Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Morning QB
Three weeks are already in the books and the Big Ten has had its share of ups and downs. There has been good, bad and ugly all around. Dan Meyer won the tiebreaker this week so he's picking the games up front with yours truly. Dan, email me at andy_gamm@hotmail.com by Friday.

To see what BigTen.org has to say about the week that was, click here...

My team by team thoughts and weekly awards follow:

Player of the Week - Javon Ringer, Michigan State. Ringer set a career record in carries and yards and added to his nation's best touchdown tally. The senior bullied for 282 yards on 43 carries and tallied two scores (9 on the season) in Michigan State's wet and wild win over FAU.

Around the Big Ten - there were good things - and bad - in the conference last week. Three teams (Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin) get a week off before conference play ensues, and that's a good thing for at least one of them (Michigan).

Illinois - As I watched the end of this one, I had visions of Michigan State - Louisiana Tech dancing through my head. The Illini should have dominated but almost got caught sleep walking. A win is a win, but a lot has to improve between now and the date with Penn State on 9/27.

Indiana - The Hoosiers got a week off to prepare for a good Ball State team. This game is bigger than one might think, mostly because IU can use every win it can get in order to make back-to-back bowl games.

Iowa - The Hawkeyes finally took back the CyHawk Trophy although it was an ugly process. Just when Coach Ferentz thought he had a QB, there was regression and now it is off to Pittsburgh to play a Panthers team that is hungry for a nice win.

Michigan - Yep, the Wolverines out-gained Notre Dame. Yep, there were flashes of what might be in store. But the bottom line? Michigan turned the ball over 6 times. 6 times! There is a week to circle the wagons before two tough Big Ten games in a row - Wisconsin and Illinois.

Michigan State - Saturday's win happened in what I have to say are among the worst, sloppiest conditions I've ever seen. Still, somehow the Spartans pitched their first shutout in 9 seasons and are nice and confident heading into a key battle with rival Notre Dame.

Minnesota - Montana State put up more of a fight than they should have but when push comes to shove, the Gophers have three wins and are building some confidence and momentum. Watch out for FAU this week though. The Owls will look a lot different in temperate, dry conditions than they did in East Lansing.

Northwestern - Hey, hey another team I picked low in the league is 3-0. NU has yet to be tested and this week isn't much different (Ohio). But hey, 4-0 to start means a sub-par conference season still leads to a bowl...

Ohio State - Ouch. Ugly. Let the critics unleash. OSU faced another big game in the face and flushed a chance to change the tide down the toilet. This is still the class of the Big Ten, but that scares me given the way USC manhandled this team. My take? Go with Pryor at QB and take your chances.

Penn State - Okay, so Syracuse, well, SUCKS. So does every team the Nits have faced thus far but man to this point, the offense is reminiscent of the 1993 juggernaut. One more glorified scrimmage to go until we really start to see how good PSU is.

Purdue - This one really hurts. Purdue had this game - and national respectability - in its grasp and it went wide left - twice. This could have been the spring board that the Boilers were seeking to catapult them into the Big Ten title conversation but nope. Let's see how they rebound with a tricky Central Michigan squad coming to town.

Wisconsin - A very nice, solid win that no one outside of Wisconsin probably witnessed this past weekend. Now there is a week to recoup and get ready for a mega stretch of conference games, starting with a trip to Michigan.


mayo170 said...

Central Michigan 22 @ Purdue 31

Florida Atlantic 14 @ Minnesota 26

Iowa 28 @ Pittsburgh 21

Ohio 12 @ Northwestern 28

Temple 6 @ Penn State 63

Troy 3 @ Ohio State 38
Really bad week to be Troy.

Notre Dame 14 @ Michigan State 27

Ball State 24 @ Indiana 29
No apologies to the Cardinals number one fan.

BruceS said...

I was only two "wide lefts" in the Purdue game from having a perfect 10-0 week. ): Let's see how this week goes.
CMU 17 Purdue 38
FAU 24 Minny 26
Ohio 14 NW 42
Temple 6 PSU 56
Troy 3 tOSU 45
ND 24 MSU 27
BSU 21 IU 34

Andy Gamm said...

St. Louie says:
Purdue 42-24
Minnesota 38-28
Northwestern 35-20
Penn State 56-0
Ohio State 38-14
MSU 34-21
Indiana 31-28
Iowa 21-17

Buckeye Nation said...

Ouch is right on last Saturday at USC.
Look for Pryor to take over as QB, Boeckman just doesn't have it, and now is shell-shocked. When Pryor was in the team was enthused and USC was confused.

Phats said...

PURDUE 35 central michigan 17

MINNESOTA 21 florida atlantic 17

IOWA 28 pitt 17

OHIO 28 northwestern 21

PENN STATE 61 temple 3

OHIO STATE 42 troy 7

MICHIGAN STATE 31 notre dame 10

BALL STATE 31 indiana 21

Buckeye Nation said...

Purdue 36 Central Michigan 32
Minnesota 20 Florida Atlantic 17
Iowa 21 Pittsburgh 23
Ohio U. 17 Northwestern 20
Penn State 45 Temple 7
Ohio State 42 Troy 17
MSU 31 Notre Dame 17
Ball State 24 Indiana 28

Dan Meyer said...

You should have my e-mail, but my picks for winners are Purdue, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State and Ball State. No need to publish this if you received my picks earlier.

AndrewJ1313 said...

@ Purdue 38, Central Michigan 24;

@ Minnesota 30, Florida Atlantic 14;

Iowa 27 @ Pittsburgh 24;

@ Northwestern 31, Ohio 17;

@ Penn State 63, Temple 0;

@ Michigan State 32, Notre Dame 13 - Ringer will look like Eddie George against the Irish in 95;

@ Indiana 31, Ball State 23 - I love mayo's comment on this, LOL!;

@ Ohio State 28, Troy 19 - OSU is favored by 20 which means it will be a close game until the fourth. OSU has A LOT to work on but hopefully the loss last week will finally put the pressure on Tressel to seriously look at his offensive coordinator/line coach.

Go BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Gamm said...

Medical issue at home, so no new post. Here are Dan's comments:

Thought this had already been sent--as a result, use my first material if you can find it.

Central Michigan 34 at PURDUE 41 --A shootout between Painter and LeFeveor with many anxious moments for Boiler fans. A last minute INT by CB David Pender puts Tiller at the top of Boiler coaches for career wins.

Florida Atlantic 14 at MINNESOTA 28 - Must win for the Gophers to have bowl prospects. I think Weber and the Minnesota O will be up to the challenge.

Ohio 20 at NORTHWESTERN 24 - Upset is possbile; Solich proved in Columbus that the Bobcats must be taken seriously. I think that the Wildcats may be a bit underrated, though.

Iowa 17 at PITTSBURGH 21 --The Hawkeyes have a chance, but this is a "manhood" game for the Panthers and I think that the home team has just enough to prevail.

Temple 13 at PENN STATE 45 -- Owls are better than two or three years ago, but still would have been wise to avoid the Nittany Lions.

Troy 9 at OHIO STATE 31 - Tressel and Company test these men of Troy and find, unlike last week, pyrite. A BAD week to come to Columbus.

Notre Dame 14 at MICHIGAN STATE 27 - Irish run into a Ringer this week and the Spartans even the Big Ten's record with the "Golden Domers."

BALL STATE 31 at Indiana 28 - Cardinal have some impressive offensive weapons at QB, WR and TE.

Andy Gamm said...

And Gamm's

Purdue 30 - CMU 28
FAU 34 - Minnesota 31
Pittsburgh 20 - Iowa 14
Northwestern 31 - Ohio 21
Penn State 45 - Temple 7
Ohio State 41 - Troy 10
Michigan State 31 - ND 24
Ball State 37 - Indiana 34