Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Week six, already?
Seriously, we're at the kinda, sorta halfway mark of the season already? Where has the time gone?  It hasn't been without some brow raisers and head shakers along the way, last weekend included. 

Dan did a nice report card in a comment to last week's pick 'em blog, so I won't repeat what he did.  Instead, I'll stick with my usually good, bad and ugly analysis.

The good...
Wisconsin. Uh, make that a damn good.  Wow.  So much for not having played anyone.  Color me highly impressed and a trite bit more nervous about the night time show down in EL in a few weeks.  Michigan State.  Best defense I've seen from the Spartans since Perles' late 80s squads wrecked havoc on the league. The offense needs to get scoring, but that is a Legends Division winning D.  Michigan.  Then again, they played a team I'm pretty sure my local high school team would challenge.  Still, 58-0?  Nicely done.  Illinois. Sweet comeback, choke, comeback. But how close was NU to pulling off a mirror of the Music City Miracle at the end?  This close!  Northwestern.  I can't rate them bad or ugly after that one.  It was disappointing but oh what a game changer Mr. Persa is.

The bad...
Penn State.  Really? Trouble scoring on Indiana? Ugly. Pick a QB will ya?  Illinois II. Umm, it is never okay for one dude to knee another dude in the jewels - especially when he isn't looking.  Come on.  That was bad. And classless.  Nebraska.  Black shirt huh?  And let me get this straight, you have an option QB throw on five straight plays?  What?  Indiana.  The Hoosiers were in it until the end, in a game they shouldn't have been.  But dude, get the Hail Mary to the end zone will you?

The ugly...
Minnesota. See above.  No wonder Coach Kill is having health problems.  Purdue.  Off a bye week, the Boilers lay a total egg at home against a rival  At least it didn't come down to a field goal - either way - this time.

Gettin' Gamm...
Nice week for all but our leader.  Phats took some shots and went 3-3.  The rest of us went 6-0, with Mayo clinching the tiebreaker on a closer to the huge margin in the UW - NU game.  Mayo, you know the drill:

Minnesota at Purdue
Illinois at Indiana
Iowa at Penn State
Michigan at Northwestern (Game of the Week)
Ohio State at Nebraska


Phats said...

haha that was an ugly week for Phats

Purdue 10 minnesota 3

Illnois 49 indiana 7

Penn state 17 iowa 10

Michigan 28 northwestern 24

Nebraska 35 ohio state 17

Dan Meyer said...

Minnesota 17 at PURDUE 27--I'm sure that Andy and Mayo consider this a "barf alert" game. Better Boiler special teams make the difference.

ILLINOIS 24 at Indiana 17--Illini are due for a letdown and Hoosiers kept it close against VA and PSU. That said, I am not bold enough to pick an upset.

Iowa 10 at PENN STATE 14--Pair of teams which are thanking God for Indiana, Minnesota and Purdue. Basically, a home-field pick.

Michigan 24 at NORTHWESTERN 27--Mild upset pick here; thinking that the Wildcats finish the job this week.

Ohio State 14 at NEBRASKA 27--Lincoln is not a great place to visit after a Cornhusker loss.