Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Three Recap
I'll apologize now if this paints me as the MSU homer that I am, but come on, have you EVER seen such a ballsy call to end the game? Wow. I was lucky enough to be there and have a bird's eye view of it all. I'm still hoarse today and still shocked that not an hour later, Coach Dantonio was rushed to the hospital with what turned out to be a mild heart attack. I'm not the only one talking about the play... it is all over the news. I just wish I had heard what old sufferin' sucotash Lou Holtz had to say about it...

Team of the Week: Michigan State. No question. They played the best game of the week, which had the best play of the week and the most meaning of the week. No disrespect to the rest of college football intended.

Player of the Week: There were some great weeks had by some key players, but I'll go out on a limb and give it to a special teamer. Aaron Bates averaged over 45 yards per punt, even with some pooch kicks and a shank or two. Oh and he also threw one of the most memorable touchdown passes in Michigan State football history.

Get Gamm: Congratulations to Dan Meyer for a solid 10-1 week and nailing the point differential on the tiebreaker game. Dan, you're an old regular and you know the drill!

Week Four Slate: Can't wait... one week until we open conference play... in the meantime, MAC v. B10 week II (7 games!).

Austin Peay at Wisconsin
Ball State at Iowa
Bowling Green at Michigan
Central Michigan at Northwestern
Northern Colorado at Michigan State
Toledo at Purdue
Eastern Michigan at Ohio State
Temple at Penn State
Akron at Indiana
Northern Illinois at Minnesota
South Dakota State at Nebraska


Phats said...

Hey I am not in last for a change! Also congrats Sparty, I was literally jumping up and down great win.

Wisconsin 42 austin peay 7
Iowa 28 ball state 10
Michigan 31 bowling green 17
Northwestern 28 central mich 24
Michigan State 35 n colorado 7
Purdue 31 toledo 10
Ohio State 45 e mich 7
Penn State 28 temple 17
IU 35 akron 17
Northern Ill 28 minn 21
Nebraska 42 SD State 3

mayo170 said...

Here's hoping Dantonio is back on the sidelines soon. What a great win for the Spartans.

Austin Peay 6 at Wisconsin 37
Ball State 3 at Iowa 44
Bowling Green 13 at Michigan 38
Central Michigan 10 at Northwestern 27
Northern Colorado 16 at Michigan State 31
Toledo 14 at Purdue 29
Eastern Michigan 0 at Ohio State 41
Temple 7 at Penn State 31
Akron 12 at Indiana 30
Northern Illinois 23 at Minnesota 27
South Dakota State 9 at Nebraska 51

AndrewJ1313 said...

Austin Peay 10 at Wisconsin40
Ball State 9 at Iowa 38
Bowling Green 21 at Michigan 26
Central Michigan 28 at Northwestern 37
Northern Colorado 13 at Michigan State 34
Toledo 16 at Purdue 29
Temple 10 at Penn State 32
Akron 9 at Indiana 31
Northern Illinois 10 at Minnesota 24
South Dakota State 6 at Nebraska 48
Eastern Michigan 0 at Ohio State 54