Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking back ... and ahead
As expected, it was pretty much a ho-hum weekend for the Big Ten.  Illinois struggled as I predicted, but aside from the rotten eggs laid by Minnesota and Indiana, everything else was according to plan.  Which begs the question... I know the league will go to nine conference games in the fairly near future (THANK GOODNESS) but can we all agree - no more FCS games and let's sprinkle in a conference game early so we get some games that matter sooner rather than later?

The good...
Penn State may have found a QB.  Illinois, despite a struggle, is 4-0 for the first time since 1951.  Michigan State leads the nation in total yards per game allowed.  Yep, trust me, they do.  Michigan is 4-0 again. Ohio State found some offense, sort of. Iowa and Wisconsin routed lesser opponents.  Nebraska looked good at what might be one of the most gorgeous stadiums I had previously never seen.

The bad...
Sorry but Minnesota and Indiana flat suck.  I feel for Coach Kill, who is going back to get these seizures in order but really?  Losing at home to - albeit a good - North Dakota State?  And Indiana goes to North Texas and falls short in a rally against maybe the worst team in FBS?  Talk about dragging down a conference!

This week...
Big Ten play finally kicks off and there are some dandies.  Phats was gutsy enough to let his gold and black homerism shine through in the IU upset loss pick and with his 9-1 record gets to pick again on the home page.  Thank goodness for league play.  Let the fun begin!

Penn State at Indiana
Minnesota at Michigan
Northwestern at Illinois
Michigan State at Ohio State
Nebraska at Wisconsin (Game of the Week)
Notre Dame at Purdue


Phats said...

Pick are in, I love my black and gold homerism baby you'll see it this week too haha :)

mayo170 said...

Penn State 31 at Indiana 17
Minnesota 24 at Michigan 38
Northwestern 22 at Illinois 31
Michigan State 27 at Ohio State 19
Nebraska 26 at Wisconsin 31(Game of the Week)
Notre Dame 27 at Purdue 23 No offense Purdue alums, I'd really like to see the Boilers beat the snot out of ND, I just don't feel it this year.

Dan Meyer said...

First week of conference games:

PENN STATE 24 at Indiana 10--Be very worried, Lion fans, if this is close late.

Minnesota 14 at MICHIGAN 28--Not all in on the Wolverines, but a pot-sized bet should be plenty enough on this game.

Northwestern 17 at ILLINOIS 24--Probably a quality game, but the Illini have yet to have an "Army" glitch.

MICHIGAN STATE 23 at Ohio State 21 (Home blog pick?)--Second best game of week and a real challenge. In practice, not picking Spartans in favor of Andy (though I do appreciate the picking contests), but because of doubts about the Buckeye passing game.

*Nebraska 20 at WISCONSIN 24--Not completely sure here either, but picking on home-field.

NOTRE DAME 27 at Purdue 16--Hope Boilers prove me wrong and Phats right, but wins over Sparty and Pittsburgh are more impressive than wins over Middle TN and SE Missouri.