Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Week One Recap
I don't know about the rest of you, but while I don't want summer to end, I have to admit it was great to be back in and around college football this past weekend. We even had very fall-like weather here in Michigan, with temps in the low 60s, a heavy gray overcast sky and whipping winds.

As time permits, I will try to get out a look back at the last week with some team and individual thoughts. I will also use this early week post to congratulate our last week's Get Gamm winner and post the games for the upcoming weekend.

Team of the Week: A lot of teams fared well this weekend, but the early nod has to go to Michigan. The Wolverines had a ton of doubters with a decent UConn team coming in and started off strong. Dernard Robinson was a do-it-all factor (like Tate Forcier was last season). We'll know a lot more about Michigan in the coming weeks, but for week one, the Wolverines were the best of the best.

Player of the Week: A bunch of players in the mix here, from the tailback tandem of Baker and Bell at MSU, to freshman sensation Robert Bolden at Penn State, Dan Persa from Northwestern, tailback Duane Bennett of Minnesota, and savvy vets like Terrelle Pryor and John Clay. But none was as impressive as Dernard Robinson, who accounted for 383 yards and set a school record for rushing yards by a quarterback.

Get Gamm: Hat's off to rookie picker twincitybuckeye for nailing the slate and getting closest to on the tiebreaker. TCB, the drill is as follows: I bold the games for this week below that you get to write commentary to. Send me your comments and picks for the other games by Thursday afternoon so I can post here with my picks.

Week Two Slate:
Illinois State at Northwestern
Michigan State at Florida Atlantic (in Detroit)
San Jose State at Wisconsin
South Dakota at Minnesota
Western Illinois at Purdue
Michigan at Notre Dame
Iowa State at Iowa
Miami-FLA at Ohio State
Penn State at Alabama
Southern Illinois at Illinois


Phats said...

I don't think my first attempt to predict went thru I think I forgot word ver.

Northwestern 31 Illinois St 7
Michigan State 35 fla atlantic 7
Wisconsin 35 san jose 3
Minnesota 28 south dakota 21
Purdue 42 western ill 7
Notre Dame 35 mich 10(Not buying the UM hype just yet)
Iowa 35 iowa state 10
Ohio State 28 miami 21
Alabama 31 penn state 17
Illinois 28 southern ill 13

mayo170 said...

Illinois State 6 at Northwestern 44
Michigan State 38 at Florida Atlantic 13(in Detroit)
San Jose State 10 at Wisconsin 42
South Dakota 13 at Minnesota 22
Western Illinois 6 at Purdue 39
Michigan 38 at Notre Dame 34
Iowa State 16 at Iowa 35
Miami-FLA 17 at Ohio State 23
Penn State 13 at Alabama 31
Southern Illinois 6 at Illinois 24

Dan Meyer said...

Limited commentary this week--probably will not match last week's record

Illinois State 10 at NORTHWESTERN 31

MICHIGAN STATE 30 vs. Florida Atlantic 7--Must be nice to be able to "buy" a home football game.

San Jose State 6 at WISCONSIN 35--Badgers not quite as good as Alabama, but like the Tide, Bucky has no problems here

South Dakota 14 at MINNESOTA 24--Reasonable upset pick if you want to take a flyer.

Western Illinois 10 at PURDUE 34--Not quite the blowout that Boiler fans crave, but a solid win.

Michigan 17 at NOTRE DAME 23--Winner [unfortunately] probably enters the Top 25.

Iowa State 10 at IOWA 21--Less drama for Ferentz this year compared to some past years.

Miami (FL) 13 at OHIO STATE 21--Tressel builds sufficient levee for not quite Katrina-caliber Hurricanes.

Penn State 17 at ALABAMA 28--At least I don't live in Bama any more.

Southern Illinois 16 at ILLINOIS 28--All wins are good for Ron Zook.

Buckeye Nation said...

Illinois State 13 at Northwestern 28
Michigan State 34 at Florida Atlantic 10(in Detroit)
San Jose State 10 at Wisconsin 38
South Dakota 14 at Minnesota 28
Western Illinois 13 at Purdue 35
Michigan 17 at Notre Dame 28
Iowa State 17 at Iowa 26
Miami-FLA 17 at Ohio State 31
Penn State 14 at Alabama 28
Southern Illinois 10 at Illinois 21

AndrewJ1313 said...

Illinois State 7 at Northwestern 32
Michigan State 40 at Florida Atlantic 13 (in Detroit)
San Jose State 3 at Wisconsin 52
South Dakota 14 at Minnesota 29
Western Illinois 10 at Purdue 32
Michigan 28 at Notre Dame 31
Iowa State 3 at Iowa 38
Penn State 17 at Alabama 28
Southern Illinois 9 at Illinois 34
Miami-FLA 14 at Ohio State 24