Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Monday AM Quarterback...
For the first time in history, the Big Ten went a perfect 11-0 on opening weekend. Not too shabby even if there were no big games on the slate to kick off the season. A few of the victories definitely fall into the "lackluster" category (Michigan and Michigan State come to mind) but wins are wins and the Big Ten loaded up on them.

Things get a lot tougher this weekend with teams like Minnesota looking at possible streak breaking match-ups on the road. The Golden Gophers have won 17 straight non conference games but travel to play what one would predict is an angry and hungry Cal squad. Ohio State takes to Austin, Penn State heads to South Bend and the Illini have a road battle at Rutgers.

Team of the Week: Minnesota. Who would have thunk it that a convereted linebacker would be the next yard gaining, touchdown scoring machine at tailback for the Gophers?

Get Gamm Standings...
A solid start to Get Gamm with a few unbeatens. The winner was Buckeye Nation, one of five to go 11-0. Buckeye nailed the tiebreaker (differential in the OSU game) and gets to pick this week. BN, send me your picks by Thursday (andy_gamm@hotmail.com).

T1 - Buckeye Nation, 11-0 (1.000), One GG Win
T1 - Dan Meyer, 11-0 (1.000), -
T1 - BigTenSportsFan, 11-0 (1.000), -
T1 - mayo170, 11-0 (1.000), -
T1 - Aaron Roberts, 11-0 (1.000), -
T6 - Gamm, 10-1 (.909), -
T6 - andrewj1313, 10-1 (.909), -
T6 - Mike, 10-1 (.909), 1
T6 - phatsdawg, 10-1 (.909), -
T6 - flakcat, 10-1 (.909), -
11 - PUfan, 8-3 (.727), -

Schedule for 9/9 edition of Get Gamm:
Central Michigan @ Michigan
Illinois @ Rutgers
New Hampshire @ Northwestern
Miami (Ohio) @ Purdue
Western Illinois @ Wisconsin
Penn State @ Notre Dame (Tiebreaker)
Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State
Iowa @ Syracuse
Minnesota @ Cal
Indiana @ Ball State
Ohio State @ Texas


Aaron Roberts said...

I thought overall the first week saw some lackluster play, I thought Purdue's game fell into that category, though the offense scored 8 tds and got a field goal and D got a safety for 60 pts.
But PSU seem to struggle till late in the 3rd quarter, MSU was close as well as MICH. not able to pull away to much.
The announcers spoke of OSU as if they barely won and only Iowa and MINNY seemed to really put away the teams they played.
But Minny will have trouble this week (maybe?), Cal should rebound after that butt whupping Tenn. handed them.

Go Boilers
Aaron Roberts

Dan Meyer said...

Week Two Get Gamm
Illinois 17 at [u] Rutgers[/u] 24--First deviation from preseason.
Central Michigan 3 at [u] Michigan[/u] 34
Miami, OH 21 at [u] Purdue[/u] 30
New Hampshire 6 at [u] Northwestern[/u] 28
Penn State 10 at [u] Notre Dame[/u] 21--Irish have something to prove.
Western Illinois 17 at [u] Wisconsin 48[/u]
[u] Iowa[/u] 28 at Syracuse 10
Eastern Michigan 17 at [u] Michigan State[/u] 41
Minnesota 13 at [u] California[/u] 35--Bad week to catch Bears after Rocky Top debacle.
[u] Indiana[/u] 24 at Ball State 14
Ohio State 21 at [u] Texas[/u] 27

Badger Tracker said...

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All the best,

AndrewJ1313 said...

Rutgers 27, Illinois 21;
scUM 35, C. Michigan 13;
Northwestern 24, New Hampshire 9;
Notre Dame 28, PSU 24; -- Only because ND has Brady Quinn
Wisconsin 32, Western Illinois 13;
Iowa 37, Syracuse 10;
MSU 28, Eastern Michigan 16;
Cal 24, Minnesota 17; -- I'd like to see the Big Ten win this one, but I think Cal's p*ssed about last weekend
Indiana 27, Ball State 14;
OSU 28, Texas 17;

BigTenSportsFan said...

Central Michigan 0 @ Michigan 61
Illinois 56 @ Rutgers 7
New Hampshire 6 @ Northwestern 45
Miami 14 (Ohio) @ Purdue 42
Western Illinois 2 @ Wisconsin 53
Penn State 23 @ Notre Dame 6
Eastern Michigan 13 @ Michigan State 58
Iowa 34 @ Syracuse 3
Minnesota 28 @ Cal 7
Indiana 54 @ Ball State 53 (3OT)!!
Ohio State 42 @ Texas 10

flakcat said...

Central Michigan 10 Michigan 35
Illinois 24 Rutgers 27
New Hampshire 17 Northwestern 21
Miami (Ohio) 10 Purdue 21
Western Illinois 3 Wisconsin 17
Eastern Michigan 10 Michigan State 28
Iowa 21 Syracuse
Indiana 17 Ball State 14

And now the tough ones:
Minnesota 21 Cal 31
Ohio State 14 Texas 10

Penn State 28 Notre Dame 17