Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Get Gamm - Week One
It's baack! Get Gamm, your favorite beat the host pick 'em game is back for what has to be about the sixth rendition. I don't have a ton of time to spell it all out this week, but you know the drill. Beat me, pick in the Get Gamm blog the next week. Be the overall winner for the season, shop in the TFS Online store. I am the reigning champ, can anyone dethrone me?

Picks are due in by kickoff of the IU game THURSDAY. Tiebreaker is spread and then total points on OSU-Navy (pick the score). My picks are noted in bold.

Note - adding Minnesota game, which was NOT on the site!

Eastern Kentucky @ Indiana

Akron @ Penn State
Montana State @ Michigan State
Navy @ Ohio State (OSU 41 - Navy 10)
Toledo @ Purdue
Towson @ Northwestern
Northern Iowa @ Iowa
Western Michigan @ Michigan
Missouri @ Illinois
Northern Illinois @ Wisconsin
Minnesota @ Syracuse


Buckeye Nation said...

Eastern Kentucky 21 @ Indiana 23

Akron 14 @ Penn State 37
Montana State 10 @ Michigan State 32
Navy 10 @ Ohio State 38
Toledo 21 @ Purdue 24
Towson 13 @ Northwestern 28
Northern Iowa 17 @ Iowa 34
Western Michigan 21 @ Michigan 23
Missouri 23 @ Illinois 32
Northern Illinois 24 @ Wisconsin 28

AndrewJ1313 said...

This is the eight year I have done Get Gamm, I'm not sure if you did it prior to 2002 or not, but I cannot believe how fast the years go by. Without further ado...

Eastern Kentucky 17 @ Indiana 20
Akron 7 @ Penn State 48
Montana State 3 @ Michigan State 35
Toledo 23 @ Purdue 24 (probably an upset waiting to happen)
Towson 17 @ Northwestern 32
Northern Iowa 10 @ Iowa 28
Western Michigan 20 @ Michigan 21 (Will RichRod even make it through his second year?)
Missouri 17 @ Illinois 30
Northern Illinois 14 @ Wisconsin 24
Navy 13 @ Ohio State 38

Two predictions before the season starts:
MSU will establish itself as a true contender for the Big Ten title the next few years and second, the Big Ten will have a winning record in bowl games this year.

Dan Meyer said...

A clean sweep is very possible with Mizzou-Illini the most tenuous Big Ten victory. As per tradition, little or no commentary the first week.(Do the Gophers not play this weekend?)

Thurs. Eastern KY 14 at INDIANA 24
Sat. Akron 7 at PENN STATE 38
Montana St. 10 at MICHIGAN STATE 31
*Navy 6 at OHIO STATE 27
Toledo 14 at PURDUE 27
Towson 6 at NORTHWESTERN 28
Northern Iowa 17 at IOWA 31
Western Michigan 14 at MICHIGAN 23
Missouri 28 vs. ILLINOIS 35
Northern Illinois 13 at WISCONSIN 21

Andy Gamm said...

St. Louis Sparty says:

Eastern Kentucky @ Indiana

Akron @ Penn State
Penn State

Montana State @ Michigan State
Michigan St

Navy @ Ohio State
Ohio St

Toledo @ Purdue

Towson @ Northwestern

Northern Iowa @ Iowa

Western Michigan @ Michigan

Missouri @ Illinois

Minnesota @ Syracuse

Northern Illinois @ Wisconsin

mayo170 said...

So I'm on the same page as everyone else:

Illinois 27 - Missouri 17
Indiana 24 - Eastern Kentucky 20
Iowa 42 - Northern Iowa 12
Michigan 26 - Western Michigan 23
Michigan State 51 - Montana State 3
Minnesota 30 - Syracuse 14
Northwestern 38 - Towson 6
Ohio State 48 - Navy 10
Penn state 53 - Akron 10
Purdue 22 - Toledo 17
Wisconsin 24 - Northern Illinois 22

Dan Meyer said...

Additional game:
MINNESOTA 28 at Syracuse 18

Phats said...

Oops forgot my picks! I am sure I would have gotten them alright too haha. I will join a week behind

mayo170 said...

Wow. What a weekend for The Big Ten. I ended up going to the MSU game in my uncle's seats (second row club seats, behind Montana) And holy cow was that an impressive win.

Northwestern and Purdue also looked pretty good as far as the teams that are breaking in new QB's (although Kafka has started a few games at NU).

I didn't see or hear anything about the Buckeyes, but my gut tells me they were prepping for USC and maybe not Navy so much. Of course, there's the possibility that Navy might be pretty good (beat ND and I'll be happy!).

Illinois laid down a stinker, but Juice lost his main receiver and it looks like he couldn't find anyone to take Benn's place.

Overall, great start to the season.

Buckeye Nation said...

I never saw the Minnesota game addition since Friday for me is loading up the tailgate, and Saturday is gameday.
FWIW, I picked Minny to win 28-24 on a Buckeye board...

BruceSk said...


BruceSk said...

I'm late getting my picks in due my inability to get my password to work. (I'm not real computer savvy, can you tell??) Had my picks arrived on time I would have gone 11-0. I have a daughter now attending Mizzou so I had to pick them over the Illini. Certainly didn't think tOSU - Navy game would be close, I was guessing 49-7. I'll let the blog admins and others determine my fate. GO GREEN