Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get Gamm - Bowl Style
Here is the official bowl slate. Picks are due before kickoff of the first game. Good luck. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Note - don't miss at the bottom the first round of Get Gamm Basketball. Those games start on next week already too!

Champs Sports Bowl - Orlando, FL
December 27, 4:30pm
Wisconsin vs. Florida State

Gamm says ... The first in a slate of what should be seven good bowl games for the Big Ten this year. FSU is on the cusp of returning to the top of the ACC. Wisconsin had a highly disappointing campaign that included a mind-numbing loss to lowly Michigan and a gut-wrenching loss at Michigan State. Still, the season ended well and the Badgers are hungry to keep building for next year. I like Wisconsin in Florida bowl games... Wisconsin 24 - Florida State 20.

Buckeye Nation says ... A real "pick 'em" game between two teams who disappointed their fans this season. Something tells me that the Badgers pull this one out. Wisconsin 23 - Florida State 21

Alamo Bowl - San Antonio, TX
December 29, 8pm
Northwestern vs. Missouri

Gamm says ... I so want to pick the Wildcats in this one. NU had a fantastic season and rightfully deserved a better bowl slot than Iowa. But alas, that's business in the Big Ten. Vegas doesn't like Northwestern's chances at all, I am not as pessimistic. The NU defense is better than it is getting credit for and while Mizzou is good, a lot of folks are still basing their game thoughts on the pre Oklahoma State game Tigers. Missouri will win, but not by the wide margin some expect. Missouri 33 - Northwestern 30.

Buckeye Nation says ... This matchup is interesting. Mizzou is undoubtedly disappointed given the thinking at the beginning of the season that they were BCS Championship contenders with Chase Daniel at QB. Northwestern, on the other hand, exceeded expectations, even though they lost star RB Tyrell Sutton for the meat of the Big 10 schedule. The 'Cats aren't accustomed to this type of post-season revelry, but the Tigers are. Missouri 38 - Northwestern 27

Insight Bowl - Tempe, AZ
December 31, 6pm
Minnesota vs. Kansas

Gamm says ... Credit the Minnesota staff and players for a wonderful turnaround this season. This is a nice and just reward. Trouble is, Kansas is a lot better than a Golden Gophers team that was exposed an awful lot over the last few weeks of the season. I think Kansas cuts through this defense like a hot knife through butter. Kansas 41 - Minnesota 27.

Buckeye Nation says ... Both of these squads started out hot, but limped home to close out the season. Kansas however, rebounded in knocking off Mizzou, while the Gophers seemed to get worse with every game, concluding with a blow-out loss at home to archrival Iowa. The clock strikes midnight for the Gophers...as it did for the last month of the season. Kansas 41 - Minnesota 24

Outback Bowl - Tampa, FL
January 1, 11am
Iowa vs. South Carolina

Gamm says ... The one and only favorite - per Vegas - this Big Ten bowl season is Iowa. The Hawkeyes have the Penn State feather in their cap, and three of the team's losses game in a row in heartbreaking fashion. Iowa might have the most upside potential going forward but will all the hype get to Hawkeyes? I don't think so. South Carolina isn't a great SEC team, maybe not even a truly good one. Iowa wins and Greene rides off into the NFL... Iowa 27 - South Carolina 14.

Buckeye Nation says ... The Hawkeyes vs. the Gamecocks will be a great way to start a full day of bowl viewing. And in my view, the Big 10 fans will be smiling when it's all over in this one. Iowa 34 - South Carolina 26

Capital One Bowl - Orlando, FL
January 1, 1pm
Michigan State vs. Georgia

Gamm says ... So, the gurus are calling this one the rock solid lock of the bowl season. Georgia in a landslide. Well, in the immortal words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend. UGA fell to this game. MSU aspired to it. The Bulldogs have been praised for their losses to Florida, Alabama and Georgia Tech. Ahem, last I checked Ohio State, Penn State and Cal were every bit in that neighborhood. That garbage aside, the running back show will be spectacular. And, we could be watching the future of the Detroit Lions (Matthew Stafford) at the helm of the dawgs. I think State has more to prove and more to play for. Have a 2000 Citrus Bowl flashback... Michigan State 34 - Georgia 31 on a late field goal.

Buckeye Nation says ... Speaking of disappointing seasons, the Dawgs thought they were headed to Miami when the season opened up, but had to settle for Orlando as a consolation prize. The Spartans on the other hand exceeded expectations by being in the hunt for a share of the Big 10 title until the final day of the season. Dantonio has the Spartans headed in the right direction, but they're not there just yet. While I'd like to see Andy smile, I don't think he will be after this one. Georgia 42 - Michigan State 17.

Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA
January 1, 5pm
Penn State vs. USC (TIEBREAKER)

Gamm says ... In my book, this one is as good as the national title game. Both were uncanny road slip ups away. Both teams are stocked with NFL talent. USC might be bored playing in, ho-hum, another Rose Bowl. Penn State is hungry to show it is worthy of the national title talk that existed up until that Iowa loss. I'm looking for a classic, but in the end, SC has too much. USC 23 - Penn State 21.

Buckeye Nation says ... Two teams that could have been undefeated but for one slip-up, marks this year's Grandaddy-of-them-all matchup. I'd love to see the Lions do it, but the Trojans get the home field advantage, and the win. USC 38 - Penn State 13

Fiesta Bowl - Glendale, AZ
January 5, 8pm
Ohio State vs. Texas

Gamm says ... On one hand, you have an Ohio State team tired of hearing how it gets killed whenever the spotlight shines. On the other you have one pissed off set of Longhorns, screwed by the system that inexplicably doesn't take into account head-to-head. Now, Oklahoma might well be the best team in the land, but Texas has something to prove. Ohio State might have a bit more talent, but Texas is a play away from playing for something even bigger. Texas 20 - Ohio State 16

Buckeye Nation says ... Probably the third best bowl matchup on the entire slate after the BCS Championship game and the Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes are very familiar with Phoenix, having played there 4 out of the past 6 years, but the last time in Arizona was a clunker. Texas has never faced a defense like OSU's, on the other hand, OSU has not seen an offense quite like Texas's offense. The Longhorns are smarting from not making the BCS title game, in spite of beating Oklahoma, and Colt McCoy finished 2nd in the Heisman voting. They will finish second here as well. Texas thinks they are playing in the wrong game, and the Buckeyes are looking for redemption. Look for the Buckeyes to finally give the conference the respect it deserves. Ohio State 28 - Texas 23.

Get Gamm Basketball (my picks in bold, score only needed for MSU - Minnesota):
Illinois @ Purdue

Michigan State @ Minnesota (MSU 64 - Minnesota 63)
Northwestern @ Penn State
Wisconsin @ Michigan
Iowa @ Ohio State

Ohio State @ Minnesota
Penn State @ Wisconsin
Indiana @ Iowa
Michigan State @ Northwestern

Illinois @ Michigan


BruceS said...

Some good match ups with the B10 bowl representatives. Here goes.

Wisconsin 31 Florida State 20 FSU improving but not enough to beat a determined Badger team smarting from a disappointing regular season. Chalk up win #1 for the B10.

Mizzou 35 Northwestern 27 Daniel, Macklin and company too much for an overmatched NW team playing without all its weapons. Mizzou was good enough to be ranked very high in the early going and will show why. B10 goes to 1-1.

Minnesota 28 Kansas 41 Kansas has too much firepower. Minnesota will just not have the horses to stay with a good KU team. B10 goes to 1-2.

Iowa 24 South Carolina 17. The Iowa defense will win this one for the Hawkeyes in a relatively low scoring game. B10 now at 2-2.

Georgia 35 Michigan State 24 Georgia too big and strong up front on both sides of the ball & will be able to control the line of scrimmage and limit Ringer, forcing Hoyer to throw more than the game plan calls for. B10 2-3

Penn State 24 Southern Cal 38. Too many weapons for the Trojans who will continue their dominance over B10 teams in the Rose Bowl. B10 2-4.

Ohio State 21 Texas 34 The Texas defense will put too much pressure on Pryor for him to be effective. McCoy and Co. on offense will be able to move the ball and take advantage of some turnovers to get the win. B10 finishes 2-5 in the bowl season.


12/30 Purdue over Illinois

12/31 MSU beats Minn.
Penn St. over NW
UM over Wisc
OSU over Iowa

1/3 OSU beats Minn
Iowa over IU
MSU over NW

1/4 Illinois over UM

Gary Baumgarten said...

In case you're interested ...

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You can join with other fans in the action and comment in text and in voice. It's like being right there but right from your computer.

You can also discuss the game with other fans while it's on.

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mayo170 said...

Illinois 51 @ Purdue 77

Michigan State 64 @ Minnesota 59
Northwestern 56 @ Penn State 54
Wisconsin 59 @ Michigan 65
Iowa 59 @ Ohio State 63

Ohio State 57 @ Minnesota 65
Penn State 49 @ Wisconsin 52
Indiana 51 @ Iowa 71
Michigan State 78 @ Northwestern 69

Illinois 58 @ Michigan 61

I have to add that I watched OSU vs. Iona the other night...I don't claim to be 1/10 of the follower that Andy is, but I didn't recognize one guy on OSU's team, except Matta. Fun bunch of kids to watch though.

Happy Holiday's everyone!

Buckeye Nation said...

Winners in boldface

Illinois @ Purdue

Michigan State 70 @ Minnesota 67
Northwestern @ Penn State
Wisconsin @ Michigan
Iowa @ Ohio State

Ohio State @ Minnesota
Penn State @ Wisconsin
Indiana @ Iowa
Michigan State @ Northwestern

Illinois @ Michigan

Dan Meyer said...

Football picks given previously.

Regarding hoops, the Big Ten guys had a GREAT December. As of Christmas Eve (by the way, Merry Christmas everyone), six maybe seven teams (MI, MSU, MN, OSU, PU, WI and possibly IL) looked "Big Dance" worthy while NU and PSU looked worthy of at least the NIT and Iowa was close to being tourney-worthy. Present conclusion: road wins will be PRIZED! Yes, teams can win at IU (whimper) and some will win at Iowa. Even Northwestern and Penn State will be tough and road wins anywhere else will decide who wins the conference.

Basketball picks (as per tradition, few if any comments the first week on specific games).
Illinois at PURDUE (caps indicate winner)
Michigan State 68 at MINNESOTA 72
Northwestern at PENN STATE
Wisconsin at MICHIGAN

Ohio State at MINNESOTA
Penn State at WISCONSIN
Indiana at IOWA
MICHIGAN STATE at Northwestern
Illinois at MICHIGAN

Phats said...

Football picks below here are my basketball picks

PURDUE over illinois

MICHIGAN STATE 68 minnesota 65
PENN STATE over northwestern
MICHIGAN over wisconsin
OHIO STATE over iowa

MINNESOTA over ohio state
WISCONSIN over penn state
IOWA over indiana
MICHIGAN STATE over northwestern

ILLINOIS over michigan

Have a great holiday everyone!

AndrewJ1313 said...

Since I missed the first week of Get Gammdum and I really have no shot of winning, I'm picking the Big Ten to go undefeated in Bowl games this year:) Wouldn't that be nice. In all honesty, I think the Big Ten has a much better shot in several of the games then the "experts" at ESPN are saying.

Wisconsin 28, Florida St. 20 - I truly think Wisconsin is the better team, it just depends if they show up ready to play a good team or not.

Northwestern 32, Missouri 31 - I really think Missouri will win this, but Northwestern can put up points and Missouri hasn't shown much defense this year.

Minnesota 27, Kansas 24 - Another match up I think will not go the Big Ten's way, but Minnesota has played decent this year and that may be enough to beat Kansas.

Iowa 32, South Carolina 20 - Greene is a monster and I think the Hawkeyes will roll SC.

Michigan St. 28, Georgia 21 - I said from the get go Georgia was overrated and I still think they are. Ohio State would have destroyed Georgia had they not been pulled into the BCS and I think Michigan State will really turn some heads in this game.

Penn St. 28, USC 20 - I've watched USC several times this year as I did Penn St. and I really believe Penn St. is a more complete team. What gives USC the edge is that they are once again playing in their back yard.

Ohio State 28, Texas 20 - OSU may not have faced an offense like Texas this year, but Texas hasn't faced a defense like OSU. McCoy is good (should have won the Heisman) but the Buckeyes will take away his ability to scramble and if OSU let's Jenkins play press coverage and man, the field will become very small for McCoy.


mayo170 said...

I thought I sent these in previously, but alas, I don't see them on the board...

Illinois @ Purdue

Michigan State @ Minnesota (MSU 61 - Minnesota 69)
Northwestern @ Penn State
Wisconsin @ Michigan
Iowa @ Ohio State

Ohio State @ Minnesota
Penn State @ Wisconsin
Indiana @ Iowa
Michigan State @ Northwestern

Illinois @ Michigan

mayo170 said...

Totally bummed for Northwestern. What a great game though, a lot of people weren't giving them a chance in this game.

AndrewJ1313 said...

Maybe the Big Ten enjoys all the criticism it gets in the off season, that's why they have sucked something awful in bowl games the past three years. It doesn't even matter if OSU wins at this point, the Big Ten looks like a big joke to the rest of the country. MSU played a good game and competed through most of it and it's a darn shame for Northwestern, they could have won their game. The Rose Bowl was only in doubt for about a quarter and then USC exploded, Penn St. never had a chance in the second half but I give them credit for not giving up and playing until the final whistle.

Better luck next year Big Ten - unfortunately, until the Big Ten starts recruiting speed guys on the defensive front, it may be a few more years before they can really compete with the best.

mayo170 said...

I'll echo that sentiment Andrew. Hopefully this situation will get corrected soon.

Here's an article about Delany's view on it: http://www.freep.com/article/20090105/SPORTS06/901050317/1054/SPORTS06