Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week Eight Recap...
Putting on my Spartans hat... thank you Wisconsin. Michigan State now sits alone atop the Big Ten, with Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State the main contenders just a game back. Things will continue to get more and more interesting as each week passes, especially as these four vie for two BCS spots (tops) and the Hawkeyes still entertain both State's.

What we learned... Illinois built on the great showing in State College and the strong performance at Michigan State with a blasting of Indiana. The Illini are arguably the most improved team in the league. MSU is better too but was in close games a season ago. Illinois was bad last year and after the Mizzou game looked to be in the same state this season. Not so fast. Mizzou is that good and Illinois is making a case as the best middle of the pack team in the conference this year.

Team of the Week... I'm going to go with Wisconsin. A week after a rousing win over then No. 1 Ohio State, the Badgers went on the road and knocked off Iowa in dramatic fashion. A fake punt, some great last minute defense and a solid win has the Badgers through the gauntlet and waiting for the other shoe to drop with the rest of the league.

Player of the Week... I've got to go with my QB Kirk Cousins. With the run game held at bay again this week, Cousins delivered key pass after key pass and led the Spartans to a fantastic, come from behind win at Northwestern.

Get Gamm update... Congrats to Mayo for going a perfect 6-0 on the week. Here are the games for this week.

Northwestern at Indiana
Purdue at Illinois
Michigan State at Iowa (Tiebreaker)
Michigan at Penn State
Ohio State at Minnesota
Missouri at Nebraska


AndrewJ1313 said...

I can't believe how Iowa's coaching staff mismanaged the clock, ala Les Miles. 12 seconds to go, you just got a first down so the clock temporarily stops allowing your offense to line up, spike the ball stopping the clock and giving your offense a chance to move the ball a few more yards and use your last TO. But instead, Iowa calls their TO after the first down and then runs a play that starts with a completed pass up the middle and doesn't even give you the chance to try a long field goal.

Dan Meyer said...

The disturbing news--OSU 49 Purdue 0. The REALLY disturbing news--This score was achieved with Tressel "calling off the dogs" in the second half. On to what HAS to be a better Week 9:

NORTHWESTERN 35 at Indiana 24--Wildcats should reach bowl-elgibility soon, this win will help.

Purdue 10 at ILLINOIS 20--Would have considered an upset pick if Henry was healthy--but for some reason the Boilers have gone all in on the injury plague.

*Michigan State 27 at IOWA 31--Impressive Spartan unbeaten start ends with an aroused bunch of home-standing Hawkeyes.

OHIO STATE 38 at Minnesota 7--Not QUITE as dominant as last week, but certainly no Maalox moments for BN or Andrew, either.

(Possibly the national game of the week)--Missouri 16 at NEBRASKA 24--My ties to Mizzou are about as strong as those to Purdue and it has been great to watch their unbeaten start. Alas, a strong Husker team will give my wife and her staunch Husker family cause for celebration Saturday night.

Bonus political predictions: House Repubs +55 (92% chance of becoming majority party); Senate +8 (25% chance of getting to 51); governors +6 (99% chance of getting to 26).

Phats said...

Northwestern 41 indiana 17

Purdue 28 illinois 21

Iowa 35 michigan state 28

Penn State 41 Michigan 28

Ohio State 44 minnesota 10

Nebraska 24 missouri 13

Dan Meyer said...

Apologies for forgetting: MICHIGAN 30 at Penn State 27--Basically guessing here, Robinson's return may inspire the Wolverines to victory.

Buckeye Nation said...

Northwestern 28 at Indiana 24
Purdue 20 at Illinois 27
Michigan State 24 at Iowa 27 (Tiebreaker)
Michigan 36 at Penn State 13
Ohio State 48 at Minnesota 13
Missouri 24 at Nebraska 27

Twincitybuckeye said...

NW-31 Indiana-17
Illinois-27 Purdue-20
Iowa-24 Michigan State-20
Ohio State-41 Minnesota-14
Penn State-27 Michigan-24
Nebraska-33 Missouri-24

AndrewJ1313 said...

Northwestern 34 at Indiana 28
Purdue 17 at Illinois 24
Michigan State 20 at Iowa 24 (Tiebreaker)
Michigan 20 at Penn State 21
Ohio State 42 at Minnesota 9
Missouri 18 at Nebraska 24