Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's go bowling!
Here's hoping that you all have had a wonderful holiday season so far. Now that bowl season is kicking in full tilt, it is bound to get even more fun. Me? I take this time of the year off so the rest and relaxation is very nice.

Insight Bowl, 12/28 @ 10pm EST: Iowa vs. Missouri
Iowa is under manned but on a mission. Not sure Mizzou feels this was as good as it could get. Iowa 23 - Mizzou 20

Texas Bowl, 12/29 @ 6pm EST: Illinois vs. Baylor
Illinois laid an egg in the Fresno game but is better than their record. Baylor fizzled after a hot start. Ill-i-n-i 30 - Baylor 20

Holiday Bowl, 12/30 @ 10pm EST: Nebraska vs. Washington
Are you kidding? What happened to this game? Historically a great one. UW's only hope is that NU gets lost on the way. Corn 37 - Cool Dogs 17

TicketCity Bowl, 1/1 @ 12pm EST: Northwestern vs. Texas Tech
Northwestern with Persa wins this game. Despite time for the backup to get better acclimated... TT 41 - NU 24

Gator Bowl, 1/1 @ 1pm EST: Michigan vs. Mississippi State
Is this Rich Rods swan song? This MSU has little offense to speak of but the M defense - or lack thereof will provide chances to score. The Bulldogs get it done. Miss State 26 - M 24

Outback Bowl, 1/1 @ 1pm EST: Penn State vs. Florida
The retirement bowl? Not according to Mrs. JoePa. Penn State is better than Florida and gets the Big Ten a nice win. PSU 27 - FLA 21

Capital One Bowl, 1/1 @ 1pm EST: Michigan State vs. Alabama
Not a bad consolation prize for an MSU team that should be in a BCS game. Bama is good, really good, but are they into this game? MSU starts slow but stuns old Nicky Saban on a late trick score. MSU 24 - Bama 17

Rose Bowl, 1/1 @ 5pm EST: Wisconsin vs. TCU
Wisconsin is good. So is TCU. This is an intriguing game of great O vs. great D. I hope the Big Ten gets the W but feel like TCU has something to prove. TCU 20 - UW 17

Sugar Bowl, 1/4 @ 8:30pm EST: Ohio State vs. Arkansas

I still can't believe that money wins of the suspensions. But then again, it is why Cam Newton is still playing. OSU wins a wild one 31 to 28.


Dan Meyer said...

[1] I'm picking seven to go to the Big Dance (OSU as 1 seed, MSU as 3 seed, WIS as 5 seed, PUR as 6, IL as 7, MN as 10 and NWU as 11). Additionally, one team (either IU or MI) will make the NIT.

[2] For the others who have picked conference records, check your cumulative wins and losses which should total 99-99.

mayo170 said...

Congratulations to Don Treadwell getting the gig at the Cradle of Coaches. I'm sure he's going to do very well there.

Dan Meyer said...

Ouch! Pain for the Big 10 today; pain for my picks in general.