Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Get Gamm Football Winner...
Reminder to get those hoops picks in by tip of the first game tonight.

OSU pulled another teenage boy move last night - start strong end fast... too bad. Now we have to endure another year of "SEC is king" rubbish.

Congrats to St. Louis Jeff who was strong all season, faltered late and rebounded with a solid 7-1 bowl slate to take the prize. Jeff, you get $25 to spend in the TFS Fan Shop (link to the right of the page).


mayo170 said...

Congrats to St. Louis Jeff. What happened to the Purdue guys? Man, I looked at the standings and I've got the TFS Purdue Alumni Club behind me...

Maybe next year college football will return to a more normal state. This year was very difficult to pick, starting in week one. I will admit though, it was nice to see Indiana, Illinois and MSU finally get it going after their droughts.

Thanks Andy for hosting Get Gamm.

AndrewJ1313 said...

Screw Beans! If OSU wins, I win here too! I can say all I want about shoulda, coulda, woulda, but the point remains, OSU didn't execute for 60 minutes and played very undisciplined on defense. You can't win a national championship against a good team when you play like that.

I still love my Buckeyes and regardless of what Hack Forde of ESPoN.com thinks, the Buckeyes will be a factor for the national title next year and I could care less if it upsets him. Go Big Ten!

Andy, thanks for another great year of Get Gamm. The old board has become a shell of itself and is becoming over run by trolls. It's sad to see, but I do enjoy being able to post here and get your thoughts and opinions.


Andy Gamm said...

We can make this a message board of our own really!

I was sad to see OSU fizzle out again. But to be in 3 title games in six years is not at all bad.

Screw the media. Aren't they all from SEC/ACC territory anyway?!

AndrewJ1313 said...

I usually can't understand a word Hack Forde says anyway, "Weeble wobble, weeble...SEC. Weeble, wobble, weeble...my names Forde."

mayo170 said...

Oh man AJ1313... I nearly had root beer coming out my nose after the the Forde comment.

I only watched up through the first drive of the second half of the Championship game and that was disappointing to say the least. I figured at that point OSU had lost all their composure.

Hopefully there will be a couple Big Ten teams that can get to the Final Four to get the football season in the rear view and look forward to next fall.

Phats said...

Congrats to jeff!

This Purdue guy kept picking with his heart instead of his head, big mistake!

I don't know if everyone has heard but it appears Danny Hope will be brought on next year to take over the Boilers after the 08 season. Crazy times.