Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Ten Tournament
I'll be in Indy this weekend... for my son's AAU tournament. Hoping to get to session three tomorrow night.

Iowa over Michigan
Northwestern over Indiana
Minnesota over Penn State

Wisconsin over Illinois
Ohio State over Iowa
Purdue over Northwestern
Michigan State over Minnesota

Ohio State over Wisconsin
Purdue over Michigan State

Ohio State over Purdue


mayo170 said...

Good luck to your son Andy.

Buckeye Nation said...

I'll be in Indy too, and will be leaving Columbus at 7:30 am tomorrow morning.
I hope you are right about the Big 10 tournament champion!

Dan Meyer said...

Picks for rest of tourney--I may land in a Gopher hole.

WISCONSIN 62 vs. Illinois 55--I like Weber and would like to the Illini make the Big Dance--I just am not convinced that they have anything left in the tank.

OHIO STATE 75 vs. Michigan 64--A LONG summer for Wolverines fans who live in Ohio

PURDUE 68 vs. Northwestern 66--A decent upset pick, but Kramer wills the Boilers to victory.

Michigan State 65 vs. MINNESOTA 70--I think that Tubby's guys might have some magic up their sleeves.

OHIO STATE 64 vs. Wisconsin 62--Best game of the tourney, though ESPN doubtlessly will refer to it as BORING!

Purdue 62 vs. MINNESOTA 68--Hard to beat a decent team three times in a row.

OHIO STATE 72 at Minnesota 63--Gopher mission accomplished, reaching the final gets MN into the Big Dance.

Phats said...

OOPS! Forgot morning rd games, and I would have so picked ET to hit a game winner.

PURDUE 68 northwestern 59
MINNESOTA 68 michigan stat 66

Dan Meyer said...

Post-season predictions (probably overly optimistic):

OSU: Goes to Final Four, loses in National Semis

WISC: Goes to Elite Eight

MSU and PU: Make Sweet Sixteen

MINN: Two and out

ILL: Lose in NIT Championship game

NU: Two and out in NIT.

Buckeye Nation said...


mayo170 said...

Looks like I picked a good year to not partake in a tournament pool.

Dan Meyer said...

Can't believe that Andy is not going to comment on the Spartans reaching the Final Four; deadly work schedule or no deadly work schedule.