Friday, September 17, 2010

Week Three - Get Gamm
Hard to believe we are already one quarter into the season! Just two weeks from conference play. Speaking of which, I really need to include future Big Ten member Nebraska in these contests, so starting next week, I will include the Cornhuskers.

This week, mayo is picking with me. Some good games on the slate, including a few reunions of sort...

Ball State at Purdue
Gamm says ... Purdue is going to miss Keith Smith but starts to find his replacement... Purdue 31 - Ball State 13.

mayo170 says ... Purdue 27 - Ball State 16

Kent State at Penn State
Gamm says ... Penn State needs to get Evan Royster going and bounce back from the 'bama loss. Nittany Lions 34 - Golden Flashes 6

mayo170 says ... Penn State 37 - Kent State 3

UMass at Michigan
Gamm says ... Michigan won't ever lose to an FCS foe again. Wolverines 41 - Minutemen 10.

mayo170 says ... Michigan 41 - UMass 16

Northern Illinois at Illinois
Gamm says ... Northern Illinois is a good MAC team. Good enough to pick off a lower tier Big Ten team. The Illini have never lost to a directional Illinois school, but I think they are the fodder for the week. NIU 27 - Illinois 24.

mayo170 says ... Northern Illinois 23 at Illinois 28. Illinois on the second leg of their directional Illinois school tour for 2010. NIU is usually a solid MAC team and I think they will give the Illini a tough go of it. After seeing two weeks of the Fighting Zookers, I think his goose is cooked and it wouldn't surprise me to see NIU beat them.

Ohio at Ohio State
Gamm says ... Ohio State needs work on finishing in the red zone and gets it done against a decent Bobcats squad. OSU 38 - Ohio 3

mayo170 says ... Ohio State 44 - Ohio U 9

Arizona State at Wisconsin
Gamm says ... Wisconsin has been mighty vanilla thus far. ASU isn't a top tier Pac Ten team but these games always have a Rose Bowl air to them in terms of bragging rights. ASU's QB, Michigan transfer Steven Threet, played well in Madtown as a Wolverine, but not this time. UW 30 - ASU 14.

mayo170 says ... Arizona State 27 at Wisconsin 19. So far ASU has bludgeoned their opponents with stifling defense and a former UM QB whose biggest win was against the Badgers. The Badgers meanwhile don't appear to be the same team that I was expecting. They will get better as the season goes on, but I'm going with ASU on a gut feeling.

USC at Minnesota
Gamm says ... You do the math. Juggernaut USC vs. the team that barely beat Middle Tennessee State and lost to FCS's South Dakota. USC rolls 41 - 17

may170 says ... USC 34 at Minnesota 10. Southern Cal dominates a Big Ten team yet again. Brew's Crew is looking dreadful right now and needs some serious help. Although USC isn't the brute force that previously has manhandled the best that the Big Ten could throw at them, Minnesota is going to be lucky to be within two scores midway through the second quarter.

Indiana at Western Kentucky
Gamm says ... Interesting road trip for IU. 16 days of rust to shake off but this IU offense is good. It'll be closer than you'd think though. Indiana 33 - Team with the bid reg blob for a mascot 27

mayo170 says ... Indiana 38 - Western Kentucky 16

Northwestern at Rice
Gamm says ... NU has been pretty sound early but Rice is not a pushover. The Wildcats tend to lose to one team a year that they have no business losing to. But that won't quite happen this week. NU 35 - Rice-a-roni 23

mayo170 says ... Northwestern 32 - Rice 13

Notre Dame at Michigan State (Tiebreaker)
Gamm says ... Night game always bring about major anticipation. This is MSU's 9th ever, and a handful have been with the Irish. This has a 1998 feel to it, with injured FB John Rouse filling the fourth captain spot - a la Amp Campbell in 1998. Kirk Cousins has payback in mind and Notre Dame hasn't quite found its rhythm yet, despite some solid talent. MSU goes from ho-hum, to ahem - look at me. Michigan State 31 - Notre Dame 23.

mayo170 says ... Notre Dame 27 at Michigan State 31(Tiebreaker). This is going to be a great game. MSU should be able to contain the pass game better than Michigan and I like that MSU will be able to throw up to three running backs at them. The big question is whether the Spartans can at least cut their penalties in half. Even if Notre Dame has a lead late, I like Cousins' ability to keep a cool head and get the ball to his receivers.

Iowa at Arizona
Gamm says ... a nice early test for both teams. Iowa has the defense and balanced offense to get out of Dodge with a win. But former Spartans QB Nick Foles wants to show the Big Ten what they've been missing. Home field plays a major factor here, but in the end, Iowa's D makes the diff. Iowa 23 - Arizona 21.

mayo170 says ... Iowa 13 at Arizona 10. Both teams are flying under the radar right now, and winning with killer defense. Iowa has had tougher competition that didn't
have to travel cross-country to play them. I like Ferentz to take the Hawkeyes out west and pull out a win.

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Andy Gamm said...

Twin City's picks (they were to me on time!)

Purdue-34 Ball State-10
Illinois-27 No. Illinois-16
Ohio State-41 Ohio-10
Penn State-38 Kent State-12
Wisconsin-24 Arizona State-13
Northwestern-23 Rice-17
Michigan State-31 Notre Dame-17
Iowa-21 Arizona-17
Indiana-37 Western Kentucky-24
USC-48 Minnesota-24
Michigan-41 UMass-17