Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Gamm - Week Seven
Hard to believe but we're at the half way point of college football and entering a critical stretch in the Big Ten race. This week sees one big time matchup and a couple of others that have major bearing on the title chase. Toss in a good battle between Texas and Nebraska and we have a good week to pick in...

Arkansas State at Indiana
Gamm says ... As Homer would say, "Boring." Yes it gets Indiana a bit closer to a potential bowl bid but please, enough of these cupcakes Big Ten. IU 38 - Ark State 13

Phats says ... I figured the Hoosier D would be exposed big time in Columbus. I don't know anything about Arkansas State except their 2-4. IU Should win but it will be closer than people think. INDIANA 31 Arkansas State 17

Illinois at Michigan State
Gamm says ...
A classic trap game for MSU. Except under Coach D, MSU is 3-0 the week after playing and beating Michigan. This isn't your father's Spartans team. This team has handled adversity well. Now, can it handle expectations? Illinois has State's full attention after dismantling Penn State. The MSU offense outmatches the Illini D and Illinois can't get enough ground game going to get the W. Michigan State 31 - Illinois 21.

Phats says ... Great win for the Illini at Happy Valley, but PSU is not MSU. The spartans are playing really well and will continue that play by dominating Illinois at home. Michigan State 35 illinois 10

Minnesota at Purdue
Gamm says ...
Minnesota is trying to salvage some dignity. Purdue is trying to prove all the nay sayers wrong. Is this the ciao Brewster tour? Can Purdue really scrape together a bowl game with the losses it has suffered? A 2-0 start in conference play will help! Purdue 20 - Minnesota 17

Phats says ... Oh thank you Boilermakers for making my weekend pretty awesome. I never pick against my Boilers and it paid off this time. As for this week Purdue will keep it rolling with a nice homecoming win over a struggling Gopher team. Boiler Up!. Purdue 28 minnesota 17

Iowa at Michigan
Gamm says ...
Iowa can thank MSU for proving that a good front seven can slow down Mr. Robinson enough to beat Michigan. That said this will be a better game for a few reasons. The Iowa offense won't test Michigan's defense like MSU did but can move the ball. Look for Stanzi to put the ball in the air a lot but for a still balanced attack. Michigan won't make as many mistakes this week but still won't get it done against a team with a great defense. Iowa 24 - Michigan 21.

Phats says ... I never bought into the Michigan hype, and I am happy MSU exposed them. The Hawkeyes will send RichRod and the Wolverines on a 2 game losing streak. Iowa 41 michigan 10

Ohio State at Wisconsin
Gamm says ...
I'm torn on this one. I think OSU is better than they are getting credit for (yes, I realize they are number one but many argue this is by default). Wisconsin is tough at home but aside from Minny and Austin Peay has yet to really lay the wood to a decent team. Special teams gaffes will rattle both teams in this one, but give me Pryor over Tolzien and a tight OSU win. Ohio State 23 - Wisconsin 20.

Phats says ... Boy is this a big one. Tough test for the new #1 Buckeyes, this will be a great game, and OSU will escape thank to a late field goal . Ohio State 24 wisconsin 21

Texas at Nebraska
Gamm says ...
Despite the recent swoon by the Longhorns, this will be a classic. The Texas defense isn't the problem and should find a way to slow T-Mart. However, the Cornshuckers have a good D too and that is where this game will be won. Nebraska 26 - Texas 16

Phats says ... Man the horns are really struggling this year, and Nebraska has looked really good. Nebraska is a rare easy win over the horns.
Nebraska 31 texas 14

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Phats said...

I hate to brag but I nailed the purdue score on the money :)