Monday, October 04, 2010

Week 5 Recap...
After weeks of playing also-rans, mid majors and 1-AA (oops, sorry, FCS) scrimmages, we finally got to kick off the meaningful portion of the schedule. And week one of Big Ten play did not disappoint. In fact, it went almost according to my predictions, with the exception of Ohio State struggling and Penn State trudging in neutral much more than anticipated.

It sets us up for a great week two, headlined by the battle for Paul Bunyan - the trophy that is, not the axe (sorry Minnesota and Wisconsin). Paul is the theme for the weekend though, because not only do Michigan State and Michigan go to battled unbeaten and ranked for the first time since 1999, so do the Gophers and Badgers...

Team of the Week...
There were three teams that stood out for sure - Iowa, Michigan and Michigan State - but the Spartans were not expected to win and therefore get the nod here. MSU beat Wisconsin at its own game and despite a three turnover deficit, dominated this game. It sets the Spartans up for a classic in the rivalry with Michigan.

Player of the Week...
It is getting boring, giving this to Mr. Robinson each week, but the guy has been amazing. He made Indiana pay through the air and on the ground and hit several big plays in an entertaining Michigan win over Indiana. Kudos also to James White (UW), Keyshawn Martin (MSU) and Chris Clayborn (Iowa).

Get Gamm...
Four of us went unbeaten for the week, but Phats gets on the board by being closer to the spread in the game (he had MSU plus 7). Phats, send me your picks by Thursday morning with commentary on each of them.

Nebraska at Kansas State (Thursday)
Illinois at Penn State
Indiana at Ohio State
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Michigan State at Michigan (Tiebreaker)
Purdue at Northwestern


Phats said...

sweet! picks sent in.

Dan Meyer said...

Blogger ate my first iteration so limited commentary on these Week 6 picks.

NEBRASKA 24 at Kansas State 20--Children of the Corn sweat out the Wildcats in the sunflowers.

Illinois 13 at PENN STATE 20--Wonder if anyone picks the upset here.

Indiana 10 at OHIO STATE 35--May not be this close.

Minnesota 14 at WISCONSIN 38--Same comment as IU-OSU.

MICHIGAN STATE 24 at Michigan 21--Do Spartans burn me again?

Purdue 17 at NORTHWESTERN 24--Want to pick Boilers, but injuries and the Toledo game have damaged my confidence.

mayo170 said...

Nebraska 34 at Kansas State 27(Thursday)
Illinois 17 at Penn State 25
Indiana 26 at Ohio State 31
Minnesota 24 at Wisconsin 21
Michigan State 37 at Michigan 42(Tiebreaker)
Purdue 23 at Northwestern 32

Buckeye Nation said...

Nebraska 26 at Kansas State 21 (Thursday)
Illinois 23 at Penn State 27
Indiana 14 at Ohio State 38
Minnesota 24 at Wisconsin 31
Michigan State 31 at Michigan 34 (Tiebreaker)
Purdue 17 at Northwestern 20-

Twincitybuckeye said...

Nebraska 31 at Kansas State 17 (Thursday)
Illinois 12 at Penn State 24
Indiana 20 at Ohio State 37
Minnesota 9 at Wisconsin 27
Michigan State 28 at Michigan 24 (Tiebreaker)
Purdue 19 at Northwestern 28