Thursday, December 06, 2007

A ton to talk about...
Wow, a guy takes his time off for Thanksgiving, goes on an eight-day business trip to the warmth of southern Florida, comes back to un-bury and a ton of stuff happens around him! Time flies when you're busier than one of Santa's elves in mid-December...

Where to start? The bowl berths (which, incidentally, I had almost nailed)? The ACC-Big Ten "not so much of a" Challenge? Michigan's coaching search? A look back at my football predictions and final grade on my work?

Well, I'll get to all of it in the next few days but the first three are the most urgent topics right now. One last thing before I get to it ... those who missed the first round of basketball Get Gamm, you need to make up 11 games before conference play starts up. If you want to be eligible for the prize, you need to pick these games (several being held on 12/8) those of us who picked the challenge, we get to sit back and watch:

Arizona at Illinois (12/8)
Iowa at Iowa State (12/8)
Michigan at Duke (12/8)
Michigan State vs. BYU (12/8)
Purdue at Missouri (12/8)
Kentucky at Indiana (12/8)
Marquette at Wisconsin (12/8)
Seton Hall at Penn State (12/8)
Louisville at Purdue (12/15)
Florida at Ohio State (12/22)
Texas vs. Michigan State (12/22)

The Bowl Berths...
A record ten Big Ten teams were bowl eligible this year. Eight get to make trips somewhere other than home for the holiday's. The big coup was Illinois sliding up to the Rose Bowl, as predicted here. It's funny to listen to the national media blast the Rose Bowl officials for being "way to tied to tradition." That's laughable. Isn't the whole reasoning behind the bowls the tradition? You can't have it both ways.

At any rate, some solid match-ups for the Big Ten this bowl season. There will be cases where we get no love and others where we are sure to surprise. The first game for the Big Ten is 12/26 at the Motor City Bowl. That means picks for the last hurrah of Get Gamm 2007 are due by noon that day. Here are the games, with of course the national title game getting the nod as the tiebreaker.

Purdue vs. Central Michigan, Motor City Bowl - 12/26
Indiana vs. Oklahoma State, Insight Bowl - 12/31
Michigan State vs. Boston College, Champs Bowl - 12/28
Penn State vs. Texas A&M, Alamo Bowl - 12/29
Wisconsin vs. Tennessee, Outback Bowl - 1/1
Michigan vs. Florida, Capital One Bowl - 1/1
Illinois vs. USC, Rose Bowl - 1/1
Ohio State vs. LSU, BCS Title Game - 1/7 (Tiebreaker)

The ACC - Big Ten Challenge...
This is a great thing for college basketball. Something I look forward to every year. The trouble is, Michigan State is the only Big Ten team that has a winning record. No surprise then that the Big Ten has never won the challenge. This year, we took a severe beating. I hope it continues and that the league starts to show up for a change. It's tough when we always have to play the Rodney Dangerfield card. Kudos to Michigan State, Indiana and Penn State for taking care of business. But the rest of 'em? Ugh!

Michigan's next coach...
I love how many "rock solid" sources folks have these days. When even ESPN is screwing the pooch on announcements, you know that there are far more blow-hards than credible people in the business. As a State fan I find it interesting to watch the Michigan situation unfold. All the he said - she said and locks to be the next coach are entertaining to say the least.

Coming soon...
My bowl picks, my season in review and more.


AndrewJ1313 said...


Since I get to pick with you, when do you want my picks? I need to know so I can make time to make solid predictions and not just pull them out of my butt...although with some of these match ups, that's the best option!


Andy Gamm said...

Let's say by next Friday, the 14th

Buckeye Nation said...

Purdue 34 vs. Central Michigan 27, Motor City Bowl - 12/26
Indiana 23 vs. Oklahoma State 28, Insight Bowl - 12/31
Michigan State 17 vs. Boston College 27, Champs Bowl - 12/28
Penn State 26 vs. Texas A&M 21, Alamo Bowl - 12/29
Wisconsin 23 vs. Tennessee 20, Outback Bowl - 1/1
Michigan 13 vs. Florida 31, Capital One Bowl - 1/1
Illinois 24 vs. USC 32, Rose Bowl - 1/1
Ohio State 31 vs. LSU 24, BCS Title Game - 1/7 (Tiebreaker)

Andy Gamm said...

BruceS says: I'll take a stab at these bowl games.

Purdue 35 Central Michigan 27. Somehow Purdue finds just enough defense.

Indiana 20 Oklahoma State 38. OSU just too much for the Hoosiers

Michigan State 34 Boston College 30 Here I go again picking with my heart instead of my head

Penn State 28 Texas A&M 20. A&M in a state of flux as out with the old in with the new begins.

Wisconsin 24 Tennessee 27 The Vols playing well of late and inspired playing for Fulmer after he got an extension on his contract.

Michigan 17 Florida 42 UM not focused on the game, still wondering about the change in coaches

Illinois 17 USC 38. USC simply better

Ohio State 20 LSU 35. Miles will do his best to beat UM's arch rival. Too much team speed, trickeration, and motive on LSU's part for OSU to handle.


Dan Meyer said...

Even in good years for my picks I haven't impressed in bowl picks, so with massive fear and trepidation.

MoCity--PURDUE 45 vs. Central Michigan 35--Painter and Greg Orton refind themselves in a shoot-out--at least, the Boilers BETTER win.

Insight--INDIANA 30 vs. Oklahoma State 28--Not enough "pistols firing" to stop the Hep Miracle Tour as Austin is a Starr yet again.

Champs--Michigan State 24 vs. BOSTON COLLEGE 34--Another shootout; this time Ryan outslings Hoyer.

Alamo--PENN STATE 21 vs. Texas A&M 14--Another JoePa bowl win as the Aggies have too many distractions.

Outback--WISCONSIN 45 vs. Tennessee 41--Donovan bends it to Becham in the end zone after a Vol FG to keep Rocky Top from yet another close win.

Capital One--Michigan 21 vs. Florida 35--Hart and Henne keep it close for 40 minutes; it wouldn't be this close in a hoops match between the two schools.

Rose--Illinois 14 vs. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 34--First time jitters hit the Illini hard.

BCS Championship--OHIO STATE 20 vs LSU 13--Buckeyes haven't forgotten 41-14 and get payback in the Tigers' backyard.

Is 5-3 in the bowls too optimistic? Time will tell.

Andy Gamm said...

St. Louis Jeff says...
Ohio State vs LSU (Tiebreaker) National Championship LSU 31-21 Illinois vs USC Rose Bowl USC 35-17 Michigan vs Florida Capital One Bowl Florida 38-26 Wisconsin vs Tennessee Outback Bowl Tennessee 35-28 Penn State vs Texas A&M Alamo Bowl Penn State 28-21 Michigan State vs Boston College Champs Sports Bowl BC 31-28 Indiana vs Oklahoma State Insight Bowl Oklahoma State 38-35 Purdue vs Central Michigan Motor City Bowl Purdue 45-24

AndrewJ1313 said...


Did you get my predictions last week? Let me know if you didn't, I'll email them again.


Andy Gamm said...

I did... I promise to get to them in the next day or so!