Friday, November 25, 2011

Season's end...
Well, at least the end of the regular season.  Still plenty of fun to be had on the gridiron.  Sorry for the lateness of the post... had this in draft and well, holiday got in the way!

Iowa at Nebraska, Noon EST (ABC)
Nebraska needs a bounce back and gets one at home.  Iowa isn't what they've been.  Nebraska 27 - Iowa 14.

Phats says ... Nebraska 28 Iowa 24- Tempted to take the Hawkeyes, but Nebraska won't lay an egg two straight weeks especially at home

Michigan State at Northwestern , Noon EST (BTN)
Believe it or not, MSU has plenty to play for.  Northwestern does as well, which will make this an interesting game.  Grab some turkey soup and keep an eye on this one.  Michigan State 31 - Northwestern 24.

Phats says ... Michigan State 35 Northwestern 21- Another solid season for the Spartans, this is a tune up for Indy

Ohio State at Michigan, Noon EST (ABC)
THE game has little luster this year.  The bigger question is, Urban yes or Urban no?  Most are predicting Michigan to walk on OSU and get some revenge for seven straight losses.  I'm thinking not so fast my friends.  At least it won't be as much a blow out as thought.  Michigan 23 - Ohio State 20.

Phats says ... Michigan 38 Ohio State 17- OSU one dimensional, UM defense so much better this year.  

Purdue at Indiana, 3:30 EST (BTN)
Battle for the Old Oaken Bucket won't be a battle for long.  Purdue 38 - Indiana 14.

Phats says ... Purdue 42 Indiana 17- Close thru the first half, and for a change the Boilers light up the third quarter, scoring for the first time since the PSU game.  Bringing the Bucket back where it belongs West Lafayette!!  Boiler Up! 

Illinois at Minnesota, 3:30 EST (BTN)
Boring.  Illinois 34 - Minnesota 20

Phats says ... Minnesota 17 Illinois 14- I really am not sure why I am picking this upset, but Illini have really struggled, Gophers have played so much better and it's at Minnesota. 

Penn State at Wisconsin, 3:30 EST (ESPN)
For weeks, I have been predicting an MSU - PSU title game.  But I think Wisconsin woke up in time last week and has just enough offense to put the Nits to bed and make Delany happy.  UW 24 - PSU 20.

Phats says ... Wisconsin 31 Penn State 17- I think the Badgers are still the best team in the Big Ten, if only special teams and a couple of hail mary's wouldn't have done them in they'd be playing for a chance a National title still.  At least they will set up a solid Big Ten title game with a win here.  


mayo170 said...

Phats! I honestly thought you were insane picking Minnesota. No way was Illinois going to lay an egg. You are a Big Ten Picking deity!

All I have to fall back on is that I outpicked SpartanTed!

Dan Meyer said...

I deeply regret (a la Boeheim) any and all bad picks I have made in the last two weeks--and there have been plenty.