Monday, January 18, 2010

Still swamped...
So many great things to blog about, so little time to do so. I apologize to the winners of late not getting your spotlight! Went from business in Cali to a weekend at Spiese in Ft. Wayne (a basketball junkie's paradise) and now am buried at work.

Here's this week's slate. Put up or shut up time for a few. Buckeye Nation won last week and that without riding the upset pick over Purdue. By the way BN, shame on me for leaving Turner off my All Big Ten team. He's the best player in the league. Bar none. Forgive me?!

Northwestern @ Ohio State
Purdue @ Illinois

Iowa @ Michigan State
Michigan @ Wisconsin

Indiana @ Penn State

Michigan State @ Minnesota
Ohio State @ West Virginia
Michigan @ Purdue
Illinois @ Northwestern

Penn State @ Wisconsin
Iowa @ Indiana


mayo170 said...

Northwestern 61 @ Ohio State 74
Purdue 59 @ Illinois 55

Iowa 49 @ Michigan State 63
Michigan 56 @ Wisconsin 58

Indiana 59 @ Penn State 63

Michigan State 74 @ Minnesota 66
Ohio State 77 @ West Virginia 69
Michigan 68 @ Purdue 75
Illinois 66 @ Northwestern 62

Penn State 57 @ Wisconsin 71
Iowa 52 @ Indiana 58

Phats said...

HA Just like football I am pulling up the rear. Sure wish the boilers would revert back to the 14-0 team and SOON

OHIO STATE 78 northwestern 62
PURDUE 65 illinois 61

WISCONSIN 70 michigan 60

PENN STATE 56 indiana 52

MINNESOTA 71 michigan state 70
WEST VIRGINIA 78 ohio state 75
PURDUE 77 michigan 65
NORTHWESTERN 68 illinois 66

WISCONSIN 80 penn state 62
INDIANA 54 iowa 51(that hurts picking IU)

Buckeye Nation said...

Thanks Andy.
Unbelieveable week for the Buckeyes. Very difficult to win in West Lafayette in any year. As I mentioned, I did not see this coming. Evan Turner is a special player, and the best aspect of his game is that he plays to make his teammates better. Your sin of omission is forgiven.
I thought UConn over Michigan was a no-brainer, then I saw the line for the game was UM by one, then I knew something was up...
Minnesota in the Barn: don't count on winning there. Outside the Barn: an average team. Thought Crean almost blew it in regulation against the Gophers by trying to milk the clock too much in the 2nd half.
MSU looks to be in the driver seat for the regular season title. Only hope for a win in EL for opponents is if MSU just shows up for a game they are heavily favored to win (ala NU and PSU last year). Don't see that happening this year.
I think Illinois is going to slide this week. Wisconsin and Purdue both bounce back.

Northwestern 51 @ Ohio State 67
Purdue 71 @ Illinois 69 - a must-win game for the Boilers; Illini begin to doubt themselves.

Iowa 61 @ Michigan State 82 - Spartans can name their score.
Michigan 50 @ Wisconsin 66

Indiana 64 @ Penn State 73 - Nits finally get their first conference win.

Michigan State 64 @ Minnesota 69
Ohio State 68 @ West Virginia 70 - could be wrong on this, I hope; homecourt in hoops is so huge.
Michigan 63 @ Purdue 75
Illinois 58 @ Northwestern 62 - this isn't your father's Northwestern.

Penn State 50 @ Wisconsin 64
Iowa 65 @ Indiana 69

PS Andy: don't forget to do a bowl wrap-up, even if we have to wait for it until February ;-)

Dan Meyer said...

Rushing to get these in:

Northwestern 63 at OHIO STATE 70--The JuJuan Johnson nightmare game gives the Buckeyes more ammo for being in the T25.

Purdue 65 at ILLINOIS 68(Obviously, hope I'm wrong)--Boilers bottom out and fair weather fans start thinking that Purdue is the Martha Coakley of college hoops. Much better things are ahead for the old gold and black, however.

Iowa 55 at MICHIGAN STATE 70--Spartans lay a Sammy Hagar ("I Can't Drive 55") smackdown on the Hawkeyes.

Michigan 60 at WISCONSIN 66--I thank the Wolverines for helping the Big 10/11 RPI last weekend. THIS week, however, two trips to death traps likely is more than the Maize and Blue can handle.

Indiana 66 at PENN STATE 69--Penn State may wait a LONG time for a Big Ten win if not here.

Michigan State 69 at MINNESOTA 72--Last unbeaten within Big Ten gets its first blemish--probably. If not, good luck to the Badgers and ? on catching the Spartans during the regular season.

OHIO STATE 70 at West Virginia 68--Picking the mild upset based on comparative performances at Mackey.

Michigan 62 at PURDUE 68--The Boiler resurgence commences; albeit probably too late to win the Big Ten regular season championship.

Illinois 66 at NORTHWESTERN 68--Almost totally a home court pick.

Penn State 62 at WISCONSIN 74--Next to IA at MSU, the dud of the week.

Iowa 64 at INDIANA 68--Hoosiers are marginally less pitiful than Hawkeyes (yes, I AM aware that the Hoosiers and Boilers are tied in the Big Ten standings as of this afternoon. Do you really think that this will continue??)

Dan Meyer said...

Picks for January 26-31 based on schedule:

MICHIGAN STATE 68 at Michigan 64--A COMPLETE dart board game--I have no idea how the Wolverines respond to Manny's suspension and reinstatement.

Northwestern 63 at MINNESOTA 68--Basically a home court pick in a matchup of "bubble" teams.

ILLINOIS 69 at Penn State 63--Who stops the bleeding? I think the Illini.

OHIO STATE 68 at Iowa 63--Full props to Linkliter for the last two weeks, but I don't see Turner letting the Buckeyes lose two straight.

Wisconsin 62 at PURDUE 65--A tough challenge to be sure, but I think that my Boilers are done losing at Mackey this year.

Indiana 63 at ILLINOIS 72--Illini return to ESPN Bracketology next week.

Iowa 60 at MICHIGAN 69--Not a terrible upset pick, but I think that the Wolverines will have something to prove.

Northwestern 64 at MICHIGAN STATE 75--Wildcats might have chances at Evanston, but Breslin? No way!!

Penn State 62 at PURDUE 75--A day of mourning and even fasting may be called in West Lafayette if the visitors prevail here.