Tuesday, May 01, 2007

News from around the Big Ten...
It's been a busy few weeks around the Big Ten. Players getting in trouble. Spring football wrapping up. Basketball predictions - already. Here is a smattering of what has hit the news wires, just in case you missed it. Check back later this month when I start my weekly countdown from 11 to 1 that takes us through summer to college football's kickoff.

Spring recap from ESPN.com (This is why you can't report on just what you see one day or read one day. Brian Hoyer is mentioned as not having separated himself at MSU, but all Spartans know that he had an excellent spring, last scrimmage aside, and is the guy the next two seasons. BTW, his poor outing in the spring game might have had something to do with the teams being split up with 1s, 2s, and 3s, not having half his starting line, etc.)

Six Penn State players in hot water

Andy Katz gives his post-draft declaration, revised Top 25 for 07-08

Spring look around the Big Ten

Oh and back to basketball, Oden, Conley Jr. and Cook declare, D.J. White sticks around and the Big Ten is poised to be rock solid again...

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