Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm still alive!

I can't believe I let another MSU run to the Final Four go without a few blog posts, but work and life has been an absolute zoo. AAU basketball tournaments had me on the road most of the winter, work has been crazy, and I need to find more time for the fam.

At this point, I am keeping this blog going but will have to evaluate whether or not I will have time for the football previews and keeping it up going forward.

I do love the small community of regulars and have a ton of thoughts on expansion, spring football, MSU now having hit six of twelve Final Fours (I was there, though I didn't get to the game - instead watched at Champs in downtown Indy) and more...

Hope you all are having a great spring, have a fantastic summer and are ready to watch the Big Ten explode!

Life is good... take care for now. I hope to be back in July with my usual football previews...

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mayo170 said...

Andy and everyone else here, have a great summer too. It would be nice to hear about a hole-in-one for you sometime this summer Andy.

All the best guys and I look forward to football season Get Gamm 2010 edition (with or without previews).

Phats, I'll be gunning for you!