Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 4 Recap...
It was all in all a boring weekend around the Big Ten. The good got better, the bad got worse and the jury is still out on Penn State, a team everyone but me seemed to be really high on heading into the season, despite some notable personnel losses.

There were two upsets for the MAC (Toledo and Northern Illinois) and CMU gave the Wildcats a run as well. This week is when we really start to get a sense for who will contend, pretend and flat out roll over.

Team of the Week... Really not sure where to go here. Could be Wisconsin for racking up 70. Or Michigan with 65. I guess I'll go with OSU who really got it going and scored 73 points while getting Terrelle Pryor involved with the "cycle" of TDs (passing, rushing, receiving).

Player of the Week... See the note on Pryor. Those are nice games for postseason trophy contention for sure... though there were other great ones as well: Greg Jones and James White come to mind.

Get Gamm... Only two of us picked NIU to upset Minnesota and I was closer on the tiebreaker to hold off Phats for the win this week.

Week Five Slate... Finally, some games with meaning. I cannot wait until the Big Tenwelve adopts a nine game conference slate. The FCS games have got to go.

Ohio State at Illinois
Northwestern at Minnesota
Michigan at Indiana
Wisconsin at Michigan State (TIEBREAKER)
Penn State at Iowa


Dan Meyer said...

Uggghhh! Still recovering from Toledo; at least the Boilers won't lose this week. For those who DO play--a rarity is in play; it is reasonably possible that road teams will prevail in all five games. Onward with Week Five:

OHIO STATE 35 at Illinois 13--More than a little disquieting that Tressel has been slower to "call off the dogs" than in some past years.

NORTHWESTERN 21 at Minnesota 14--Boiler eyes will watch closely as their next two opponents battle it out in Gopherland. Home field nonwithstanding, I think that a stronger Wildcat defense will carry the day.

MICHIGAN 28 at Indiana 17--A near-Hoosier upset last year hinted at a impending Wolverine collapse. Guess it could happen again, but I strongly doubt it.

*WISCONSIN 24 at Michigan State 21--Call this pick some [grudging?] respect for the way the Badgers stomped on my employer's football team last week.

Penn State 14 at IOWA 20--Even this one could go to the roadies, but I think that the Hawkeyes have been more consistent so far.

Phats said...

Ugh I think my Boilers are cursed! At least we won't lose this week!

Ohio State 35 illinois 7
Northwestern 31 minnesota 20
Michigan 31 indiana 14
Michigan State 28 wisconsin 21
Iowa 28 penn state 17

mayo170 said...

Ohio State 37 at Illinois 17
Northwestern 42 at Minnesota 38
Michigan 41 at Indiana 27 (Michigan misses a way they make 2 field goals!)
Wisconsin 22 at Michigan State 28 (TIEBREAKER)
Penn State 13 at Iowa 21

Purdue - rest well gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Twincitybuckeye Picks:

Ohio State-34 Illinois-17
Northwestern-23 Minnesota-20
Michigan-41 Indiana-30
Wisconsin-20 Michigan State-12
Iowa-24 Penn State-16

Buckeye Nation said...

Ohio State 38 at Illinois 17
Northwestern 24 at Minnesota 21
Michigan 41 at Indiana 38
Wisconsin 24 at Michigan State 20 (TIEBREAKER)
Penn State 17 at Iowa32

AndrewJ1313 said...

Northwestern 28 at Minnesota 17
Michigan 34 at Indiana 31 - Indiana might get revenge for last years screw job
Wisconsin 24 at Michigan State 27(TIEBREAKER)
Penn State 10 at Iowa 26 - preseason I thought this would be a great game, after the last few weeks, I think PSU might be in big trouble
Ohio State 36 at Illinois 0

Go Bucks