Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Last week of play...
Jammed up with work, AAU basketball trips... one of these days I'll provide more than picks!

at Michigan
Illinois at Ohio State

Indiana at Purdue
Chicago State at Northwestern
Iowa at Wisconsin

Penn State at Michigan State

at Indiana
Purdue at Penn State

Wisconsin at Illinois
Michigan at Michigan State
Iowa at Minnesota


Phats said...

MINNESOTA 64 michigan 61
OHIO STATE 70 illinois 65(Hope I am wrong GO ILLINI!)

PURDUE 65 indiana 41
NORTHWESTERN 77 chicago state 55
WISCONSIN 65 iowa 50

MICHIGAN STATE 70 penn state 60

NORTHWESTERN 64 indiana 50
PURDUE 68 penn state 66

ILLINOIS 67 wisconsin 64
MICHIGAN STATE 70 michigan 60
MINNESOTA 70 iowa 59

mayo170 said...

Come on Phats, I at least hung around and let you finish close during football season! LOL!

Buckeye Nation said...

The Buckeyes have their trophy.
What say ye Boilers and Spartans?
Anyone going to Indy next week besides me?

Dan Meyer said...

Weekend games of final regular season games:

NORTHWESTERN 68 at Indiana 60--Impressionable children should NOT be allowed to watch. IU is only team that I think NU can beat on the roade at the moment.

PURDUE 69 at Penn State 65--No day at the beach for sure, game isn't decided until Johnson is fouled rebounding a Battle miss with under 15 seconds left.

Wisconsin 68 at ILLINOIS 70--Toughest pick of week, a Tisdale 12-foot jumper inside 10 seconds wins it for the Webers.

Michigan 64 at MICHIGAN STATE 72--Sparty only gets one scare this week.

Iowa 60 at MINNESOTA 64--Probably too little to late unless Gophers make a BIG run in the NIT tourney.

Dan Meyer said...

Freudian slip on MN--Should have said Big Ten Tourney.

Phats said...

Just incase we're picking the BTT

MICHIGAN 68 iowa 54
NORTHWESTERn 68 indiana 65
MINNESOTA 70 penn state 69

Dan Meyer said...

First round Big Ten Tourney picks:

MICHIGAN 70 vs. Iowa 66--Wolverines want another chance to take down Buckeyes tomorrow (wanting it, getting it and using it being three different things)

Northwestern 69 vs. INDIANA 72--Semi-home court tips scales in an unwanted sequel of this past weekend.

MINNESOTA 69 vs. Penn State 66--Time for Tubby and Co. to stand and deliver or prepare for the NIT.

mayo170 said...

Michigan 73 Iowa 62
Northwestern 62 Indiana 49
Minnesota 84 Penn State 66