Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning QB ... in the evening
F-U-G-L-Y. Not much more you can say about the weekend that was in the Big Ten. More trouble with 1-AA foes (I still can't say championship sub-division), losses to previously winless teams who had lost to a 1-AA team, a home rotten egg against the team with the longest current losing streak in the Big Ten? So much for the return to glory for the conference. Guess that means the race is wide open though, which will mean a fun couple of months here in Big Ten Country!

In reality, the Big Ten has but one good win to its name in 33 contests to date - Ohio State's solid road win over previously unbeaten Washington over the weekend. That's pretty pathetic if you ask me. For more on a team by team basis of what might have been the worst non-conference week in recent memory, follow along:
  • Illinois - the Illini actually looked really good against lowly Syracuse. It was the first win over a 1A foe since the road upset in East Lansing last fall and might be the springboard this team needs to get back to respectability.
  • Indiana - well, the Hoosiers didn't stop the Zips like OSU did the week prior, but man does that offense look smooth with Kellen Lewis at the helm. This team will score an upset this season and prove me right with a bowl berth.
  • Iowa - oh my. Previously, the Cyclones had lost in ugly ways to 1-AA Northern Iowa and Kent State. Just goes to show you the power of a rivalry. Iowa was caught looking ahead to the Big Ten opener... or their offense is just not nearly the caliber of the defense.
  • Michigan - the preseason favorite of many to get to the Rose Bowl finally got a W. Notre Dame might be the worst team in the bowl sub-division but still, it was a good win for the Wolverines who had been reeling.
  • Michigan State - put it this way, it was the FIRST win without scoring at least 20 points since 2001 for the Spartans. It was ugly in a lot of ways but beautiful when it comes to the scoreboard. State finally won with its defense, when is the last time that happened?
  • Minnesota - ugh. Ouch. So many preseason rags touted this as a bowl team while I picked them last in the Big Ten. But even I didn't expect this loss. Enough said.
  • Northwestern - double UGH! A loss to Duke in basketball is okay, in football - at home - unforgivable. The Wildcats almost got the win, with four shots at the end zone late, but took a tough one on the chin when it comes to building to six wins on the season.
  • Ohio State - the Buckeyes more or less dominated a good Washington team, on the road. The defense was rock solid again and the offense finally came to life. Might be a Rose Bowl year after all for the reloading scarlet and gray.
  • Penn State - this game was 3-3 late in the second quarter. I'll chalk it up to the Nits looking ahead to a date in Ann Arbor because they finally snapped too and stuck it to lowly Buffalo.
  • Purdue - cruised early, held on late and lost a tailback in the process. I like this Boilermaker offense - a lot - but the defense is going to cost this team a game or two in conference play.
  • Wisconsin - yes the Badgers own the longest win streak in the nation but it hasn't been pretty so far this season. The Citadel matched UW score for score early and then finally succumb to PJ Hill's pounding attack.

Players of the Week:
Offense - PJ Hill, TB - Wisconsin. 5 touchdowns.
Defense - Jonal St. Dic, DE - Michigan State. 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumble.
Special Teams - David Gilreath, WR - Wisconsin. 148 total return yards.

Get Gamm:
Ernie, aka mayo170 was the only player with some decent success, going 9-2 for the week. He was the only one to pick the ISU upset over Iowa and gets to pick on the home page for the week.

This week's schedule:
Illinois at Indiana (Tiebreaker)
Northwestern at Ohio State
Penn State at Michigan
Michigan State at Notre Dame
Iowa at Wisconsin
Purdue at Minnesota


BruceS said...

I'll try to improve on my picks of last week. I didn't do too well with the spotlights shining on me.

Illinois 27 Indiana 38 IU's offense is for real
Northwestern 10 tOSU 41 NW no match in this one
PSU 34 Michigan 17 PSU too good for the Maize & Blue
MSU 20 ND 10 An ugly win is still a win!
Iowa 14 Wisconsin 28 Wisc too strong at home
Purdue 45 Minnyhaha 13 Purdue will be doing the laughing all the home after this one.

Buckeye Nation said...

I'm biased, but so are you.
Where is the love (or lack therof) for the Buckeyes LB, James Laurinaitis?
Two interceptions, one sack, 8 tackles, on the ROAD, in a game all the talking-heads said would go to U-W.
He's MY Big 10 defensive player of the week.

Andy Gamm said...

He was big BN, but St. Dic was arguably the reason MSU held off Pitt. OSU had more than J.L vs. Washington. Same can't be said for MSU per se.

Phatsdawg said...

That big thud you heard was me dropping in the standings.

ILLINOIS 35 indiana 28

OHIO STATE 38 northwestern 7

PENN STATE 42 michigan 24

MICHIGAN STATE 21 notre dame 3

WISCONSIN 31 iowa 17

PURDUE 52 minnesota 14

Dan Meyer said...

The tornado you heard was last week's picks sucking.

ILLINOIS 24 at Indiana 21--Tough call right off the bat. Still impressed with the second half Illini comeback vs. # 25 Mizzou.

Northwestern 10 at OHIO STATE 35--Buckeye O may have found itself last weekend.

Penn State 20 at MICHIGAN 24--Very iffy upset pick; I'm obviously expecting great things from Hart.

MICHIGAN STATE 21 at Notre Dame 7--Blustering Irish get their first offensive TD of the season--but nothing else.

Iowa 14 at WISCONSIN 31--Hawkeyes couldn't win last week and have a markedly tougher road tilt Saturday.

PURDUE 42 at Minnesota 28--Hesitate to pick a double-digit win vs. Big 10/11 competition, but the Gophers looked very UNimpressive in preconference play.

BigTenSportsFan said...

Damn boys, is the Big Ten Conference strong this year or what?

How about former partners in crime Jim Tressel and Mark Dantonio taking down two of the sport's most revered playcallers -- Ty Willingham and Dave Wannstedt? Folks, the Spartans are for real, and Coach D might ride this Saint Dik fella all the way to BCS glory. One thing's for sure Spartan fan: you can be assured a Coach Tressel protege is going to win not just on the field, but in the classroom as well!

Oh, and everyone who was writing off Michigan after a couple of flukey losses? Well, picture my hand facing you, palm turned in .. well you get the idea.

And I'm normally not one to brag, but I told y'all that Ron Zook was building a giant in Champaign. You just don't go into the Carrier Dome and lay a whoopin' on a premier Syracuse program if you aren't onto something special. Coach Z can flat out draw up plays -- look out nation!

Can't wait till bowl season folks; something real special is brewing here.

Andy Gamm said...

Dude (B10SF) you are so far off your rocker. I'm wondering if you're smokin' what you're sellin'?

Thanks for the entertainment.

AndrewJ1313 said...

at Indiana 28, Illinois 24 (Tiebreaker); - Hard one to pick, both look improved and are probably on the same playing field. If this were @ Illinois, I’d have to pick the other way.
Penn State 32, at Michigan 24; - Hate to pick against Michigan in this one. I just have a feeling they may have found an offensive groove that will get the D in rhythm as well.
Michigan State 30, at Notre Dame 9; Dantonio can coach defense and ND has no offense. I think Weis is still searching for a TD when he goes to West Lafayette.
at Wisconsin 27, Iowa 16; - Iowa could bounce back and Wisconsin may very well struggle and allow Iowa to hang around long enough to put a scare in Madison.
Purdue 42, at Minnesota 13; - Hey Minnesota, good news! Hockey season is coming!
at Ohio State 38, Northwestern 6. – The Bucks begin the Big Ten season with dominance.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


What e-mail address am I sending my picks to?


Andy Gamm said...

Andy Gamm said...

St Louis Jeff says: Illinois at Indiana (Tiebreaker) Illinois 28-27 Northwestern at Ohio State Ohio St 35-17 Penn State at Michigan Penn St 27-24 Michigan State at Notre Dame MSU 34-6 Iowa at Wisconsin Wisconsin 31-21 Purdue at Minnesota Purdue 38-10

Buckeye Nation said...

Wins and losses become bigger with the start of conference play.

Illinois 24 at Indiana 28 (Tiebreaker)
Northwestern 7 at Ohio State 42
Penn State 28 at Michigan 26
Michigan State 31 at Notre Dame 13
Iowa 17 at Wisconsin 32
Purdue 48 at Minnesota 34

BigTenSportsFan said...

Indiana 31, Illinois 30
Ohio State 28, Northwestern 27
Penn State 23, Michigan 22
Michigan State 76, Notre Dame 0
Wisconsin 38, Iowa 37
Purdue 56, Minnesota 55

PUFan said...

only took 3 weeks to solidify last place ... I am consistent!

Illinois 30, INDIANA 26
Northwestern 10, OHIO STATE 32
Penn State 21, MICHIGAN 12
Michigan State 27, NOTRE DAME 21
Iowa 17, WISCONSIN 31
Purdue 38, MINNESOTA 27

Andy Gamm said...

Great article damning "Charlie the Great"