Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Evening QB...
Another week, another set of unforgettable outcomes. It wasn't so much that all the games were instant classics - though Michigan State vs. Wisconsin certainly didn't disappoint - but there were upsets, eye-openers and more not only around the Big Ten, but all over college football.

Has there ever been a weekend that saw 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 11 in the rankings go down? No. 1 almost did, No. 6 almost swapped with 11 (Cal/Oregon to have a heavy run of national title contenders mowed down. Ah that's why you gotta love college football. You just never know what you're going to get from week to week.
  • Illinois - What a fine weekend for the Illini. A win over ranked Penn State was a huge step towards cred for this program that is trying to rise from the ashes. Saturday's win gives Illinois as many this year as the last two campaigns combined. The Illini aren't a contender yet in my book, but they are a spoiler for sure and almost a lock to go bowling.
  • Indiana - Ditto the sentiments above. The loss to Illinois a week ago really dented the Hoosiers... until they slapped around Iowa, in Iowa City no less. Kellen Lewis is a thrill to watch at QB and as that team builds confidence, it too will be a thorn in the contenders' sides this fall/
  • Iowa - try this on for size: Iowa is 4-10 since starting last season 4-0. Ouch. And what the heck happened to the defense that surrendered just two TDs in the first four games?
  • Michigan - Just when you think Michigan is all the way back, they struggle to escape at Northwestern. This is the same Northwestern team that lost to Duke ... Duke of the 22-straight losses fame. Michigan is in big trouble if Henne and Hart aren't on this team. Lucky for the maize and blue, they are still in one-piece.
  • Michigan State - heartbreak city for the Spartans. A couple of plays here or there and this team is probably top 15, top 20 for sure (thanks in part to all of the upsets). Now we'll see what State is made of, with two tough, but winnable home games before a brutal stretch to close the season.
  • Minnesota - um, yeah, what do you say about Minny? The coaching staff is installing a new offense and not without growing pains. The defense is sieve-like - at best. Is there another win to be had for the maroon and gold?
  • Northwestern - The Wildcats bounced back nicely from the shellacking in Columbus. Untimely turnovers killed an upset bid and now the 'cats are focused on pay back for the blown 38-3 lead at the hands of MSU last fall.
  • Ohio State - the Buckeyes appear to have replaced all of the lost skill players and are fielding what looks to be an even better defense than last year. This is the team to beat in the Big Ten.
  • Penn State - what a disappointment. Granted, the Nits went on the road for two straight to open league play, but 0-2? The offense is in a funk and the defense is overloaded. Can they right the ship?
  • Purdue - The Boilermakers still haven't really played anyone but got to join the dog pile with a win over rival Notre Dame. The first real test comes this weekend when OSU comes to town.
  • Wisconsin - Someone, this team just finds a way. Saturday's win made it 14 in a row, and 22 of 23 at home. Wow. It wasn't always pretty and there are gaps with this team, but you have to consider the Badgers to be Ohio State's best competition for the crown.

Players of the Week:
So many stars to choose from this week.

Offense - Kellen Lewis, QB - IU
Defense - James Laurinaitis, LB - OSU
Special Teams - Taylor Melhaff. K - WIS

Get Gamm:
A bevy of 4-2 records this week, but one stood above the rest with the foresight to pick Illinois AND Indiana. BruceS gets win number two and a chance for home page redemption! Bruce, I am out on Thursday and Friday this week, so I need your picks Wed.

Minnesota at Indiana
Wisconsin at Illinois
Eastern Michigan at Michigan
Northwestern at Michigan State
Iowa at Penn State
Ohio State at Purdue (Tiebreaker)


BigTenSportsFan said...
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Buckeye Nation said...
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Andy Gamm said...

Nothing wrong with either comment per se, but B10SF, you've gone from making my eyes roll to just flat out having to ignore you.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but come on. You are so off your rocker on things that I don't begin to know how to get you the help you need to find an eye doctor that can get you some glasses that work!

Dan Meyer said...

Minnesota 27 at INDIANA 38--Paging Hoosier Boy and other IU partisans--the hoops team might not be 5-1 after the first six. MN will score, but not enough.

WISCONSIN 21 at Illinois 20--Toughest game to call this week. Big game experience favors Badgers, but only just.

Eastern Michigan 6 at MICHIGAN 52--Vandy beat EMU 30-7, thus this looks like a "name your score." I'm going with a reprise of Purdue-Eastern Illinois.

Northwestern 14 at MICHIGAN STATE 24--A game from bowl eligibility after this Spartan win. Wildcats proved that they won't give up this year last week, but Spartans have too good a running game.

Iowa 7 at PENN STATE 21--Lions are stronger team and win Disappointment Bowl.

*OHIO STATE 28 at Purdue 20 (prove me wrong, Boilers). Buckeyes look like a complete team and Boilers are having second half defensive issues.

AndrewJ1313 said...

Congrats to Bruce for going 5-1. Had he picked with his head and not his heart, he would have had a perfect 6-0!

Phatsdawg said...

INDIANA 21 minnesota 20

WISCONSIN 17 illinois 14

MICHIGAN 35 eastern michigan 10

MICHIGAN STATE 33 northwestern 17

PENN STATE 10 iowa 3

PURDUE 31 ohio state 28(like i'm going to pick against my Boilers i'm already in last place)

AndrewJ1313 said...

By the way, thanks for not posting BTSF's comments, Andy. I've grown very tired of his act, as I think some others have as well.

Will you be coming to Columbus for the OSU vs. MSU game on the 20th? That should be a good game, I'm looking forward to being there myself.

Andy Gamm said...

Yeah, I've looked the other way but finally, enough is enough. It is totally intended to mock me from my days on and - when I implored people to be positive and not negative.

Won't be in C-bus, but that could be an excellent game.

BruceS said...

Andrew1313, you are so right. My heart is brokern and my head hurts after last Sat's game. Down deep I knew winning in Madison was going to be very difficult. I just have a hard time picking against my beloved Spartans. Although I probably will when they face your beloved Buckeyes.

Andy Gamm said...

St. Louis Jeff says:

Minnesota at Indiana Indiana 34-17

Wisconsin at Illinois Wisconsin 28-27

Eastern Michigan at Michigan Michigan 42-10

Northwestern at Michigan State MSU 35-21

Iowa at Penn State Penn State 21-18

Ohio State at Purdue (Tiebreaker) Ohio State 27-24

PUFan said...

Minnesota 17, INDIANA 34 -- Gophers are downright awful

Wisconsin 23, ILLINOIS 20 -- Illini have looked good but tough to get up for a Top 20 team two weeks in a row

Eastern Michigan 6, MICHIGAN 35 -- probably won't even be this close

Northwestern 16, MICHIGAN STATE 34 -- Wildcats showed spunk at home vs. the "other" team from Michigan last Saturday ... this one won't be competitive

Iowa 10, PENN STATE 27 -- Hawkeyes struggling and then get to travel to a beat-up, pissed-off Nittany Lions squad. Bad timing ...

Ohio State 20, PURDUE 23 -- Gotta pick from the heart and hope the Boilers offense and run "D" has another solid week in um

Ernie said...

Minnesota 17 at Indiana 31
Wisconsin 20 at Illinois 24
Eastern Michigan 13 at Michigan 31
Northwestern 24 at Michigan State 34
Iowa 6 at Penn State 35
Ohio State 31 at Purdue 29 (Tiebreaker) Man this is a tough call...

AndrewJ1313 said...

Home teams go 5-1, sorry Purdue.

at Indiana 34, Minnesota 21; Indiana goes 5-1!
at Illinois 24, Wisconsin 21; Illinois is riding pretty high right now and that emotion carry’s them past Wisconsin at home.
at Michigan 31, Eastern Michigan 17; I still have no idea how good or bad this Michigan team is and we really learn nothing this week. I do think without Hart, this team would really be in trouble.
at Michigan State 42, Northwestern 16; Northwestern can’t wait to play Minnesota.
at Penn State 24, Iowa 13; A real disappointment of a match up. If this were played in Iowa City, I’d have a hard time picking PSU, but I still would.
Ohio State 27, at Purdue 13 (Tiebreaker). This is a close game for the first half, but the Buckeyes are really starting to gel. The second half belongs to the Buckeyes. If the Buckeyes win by 14, on the road, at night it won’t be considered a great win nationally. The “experts” will say “Purdue must not be that good!” instead of giving OSU credit for beating a quality team in the Big 10. Oh well, I’ll take 6-0.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buckeye Nation said...

Minnesota 28 at Indiana 32
Wisconsin 28 at Illinois 31
Eastern Michigan 10 at Michigan 38
Northwestern 18 at Michigan State 33
Iowa 17 at Penn State 28
Ohio State 27 at Purdue 16 (Tiebreaker)