Monday, September 12, 2011

Wild week two, what's left for week three?
It was a wild and crazy weekend of teams that shocked, were shocked and everything in between.  The MAC nearly bit the Big Ten again, a pair pitched shutouts and there is that definite separation of top and bottom already playing out.  Phats got Gamm again, going 9-3 and besting Dan and Mayo on the tiebreaker.  Phats, you know the drill!

Team of the Week
Michigan State. Sorry guys, I'm not drinking the UM is back cool aid quite yet.  That defense gave up 500+ yards and got a couple of turnover gifts.  A few others impressed but one first down, 48 total yards and a shutout?  I have to go with the Spartans.  Sub-par foe or not, MSU did something that is really hard to do.  Better MSU defenses over the years haven't even done this.

MAC Watch
3-1 so far... nearly 2-2. 4 games going this weekend.

Week Three
Eastern Michigan at Michigan
Penn State at Temple
Pittsburgh at Iowa
SE Missouri at Purdue
Miami (OH) at Minnesota
Michigan State at Notre Dame
Northwestern at Army
South Carolina State at Indiana
Washington at Nebraska
Wisconsin vs. Northern Illinois
Arizona State at Illinois
Ohio State at Miami (FL)


mayo170 said...

Eastern Michigan 17 at Michigan 22
Penn State 45 at Temple 16
Pittsburgh 27 at Iowa 31
SE Missouri 13 at Purdue 28
Miami (OH) 24 at Minnesota 34
Michigan State 38 at Notre Dame 16
Northwestern 32 at Army 26
South Carolina State 24 at Indiana 21
Washington 10 at Nebraska 31
Wisconsin 55 vs. Northern Illinois 16
Arizona State 26 at Illinois 24
Ohio State 17 at Miami (FL) 27

Dan Meyer said...

Does Mayo know something I don't about Eastern MI and SC State?

Eastern Michigan 6 at MICHIGAN 24--Brady Hoke continues to appear more Lloyd Carr and less RichRod

Penn State 23 at TEMPLE 24--First upset pick of the year; will the Owls be wise enough to prove me right?

Pittsburgh 17 at IOWA 20--By no means a sure thing--a potential early indicator of a second ugly weekend.

SE Missourit 10 at PURDUE 31--Boilers' last good chance for a blowout win--hopefully, not their last win.

MIAMI (OH) 20 at Minnesota 16--Redhawks scared a respectable Mizzou team at Columbia; the question this is--which Gophers team was real: week 1 or week 2? Guess I'm going with week 2.

MICHIGAN STATE 28 at Notre Dame 17-- Unlike the real thing, Touchdown Jesus cannot save Kelly and Co. this weekend.

NORTHWESTERN 31 at Army 17--Black Knights have improved somewhat in recent years, but would need Schwartzkopf or Petraus to beat Fitzgerald and the Wildcats.

South Carolina State 3 at INDIANA 28--Hard to see the Hoosiers with ANY hope until Bucket week if they lose Saturday.

Washington 14 at NEBRASKA 27--Teams met twice last year; the above result would be a better measure of where their teams stood than either of last year's results.

WISCONSIN 31 at Northern Illinois 17--Northern Illinois good enough to compete, but Badgers appear class of Big 10/12 at the moment.

Arizona State 16 at ILLINOIS 20--Zook has chance to quiet some critics as Sun Devils have a slight letdown after last week's win over Mizzou.

Ohio State 17 at MIAMI (FL) 20 (what--no games against MIAMI (NC)?)--Hurricanes prevail in the "Scandal Bowl."

mayo170 said...

Haha Dan, I'm guessing Michigan is going to have a hangover from Notre Dame.

SC State, never heard of them, but IU has not been impressive to me thus far.