Friday, December 09, 2011

Moving On...
It's been almost a week.  I am moving on.  Well, as much as I can.  Putting objectivity aside, that was one of the toughest MSU losses to take.  The game itself was fantastic.  A college football fan's dream, and proof that teams can re-match and play a meaningful, equally as memorable game.  But how it ended?  Some of the calls?  Bret Bielema's post game press conference?  I'm still struggling.  I run through about five particular plays over and over and over.  I'm ready for the bowl game so I can move on once and for all.

The good news for Spartans fans?  This is not a once in a quarter century thing.  Our program has arrived, made a statement and is here to stay.  That team in green?  Not your daddy or granddaddy's MSU.  There is talent, depth, speed and athleticism.  A team that I think would have matched up better with Oregon than Wisconsin.  But that's enough of my shaded viewpoint!

One last on the game, which was a boon for the league.  Bret Bielema is a bona fide jerk.  Smug, arrogant, cocky, rude.  All SEC from the astronomical scores against inferior foes to the way he speaks, acts, etc.  Sorry, the guy bugs me.  Always has, always will.  It was just magnified last Saturday.

The game itself?  Best of the day.  A classic.  One I can watch over and over and over except for the way it sits in my stomach.  The toe-tap catch by Keyshawn Martin?  Extraordinary and I still wonder how there was enough clear evidence to overturn it?  The running into the punter?  That guy trains with Bo Ryan.  Pretty sad to see a game end on a call like that... especially with as much as they were letting both sides play in the first 58 minutes.

I'm not going down the BCS road.  It is clearly time to go to a +1 and open the rest of the bowls up.  Michigan does not deserve the Sugar.  Nor does Va Tech.  But at least Va Tech won their division...

Get Gamm
Going into the bowl season, we have a deadlock at the top.  And a first too.  Dan gets to pick with the closest to on the margin in the title game.  You know the drill Dan!

Western Michigan v. Purdue - Little Caesar's Bowl (12/27)
Oklahoma v. Iowa, Insight Bowl (12/30)
Texas A&M v. Northwestern, Meineke Car Car Bowl (12/31)
UCLA v. Illinois, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (12/31)
Houston v. Penn State, TicketCity Bowl (1/2)
Florida v. Ohio State, Urban Meyer, er Gator Bowl (1/2)
Georgia v. Michigan State, Outback Bowl (1/2)
South Carolina v. Nebraska, Capital One Bowl (1/2)
Oregon v. Wisconsin, Rose Bowl (1/2)
Virginia Tech v. Michigan, Sugar Bowl (1/3)

Season Review...
Over the next few weeks, I'll take a look back at what I picked versus what happened.  Meantime, Happy Holidays!


mayo170 said...

Agree with you wholeheartedly on Bielema and Michigan in the Sugar. I hate the way the bowl system is working these days because of this.

Just get to the end of this. 8 conferences, conference champs go to the playoffs, the rest go to bowl games with conference tie-ins.

Spartan Ted said...

That ending left such a bad taste in my mouth that I have not watched any sports since then. A flag happy official who did not watch the whole play decides the game. I sense the had of Delaney here. He hates MSU and wishes they would go away. Enough has been said about Bielema, so I won't add to it. Looking at the bowl slate, I predict a sweep for the Big 10. They lose every game.

Phats said...

Don't want to forget these, and happy holidays everyone!

Purdue 35 wmu 28 scared this will be this close but Boiler Up!

Iowa 31 Oklahoma 24

A&M 35 NW 17

ILL 31 ucla 10

PSU 21 houston 17

Fla 17 OSU 14
MSU 28 uga 17

Nebraska 35 so car 28

Oregon 42 Wisconsin 35

UM 41 va tech 28

Dan Meyer said...

Will have more complete picks soon; meanwhile, my Big Ten winners in the picks are Purdue (biased?), Northwestern, Illinois (does anybody care?) and Nebraska. However, wins by Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and even Wisconsin would not surprise.

mayo170 said...

Western Michigan 27 v. Purdue 31 - Little Caesar's Bowl (12/27)
Oklahoma 26 v. Iowa 23, Insight Bowl (12/30)
Texas A&M 34 v. Northwestern 38, Meineke Car Car Bowl (12/31)
UCLA 26 v. Illinois 38, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (12/31)
Houston 13 v. Penn State 28, TicketCity Bowl (1/2)
Florida 14 v. Ohio State 26, Urban Meyer, er Gator Bowl (1/2)
Georgia 17 v. Michigan State 22, Outback Bowl (1/2)
South Carolina 27 v. Nebraska 22, Capital One Bowl (1/2)
Oregon 31 v. Wisconsin 19, Rose Bowl (1/2)
Virginia Tech 16 v. Michigan 34, Sugar Bowl (1/3)

mayo170 said...

Hey guys, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to everyone. Here's to another great B1G basketball season coming up!

Phats said...

Happy Holidays to you too Mayo, and everyone else on here.

Spartan Ted said...

Merry Christmas everyone.