Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Gamm - Week Three
Are you ready for some football? It's rainy and nasty here in Michigan, but that makes it even better for crashing on the couch all day Saturday - a day full of great games around the Big Ten and the nation.

Myself? I'd normally be braving the rain to watch my alma mater take the field, but rocket football calls so I'll be watching in HD on a 50 inch plasma, trust me - the next best thing to being there!

We could finally see some separation in the standings this week with all the touch matchups. Click here to see the picks.

Florida Atlantic at Michigan State
Gamm says ... FAU is talking a little smack this week. Michigan State is all business. I think the Owls will move the ball but not be able to translate that into points. Javon Ringer might well go for another 5 scores this week, though I suspect a nice, balanced attack. Michigan State 41 - FAU 20.

Dan says ... MSU 38 - FAU 14

Louisiana-Lafayette at Illinois
Gamm says ... In a world of parity, nothing is a gimme. And the way Illinois is playing defense right now, or not playing defense, that's the case here too. Could be rainy but as long as Juice Williams is on his A-game, no way the Illini lose. Illinois 47 - Louisiana-Lafayette 21

Dan says ... Illinois 42 - Louisiana-Lafayette 10

Montana State at Minnesota
Gamm says ...
This isn't worth much of my time, though Minnesota has lost to teams like this before. However, after the crushing road win over a good BGSU squad last week, a loss here doesn't seem likely. Minnesota 37 - Montana State 13.

Dan says ... Minnesota 41 - Montana State 16

Southern Illinois at Northwestern
Gamm says ... Northwestern avoided an ugly loss last week at Duke and while SIU is decent, NU should get this win. I like the potential for balance with the Wildcats. Cats beat the dogs. Northwestern 30 - SIU 20.

Dan says ... Northwestern 34 - SIU 21

Iowa State at Iowa
Gamm says ...
The Cyclones have been regular winners of the Cy-Hawk a lot over the last 10 games (7 of 10) but Iowa seems to be hitting a stride with a new QB at the helm. This is always a good game and this will be no different. Iowa squeaks one out. Iowa 24 - Iowa State 20.

Dan says ... Iowa 21 - Iowa State 17

Oregon at Purdue
Gamm says ...
I picked Purdue in my preseason predictions but I'm not so sure the Boilers can slow the Ducks down enough to get the win. If it rains, as expected, that evens it out a little. It will be a great battle, a lot overshadowed by the other good games in conference this weekend. Oregon 27 - Purdue 23.

may0170 says ... A couple of potent offenses meet in what should be a great game. I really want to go with the home team here, but my gut tells me that Oregon is going to have the better defense between the two. This one is going to be close, but the Ducks quack louder than the steam whistle this week, Oregon 38, Purdue 31.

Penn State at Syracuse
Gamm says ... Yawn. Penn State is rolling everyone and Syracuse might not be in Coastal Carolina's league. The only way this is a game is if the Nits spot the Orange a three TD lead. Penn State 52 - Syracuse 9.

mayo170 says ... IF this is Joe Paterno’s last season, what a great way to go out, Coastal Carolina, Oregon State, Syracuse, and Temple…there’s a murderer’s row. This will be a blowout extraordinaire, Penn State 54, Syracuse 20.

Michigan at Notre Dame
Gamm says ... First one to score wins. Seriously. These might be the two worst big time D1 offenses in the country. Not your typical, historic battle for supremacy. Michigan 10 - Notre Dame 9.

mayo170 says ... While this is a great rivalry, this is not going to be a very great game to watch. Two pretty bad offenses and a couple of decent defenses. Either defense or special teams is going to win this one and since it’s in South Bend, it’s going to be close and Michigan doesn’t look like the kind of team that is going to win many close games this year. Notre Dame 24, Michigan 21

Ohio State at USC
Gamm says ... No one, and I mean NO ONE is giving the Bucknuts a prayer in this one. Yes USC plays at home, has had an extra week to prepare, etc. However, Ohio State is good. They haven't played to potential, but the Buckeyes can win this game. Will they? Maybe not, but it will not be the slam dunk the pundits are predicting. USC 27 - Ohio State 24.

mayo170 says ... I HOPE this game lives up to all the hype. If it’s as good as Michigan-Ohio State in 2006 or Texas-Ohio State from a few years ago, it will be worth it. The good news is that Beanie is back and although this is a biased pick from a Midwesterner, I really like Ohio State in this one for the sheer fact that they have so many weapons on both sides of the ball and want to prove that last week was a fluke. Ohio State 27, USC 23.

Wisconsin at Fresno State
Gamm says ... In many other weeks, this would be the best OOC game in the Big Ten. Fresno is tough with its we take on all comers stance. Wisconsin gets a nice early test. This game might become an instant classic. I want to see the Badgers get the W, but I'm not sure the west coast trip will be as fruitful as the boys in red are hoping. Fresno State 23 - Wisconsin 20.

mayo170 says ... This game looks to be a trap for Wisconsin. If they play like they are capable, no contest, Wisconsin winds hands down. Fresno is a pretty tough team to play regardless of where they play. Fresno was impressive going across the continent to play Rutgers, and Wisconsin will be prepared, but I have a bad feeling that Bielema’s Badgers might hit a bump here. Fresno State 26, Wisconsin 19.



AndrewJ1313 said...

I think ND vs. Michigan should be the tie breaker because I have no idea how one of these teams are going to win the game without an offense. :)

Buckeye Nation said...

Beanie won't be back :(

But Boom will pick up the slack!