Sunday, November 25, 2007

Get Gamm - ACC v. B10 style...
Admittedly not enough time to do proper research and give these games just due. In Florida for business and time is at a premium.

So, without further ado...

Monday 11/26 - Wake Forest at Iowa
Iowa is good and scrappy and so is Wake Forest. Neither team has much to hang their hat on, but I like Big Ten teams at home. Iowa 63 - Wake 60

Tuesday 11/27 - Georgia Tech at Indiana
Indiana comes in madder than a wet hornet after Xavier smoked them in Chicago. The Ramblin' Wreck will be a nice test, but a young IU team learned its lesson. Indiana 78 - Tech 69.

Tuesday 11/27 - Minnesota at Florida State
Might be the ugliest game on the slate. Minnesota is better than I expected, but the 'noles are tough at home. FSU 74 - Minnesota 67.

Tuesday 11/27 - Northwestern at Virginia
This is a good UVA team and well, not such a good NU squad. Not much more to say. ACC evens the slate. UVA 74 - Northwestern 56.

Tuesday 11/27 - Wisconsin at Duke
Does Duke always play at home in this thing? The only unbeaten in the series, Wisconsin will give 'em a run for their money. But the Dukies are playing well right now and sneak out a nice W. Duke 73 - Wisconsin 68.

Tuesday 11/27 - Purdue at Clemson
Two teams that are full of potential. Clemson is probably further along though and at home. ACC gets a two game edge. Clemson 69 - Purdue 61.

Wednesday 11/28 - N.C. State at Michigan State
Michigan State blew it against UCLA and struggled with Oakland, but Neitzel should be 100% again and this game will have the Izzone's attention. NC State is game, but not game enough. Michigan State 72 - NC State 65.

Wednesday 11/28 - Illinois at Maryland
Illinois is a shade better than the Terps at this point, but road games in this series scare me. Going with league allegiance here and hoping the Illini don't let me down. Illinois 70 - Maryland 68.

Wednesday 11/28 - Boston College at Michigan
Two programs rebuilding. A real chance for Michigan to make a statement, but I'm not sold they can do it yet. B.C. 67 - Michigan 62.

Wednesday 11/28 - North Carolina at Ohio State
Probably the clincher. OSU is a good young team but good enough to beat a massively talented Tar Heels squad? Hansborough will go crazy in C-bus. UNC 83 - OSU 72.

Wednesday 11/28 - Virginia Tech at Penn State
Hmmm, interesting match-up. Penn State has talent and has a chance to be decent. VA Tech also has talent and more experience in "big" games. ACC seals the deal with another win begging the question, will the Big Ten ever win this contest? VA Tech 76 - PSU 64.


PUFan said...

WAKE FOREST 59, Iowa 56

Georgia Tech 78, INDIANA 91
Minnesota 69, FLORIDA STATE 80
Northwestern 55, VIRGINIA 75
Wisconsin 51, DUKE 56
Purdue 49, CLEMSON 64

N.C. State 66, MICHIGAN STATE 74
Illinois 61, MARYLAND 68
Boston College 70, MICHIGAN 74
NORTH CAROLINA 67, Ohio State 59
VIRGINIA TECH 59, Penn State 50

ACC 8, Big Ten 3

Anonymous said...

The Illini are better than I thought they'd be at this point having only lost to Duke and having easy victories over ASU and OK ST. Unfortunately I'm not sure if F Brian Randle will play for the Illini on Wednesday. He was hurt early in the last game. It will be tough to beat the Terps at College Park without him.

Buckeye Nation said...

Didn't realize the Challenge started last night, and would have picked Wake...

Wake Forest at Iowa
Georgia Tech 63 at Indiana 71
Minnesota 60 at Florida State 83
Northwestern 56 at Virginia 71
Wisconsin 70 at Duke 79
Purdue 68 at Clemson 74
N.C. State 66 at Michigan State 76
Illinois 73 at Maryland 76
Boston College 81 at Michigan 68
North Carolina 75 at Ohio State 76 (Gotta go with my heart)
Virginia Tech 68 at Penn State 59