Friday, October 07, 2011

Get Gamm - Week Six
No sense beating around the bush.  The thermometer may say 80 and sun here in West Michigan, but we're halfway through the college football regular season.  Mayo is picking with me this week.  Can you beat either of us?

Minnesota at Purdue, Noon ET (ESPN)Not the Basement Bowl in total... that would only be if this were Minny and Indy.  Purdue stunk it up big time last week and is going a la Penn State with a two-headed QB system.  Sorry, not a big fan of that.  Minnesota has to be play better than last week, right?  Purdue does too.  The Boilers aren't all together good but are light years ahead of the Gophers.  Purdue 31 - Minnesota 13.

mayo says... In what could be the Bottom Of The B1G Barrel Bowl, this could be an ugly game. And I don’t mean one team taking the other to the woodshed ugly. I mean ‘can anyone score some points’ ugly. Combined scores against these two last weekend: 96-10. In a pick that even Phats will love, Purdue 13 – Minnesota 6.

Illinois at Indiana, 2:30 ET (BTN)
I had to do a triple check on the game time.  This is old school, sorry but your not on TV this week type of timing.  Of course we know EVERY game is on some sort of TV anymore but still, the time seems odd to me.  Illinois escaped last week with a comeback, throw away, comeback win over rival Northwestern.  Boy was that a kick in the nuts... pun intended - well, at least for the 'cats.  This is simple: Illinois is good.  Indiana?  Uh, see Minnesota.  ILL-INI roll.  Illinois 42 - Indiana 10
mayo says... Zook takes his impressive Illini squad next door to Bloomington for what should be a glorified scrimmage, although one player will not be on the field. Why on Earth would you knee a guy in the groin when you know there are cameras on you and there are two refs within 10 feet? Unbelievable. Regardless, Indiana is showing some signs that they could be on the way up, but it’s not going to be a quick fix. Illinois 34 – Indiana 14.

Iowa at Penn State, 3:30 ET (ABC)
If IU v. U of I is old school with its kick time, this is old school based on the style of play.  Iowa has gone to this magical hurry up since the Pitt game and is clicking but both teams get it done with defense first.  This is one of those cross division games that change rooting interests for fans.  And this is a toss up.  Coach Ferentz has had great success against the Nits.  PSU is struggling through two quarterbacks and a paltry kicking game but is at home.  Both teams are quietly sitting on just one loss but have been unimpressive at times.  Heads PSU. Tails Iowa. Flip, roll, bounce... Penn State 16 - Iowa 14.

mayo says... Oh how Penn State needs this win. Iowa can get things going in the conference with a nice win (again) over Paterno and his indecisive QB group. Iowa has had an extra week to prepare for a very mediocre Penn State group. Iowa 27 – Penn State 20.

Michigan at Northwestern, 7pm (BTN)
My Game of the Week.  Two teams with the potential to score in droves and one with a defense that appears improved, but I'm witholding judgment until the Wolverines play stiffer competition.  You know the fans clad in Purple will be hyped for this game and NU often fares well in these night games.  The key is Persa.  If he stays healthy, we've seen what he means.  If the cats can contain Denard and get off to a good start, they will emerge.  Michigan could get caught peeking ahead, but I doubt it.  Michigan 34 - Northwestern 27.

mayo says... Two of the most enjoyable quarterbacks to watch in the sport on the same field. I really like Persa because he has the better arm of the two, but the weapons that Michigan has at WR are the difference. Defenses may end up null and void here, and I don’t buy that Michigan’s defense is quite back yet. But they appear to be the better group in this matchup. Michigan 37 – Northwestern 29.

Ohio State at Nebraska, 8pm ET (ESPN)
Something has got to give in this one. Either the OSU offense will awaken and lay the hammer to what has so far been a vastly overrated defense or said defense will add to the woes of the scarlet and gray.  Those star players that were due back?  Uh, not so much.  You know the Cornhuskers are hungry to put last week behind them.  Nebraska 24 - Ohio State 20.

mayo says... Both of these teams got socked in the mouth last weekend. Ohio State learned that eventually Mark Dantonio was going to beat them with a good, old-fashioned defense and Nebraska was given a rude awakening that they weren’t going to walk through the B1G by Wisconsin. In what should be a spectacular rivalry for decades to come, Nebraska shows up and is able to muster a win over a still incomplete roster out of Columbus. OSU 16 – Nebraska 22.

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