Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Gamm 2011 is here!
Sadly, the wonderful heat and sunshine of summer is giving way to thoughts of fall. Don't get me wrong, I love college football, but I'm just not ready to trade shorts and a golf shirt for jeans and a sweatshirt.

But as they say, life moves on and football is upon us! A full slate this week, including three Thursday games so get those picks in and see if you can best me this season...

Towson at Indiana - Wow. What an inspiring start to the college football season. Yawn. This looks more like the 3 v. 14 game in the opening round of March Madness! Indiana rolls 41 - 14.

Minnesota at Middle Tennessee State - I give the Gophers some credit here. This isn't as slam dunk easy as it appears. Still, the maroon and gold have plenty to prove and they start with a close win in middle Tennessee... 31 - 23.

Marshall at Ohio State - Best of the three but still not a great match-up. Tune up for the Miami game. OSU rolls... 30 - 6.

Illinois vs. Missouri - Both teams have turmoil in the form of injury or arrest... Illinois has a season, maybe less, to save Ron Zook's neck. Too many questions for the Illini get this season started off on the wrong foot - again. Mizzou wins 27 - 24.

Eastern Illinois at Iowa - Yawn. Unless the Hawkeyes eat a bunch of tainted eggs before hand... Iowa romps 42 - 10.

Connecticut at Michigan - Michigan started hot in 2009 but UConn is no slouch. The Huskies fly under the radar as a hoops school but can win this game. I'm convinced we'll see three UM QBs and the same questionable defense. UConn wins and sets the Fire RichRod chants into early motion. 34 - 31.

Western Michigan at Michigan State - Western was a much better team last year and State mauled them. It happens again. MSU 45 - 17

Northwestern at Vanderbilt - An intriguing match-up of the smart schools. Vandy lost its coach out of the blue, Northwestern re-tools but is sound. NU squeaks by 23 - 21.

Youngstown State at Penn State - No comment. Penn State in a laugher 49 - 7

Purdue at Notre Dame (Tiebreaker) - New QB (Purdue) vs New Coach (ND). This game will tell us if Brian Kelly can work the same immediate magic that his predecessors all did. Notre Dame gets it done 24 - 20

Wisconsin at UNLV - Unless Clay and Co. get stuck in a casino or busted hanging with Paris Hilton and her drug filled purse, the Badgers should be able get this done without much hand-wringing... 33 - 17


AndrewJ1313 said...

Towson 13 at Indiana 23
Minnesota 30 at Middle Tennessee State 9
Marshall 9 at Ohio State 34

Illinois 17 vs. Missouri 24
Eastern Illinois 3 at Iowa 28
Connecticut 30 at Michigan 32
Western Michigan 13 at Michigan State 31
Northwestern 20 at Vanderbilt 17
Youngstown State 0 at Penn State 38
Purdue 24 at Notre Dame 20 (Tiebreaker)
Wisconsin 42 at UNLV 7

Phats said...

I remembered week 1 this year!

IU 28 towson 7
Minnesota 17 Md Tn State 7
Ohio State 35 Marshall 10

Missouri 35 illinois 14
Iowa 42 eastern illinois 3
Connecticut 28 michigan 17
Michigan State 31 w. mich 10
Northwestern 21 Vandy 17
Penn state 49 youngstown 7
Purdue 28 notre dame 17(GO BOILERS!)
Wisconsin 31 unlv 28

Buckeye Nation said...

Towson 14 at Indiana 30
Minnesota 17 at Middle Tennessee State 14
Marshall 7 at Ohio State 38

Illinois 17 vs. Missouri 28
Eastern Illinois 7 at Iowa 32
Connecticut 28 at Michigan 27
Western Michigan 17 at Michigan State 32
Northwestern 23 at Vanderbilt 17
Youngstown State 10 at Penn State 34
Purdue 27 at Notre Dame 29 (Tiebreaker)
Wisconsin 24 at UNLV 20

Dan Meyer said...

I wimp out on picking a Big Ten sweep:

Towson 7 at INDIANA 38
MINNESOTA 21 at MidTennSU 17
Marshall 3 at OHIO STATE 28

Illinois 14 at MISSOURI 17
East Illinois 6 at IOWA 41
Connecticut 14 at MICHIGAN 20
West Michigan 10 at MICHIGAN STATE 35
NORTHWESTERN 31 at Vanderbilt 21
Youngstown St. 7 at PENN STATE 45
*Purdue 20 at NOTRE DAME 21--Hope Phats is right on this one.
WISCONSIN 31 at Las Vegas 21

mayo170 said...

Towson 16 at Indiana 31
Minnesota 42 at Middle Tennessee State 10
Marshall 13 at Ohio State 38

Illinois 17 vs. Missouri 28
Eastern Illinois 6 at Iowa 27
Connecticut 24 at Michigan 27
Western Michigan 13 at Michigan State 25
Northwestern 29 at Vanderbilt 23
Youngstown State 12 at Penn State 44
Purdue 26 at Notre Dame 24(Tiebreaker)
Wisconsin 35 at UNLV 22

twincitybuckeye said...

Introducing new playa: twincitybuckeye, a friend of Buckeye Nation's stuck in Gopher land. And we are trying to get a Gopher fan here too...
Here are tcb's 1st picks at the Final score and Get Gamm:

Towson 10 at Indiana 35
Minnesota 21 at Middle Tennessee State 17
Marshall 17 at Ohio State 41

Illinois 21 vs. Missouri 27
Eastern Illinois 12 at Iowa 37
Connecticut 27 at Michigan 30
Western Michigan 10 at Michigan State 28
Northwestern 20 at Vanderbilt 17
Youngstown State 13 at Penn State 40
Purdue 21 at Notre Dame 34 (Tiebreaker)
Wisconsin 24 at UNLV 13

Andy Gamm said...

Welcome twincity!