensive MVP = Drew Stanton – Michigan State

Defensive MVP = Paul Posluszny – Penn State

Special Teams MVP = Ted Ginn, Jr. – Ohio State

Coach of the Year = Kirk Ferentz – Iowa

Get Gamm:
Get Gamm works like this: Each week I post the games and commentary here on the blog. You put your picks in via the comments section. I keep a running standings and the best of the lot each week picks on the main page with yours truly. At the end of the year, the best record gets $25 to spend in the TFS Fan Shop. We’ll start on 8/28 with the first games kicking off on the 31st.


Aaron said...

How they’ll finish:
1st – Mich 7-1 TIED LOSS MIN-Dome
3rd – Iowa 6-2 losses to MI & OSU
4th - Purdue 6-2 Losses to IO & MSU
5th - Wisc. 5-3 Losses MI PU IO
6th - MSU 4-4 loss MI OS MN PSU
7th - PSU 4-4 loss OS MI PU WSC
8th - Minn. 3-5 wins vs MI IN MSU
9th - ILL. 2-6 WINS VS N.W.& IND.
10th - N.W. 0-8 loss of HC and BAZ
11th - IND. 0-8 everyone for sure

toughest team to predict is PSU, losing Robinson is huge and they will find this out.

12 days and a bit for B-1O openers and 14 days and a bit for first home game for Boilers

BigTenSportsFan said...

As usual Andy, a supberb breakdown. Here's how BTSF (with the help of my wife, Dale) sees things playing out before the bowls:

Ohio State 12-0
Iowa 12-0
MSU 11-1
U-M 11-1
Penn State 10-2
Wisconsin 10-2
Minnesota 9-3
Purdue 9-3
Northwestern 8-4
Illinois 8-4
Indiana 7-5

A.G. said...

Dude, you are certifiably crazy. It is impossible for two teams that play each other to go unbeaten.

Dan Meyer said...

My initial predictions:
T1 Iowa 11-1, 7-1
T1 Michigan 10-2, 7-1
T1 Ohio State 10-2, 7-1
T4 Wisconsin 9-3, 5-3
T4 Purdue 9-4, 5-3
T6 Michigan State 7-5, 4-4
T6 Penn State 7-5, 4-4
8 Northwestern 5-7, 2-6
T9 Illinois 4-8, 1-7
T9 Indiana 4-8, 1-7
T9 Minnesota 4-8, 1-7

With Walker's untimely death, I would change the IL-NU game to an Illinois win (thus switching Illinois and Northwestern). My biggest upset picks are Indiana over Wisconsin and Michigan State over Notre Dame. Final comment: if any of Iowa, Michigan or Ohio State can sweep the other two, that team has a real shot at the NC game.