Monday, June 26, 2006

Maybe, maybe not...
Well, back in April I noted that I hoped to get back to my football previews this year. Thus far, time has not allowed for it. However, there may be some down time on upcoming work road trips that allows me to at least give some top level thoughts on each team and how I see the season going.

Keep checking back, I hope to get to it. Meantime, I'm playing golf a lot and enjoying a nice summer with the fam. Hope it's going as well for you all too...


Dan Meyer said...

Some early thoughts after consulting Athlon: Iowa, Michigan and OSU will dominate the conference (yawn!). Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin will be fairly evenly matched in the middle of the standings with Northwestern having the best hopes of escaping the bottom four. By school:

Illinois [Athlon 89, a little underrated]. Win 4 of first 7, last five are deadly. 4-8 overall (loss to Rutgers OOC), 1-7 (win over IU) in Big Ten

Indiana [78, will be better in '07]. Win 4 of first 5, including major upset over Wisconsin--then injuries kill them. 4-8 (OOC loss to UConn), 1-7.

Iowa [Athlon 16, great darkhorse pick]. Loss at Big House only smudge in '06. 11-1, 7-1, co-champ

Michigan [13]. Wolves are back, with only losses to Irish and Buckeyes. 10-2, 7-1, co-champ

Michigan State [43]. Could be this year's Penn State or repeat last year's debacle. I guess in between--with another miracle win over the Irish. 7-5 (OOC loss to Pitt), 4-4 (home sweep, road swept)

Minnesota [58]. Hard for me to see how Mason replaces Maroney and the O-line this season. 4-8 (OOC loss to Cal), 1-7 (win over Illini)

Northwestern [56]. Don't be surprised to see a home win vs. Purdue or win at Miami (O) and another 6-win season. Where are all the "Fire Walker" fans now?
5-7 (OOC loss to Miami (maybe)),
2-6 (wins over MSU and Illini).

Ohio State [4]. Perhaps slightly overrated but very good. Losses at Austin and Iowa City; otherwise smooth sailing to a prestige bowl.
10-2, 7-1, co-champ.

Penn State [35]. I think Athlon has it right, by no means last year's team but clearly better than the 2003 and 2004 disasters. 7-5 (OOC loss to ND), 4-4 (wins over Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan State)

Purdue [31]. Could be anything from 7-6 to 9-4 (watch out on Miami, Northwestern and Penn State). Should be in any case a clear improvement over last year. Optimistically 9-4 (OOC to those Irish again, extra game at HI), 5-3 (losses to Iowa, Wisconsin and Sparty)

Wisconsin [26]. A more favorable schedule (regarding home vs. road) than last year should help Bielema settle in. Ten wins are possible if the Badgers get a sweep against the Indiana-based schools. 9-3,
5-3 (shocking upset at IU, other losses at Michigan and Iowa).

As you may remember from the other board, these picks and a dollar bill will get you four (or maybe three) shiny quarters at your bank.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Dan,

I look forward to reading whatever you put together Andy.

Dan. Nice job. I'm just hoping we can stay in most our games.

Buckeye Nation said...

Well, I'd rather be picked to lose a couple, and then pull the rabbit out of my hat, than to be picked to go all the way, only to stumble along the way.
If Troy Smith can help carry the defense by keeping the offense on the field and scoring points, I like our chances in either Austin or Iowa City, or both.

addvant said...


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