Friday, October 01, 2010

Get Gamm - Week 5
Trying something new this week, a last second blog from my phone! Busy week and almost forgot, can't do that!

Michigan at Indiana
Most years, this would get little love from the press. But Michigan had Denard Robinson and Indiana is hot for revenge for a game it felt it should have won a year ago. This is a classic first to 50 wins...the only thing missing is a mandatory five apple rush! Michigan can make a few more plays defensively and that's the difference. M 52 - IU 45

Ohio State at Illinois
This one should be no contest. Ohio State has it rolling right now and you know the special teams woes won't last forever. Pryor has another big day. OSU 38 - ILL 14

Northwestern at Minnesota
The Gophers are every bit as bad as I thought, and Northwestern might be a bit better. Goldie will be fired up and give a yet to be truly tested NU squad a run for its money. Northwestern prevails late. NU 31 - UM 27

Wisconsin at Michigan State
Talk about mirror images. All over the field, you could swap jerseys and not notice the difference. Both have power. Both can play with finesse. And both defenses will bend a fair amount. There is talk that this is an early elimination game. I don't know about that but do know a win here would be huge. The home team has won each of the last five and they've been some classics. I picked MSU to lose this in preseason, but with Coach D coming back and the game at home, I'll swap... MSU 27 - Wisconsin 24

Penn State at Iowa
I love this game most years but I am not one who is sold on Penn State enough to buy the hype. Iowa is as advertised and Kinnick will rock the black and gold big time. This will be low scoring and smashmouth, with Iowa grinding out a nice win to start a tough stretch. Iowa 16 - Penn State 13

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