Friday, December 02, 2011

Game time!
We're in rarified air here. The B1G is entering new territory, joining the other big boys with a conference championship game. Some say it's about the money. Some say this game is meaningless because a national title berth is not on the line. Me? I say this is exciting. It's new and very meaningful. After all, the cherished Rose Bowl is at stake and the media can't tell these players this game doesn't matter... It sure as hell does!

As I'm on the road, I will have to keep this short and sweet. Michigan State v. Wisconsin is what the conference wanted, needed and got. These are clearly the two best teams, playing the best football, at the right time. Both have vaunted weapons. Both have ebbed and flowed and improved since that fateful October night. All of that means this will be an absolute classic.

The 9.5 spread is out of line, based on Vegas thinking MSU only won the first meeting on fluke play. Never mind that MSU went on a 31-3 run after going down 14 early. Or the big lead it squandered late. At least in their minds...

This game will be as billed. And it will have more mood swings - pardon the pun - than a teenage menstral cycle! Ball and Wilson, Cousins and Cunningham will all have moments but it will be a Trenton Robinson INT in the end zone with less than two minutes to play that will seal the Spartans first Rose Bowl bid in 23 years.

Michigan State 31 - Wisconsin 27

Phats says... Sorry Andy and Spartans fans, I truly believe the Badgers are the best team in the conference. Neutral field Badgers will right the wrongs that did them in in East Lansing and head back to the Rose Bowl to represent the Big Ten. Wisonsin 31 - Michigan State 17


Spartan Ted said...

These games usually do not live up to the hype. I expect a one sided game, but have no idea who will come ready to play and who will be flat. The Vegas line is simply a money thing. Most of the nation thinks Wisconsin will win so Vegas just came up with the formula to keep the betting money even. If the spread was realistic, too much money would go down on the Badgers.

Spartan Ted said...

Besides Ghoulston playing, there are a couple of other things that will be different in the rematch. On the plus side for Wisconsin, the Spartans cannot expect to play a penalty-free game again. The good news for the Spartans is that Bell has become the main runner and we won't see so much of Edwin Baker being stopped at the line of scrimmage. Bell has a way of snaking past the first contact and making positive yardage. Look for Baker to be more of a receiver in the open field where his speed and power can be utilized away from the pack. A big question is will Michigan State's special teams turn in another stellar performance? Will the Badger's Abelkaderis (sp) have another great game to take the pressure off of Ball? It will be interesting to see if different people impact this game.

Spartan Ted said...

They always make a liar out of you. That game was a nail biter of intensity. Congrats to the Badgers.

mayo170 said...

Two of the best games of the season in the B1G as far as I'm concerned. I picked this one wrong, but the game lived up to its billing. I was expecting a lot more of a defensive effort from both sides.

Same score as one of the best games for a conference championship, the UM-OSU game in 2006.

I'm a bit peeved at the BCS this year though. I really believe that Okie State belongs in the championship game. Alabama didn't win their division, let alone conference, and they still get in? That to me is the most appalling reason to do away with the current setup.