Monday, October 11, 2010

Week Six Recap...
It was a very interesting weekend in the Big Ten. Michigan State thoroughly dominated Michigan and put aside any doubts about whether the defense could contain the dangerous Denard Robinson. Ohio State thrashed Indiana, leaving Hoosiers fans wondering if they will see another win this season. Wisconsin pounded rival Minnesota and ruffled feathers in the process. Coach Brewster was borderline John L. Smith after that late two-point conversion (think self-slap after the Illinois loss). Illinois went to Happy Valley and stomped on Penn State for the program's first win at Beaver Stadium. And last but not least, Purdue stole one from Northwestern, who undoubtedly felt as thought the first 6-0 start since 1962 was all but theirs.

What did we learn? Ohio State is firmly joined by Michigan State and Iowa as the main contenders, with Wisconsin very much in the mix (this weekend will say for sure). Michigan won't contend for the title, but still is good enough to get seven or eight wins. Illinois is improving. Northwestern was a precarious 5-0 and finally lost a close one, but is still an eight win team. Penn State isn't good. Purdue will fight until the bitter end. And Indiana might not win again in league play, not with that defense anyway! And Nebraska is good and will be joining the Big Ten on a program uptick for sure.

Team of the Week... It would be easy to give it to Michigan State, but that would mean I looked past Illinois. The Illini showed that maybe the effort against OSU wasn't luck, but a sign that things are improving. It doesn't get any easier with a trip to East Lansing forthcoming, but Illinois fans have to feel pretty good right now.

Player of the Week... Terrelle Pryor was fantastic in dismantling the Indiana defense. It was one of the best passing performances of his career and a big step for the Buckeyes who are seeking the ultimate in balance going forward. Special nod to Kirk Cousins for what might have been his best game to date, not to mention Edwin Baker and Illinois signal caller Nathan Scheelhaase.

Get Gamm... Kudos for Phats for becoming the first repeat winner and the first to garner two Ws on the season. Sometimes it pays to go with the heart, eh Phats?

Get Gamm Week Seven... Two big games on the slate this weekend, with Iowa traveling to Michigan and Ohio State invading Madison. Should have some real clarity at the top after this week.

Arkansas State at Indiana
Illinois at Michigan State
Minnesota at Purdue
Iowa at Michigan
Ohio State at Wisconsin (Tiebreaker)
Texas at Nebraska


Phats said...

Does this mean I get to pick with you again? :) and Yes sometimes picking with your heart pays off so proud of my Boilers

Dan Meyer said...

Week 7 Picks:

Arkansas State 14 at INDIANA 28--Enjoy this win; it's a long time until Purdue and the next reasonable chance at a win.

Illinois 10 at MICHIGAN STATE 20--The Illini are better than expected, but I don't think they are good enough to beat the Spartans on the road.

Minnesota 31 at PURDUE 41--This series has been full of shoot-outs. Hard to see Brewster getting any more wins before his pink slip, but the upcoming Boiler schedule does not look real comforting, either.

IOWA 28 at Michigan 21--Dennard, you have been impressive, but your serious Heisman candidacy ends this week.

*Ohio State 17 at WISCONSIN 20--Tough, tough call but if the Buckeyes prevail they probably go to a BCS game undefeated. I think Bucky overcomes Brutus, though.

Texas 10 at NEBRASKA 17--Longhorn O has been a bit of a disappointment, leaving only two potential snags (Mizzou and Okie) in Pelini's quest for 2010-11 glory.

Twincitybuckeye said...

Indiana-35 Arkansas St.-17
Michigan State-27 Illinois-17
Purdue-38 Minnesota-31
Iowa-28 Michigan-20
Nebraska-24 Texas-17
OHIO STATE-27 Wisconsin-20
(Lots of folks are picking against my Buckeyes. BIG mistake...)

mayo170 said...

Arkansas State 13 at Indiana 31
Illinois 16 at Michigan State 24
Minnesota 24 at Purdue 38
Iowa 27 at Michigan 24
Ohio State 21 at Wisconsin 16 (Tiebreaker)
Texas 13 at Nebraska 29

Buckeye Nation said...

Arkansas State 13 at Indiana 42
Illinois 21 at Michigan State 20
Minnesota 32 at Purdue 35
Iowa 36 at Michigan 20
Ohio State 27 at Wisconsin 17 (Tiebreaker)
Texas 17 at Nebraska 32

AndrewJ1313 said...

Arkansas State 17 at Indiana 40
Illinois 16 at Michigan State 20
Minnesota 24 at Purdue 27
Iowa 31 at Michigan 10
Texas 13 at Nebraska 24
Ohio State 27 at Wisconsin 16 (Tiebreaker)

Go Bucks!!!!!!!

AndrewJ1313 said...

Arkansas State 17 at Indiana 40
Illinois 16 at Michigan State 20
Minnesota 24 at Purdue 27
Iowa 31 at Michigan 10
Texas 13 at Nebraska 24
Ohio State 27 at Wisconsin 16 (Tiebreaker)

Go Bucks!!!!!!!