Monday, January 28, 2008

Get Gamm - Week Five...
Finally, the home teams are starting to take control. Last week (conference battles only), home teams went 8-2 and now stand at 25-14 overall. This is still pretty shocking however, as past seasons have seen even great home court domination. Maybe we're finally to that point, and right as the race heats up.

Indiana is alone at the top but what will a home court loss to an undermanned UConn team do to its psyche? We'll see when the Hoosiers hit Madison for what should be an epic clash at the Kohl Center (Thursday). Purdue is the brow-raising team thus far. Full of youth, the Boilers were supposed to be spoilers this year, not contenders. But alas, they are firmly entrenched with rival IU, Wisconsin and Michigan State as a bona fide Big Ten title contender.

As for Get Gamm, three of us went 10-1 on the week and we all got the tiebreaker wrong. Phats was closest on the total points, however, and gets to pick again this week. Phats, you know the drill. Games in bold below are the ones to give me commentary on...

1/29 - Ohio State at Penn State
1/30 - Iowa at Purdue
1/30 - Texas Pan AM at Northwestern
1/30 - Illinois at Michigan State
1/31 - Minnesota at Michigan
1/31 - Indiana at Wisconsin* (Tiebreaker)
2/2 - Purdue at Illinois
2/2 - Ohio State at Iowa
2/2 - Michigan State at Penn State
2/3 - Northwestern at Indiana
2/3 - Wisconsin at Minnesota

Our Picks...
1/29 - Ohio State at Penn State
Gamm says - OSU 73 - PSU 61.
Phats says - OHIO STATE 66 penn state 51

1/30 - Iowa at Purdue
Gamm says - Iowa is playing decent basketball right now, but Mackey is no picnic and the Boilers are brimming with confidence. Purdue 68 - Iowa 58.

Phats says - The big win over Wisconsin means little or nothing if they can't follow it up with a win against the Hawkeyes at home. Mackey Arena's environment too much for the Hawks. PURDUE 67 iowa 60

1/30 - Texas Pan AM at Northwestern
Gamm says - Northwestern 64 - TPA - 57
Phats says - NORTHWESTERN 68 texas pan am 59

1/30 - Illinois at Michigan State
Gamm says - Don't look know but Illinois is starting to play better. The Illini are off to a rough start but have played most of the big boys and few of the bottom feeders. This is always an intense, physical game. MSU's guard play makes the difference. Michigan State 71 - Illinois 62.

Phats says - MSU looked pretty good against their rivals from Ann Arbor, Illinois coming off an easy win over the Wildcats. This will be a closer game than most think. In the end though Spartans too much. MICHIGAN STATE 69 illinois 61

1/31 - Minnesota at Michigan
Gamm says - Minnesota 68 - Michigan 64
Phats says - MICHIGAN 64 minnesota 63

1/31 - Indiana at Wisconsin* (Tiebreaker)
Gamm says - Purdue, Michigan State and of course Wisconsin are all pulling for the Badgers to get the main pack at the top back to even. Indiana was stung at home by an undermanned UConn. Teams are figuring out - kinda sorta - how to slow Eric Gordon. Wisconsin doesn't lose at home, especially in the big games. Wisconsin 68 - Indiana 65.

Phats says - This game lost a little luster after this past weekend. Everyone in the Big Ten race still is pulling for Wisconsin. Indiana has yet to show they are capable of beating good competiton. I see 1 of 2 things happening, a long night for the Hoosiers or a nailbiter. I'll go with the first option, Badgers roll WISCONSIN 71 indiana 53

2/2 - Purdue at Illinois
Gamm says - a tough road test for Purdue. Illinois is playing better and will be coming off a tough one at MSU. Purdue is young and remember, despite big wins also has a loss to Wofford! Illinois 64 - Purdue 60.

Phats says - Purdue finally plays a road game on a Saturday. Hopefully my Boilers will keep the ball rolling. This will not be easy, but I like the way we are playing and we'll squeak out another road victory. PURDUE 64 illinois 62

2/2 - Ohio State at Iowa
Gamm says - Ohio State 67 - Iowa 61.
Phats says - IOWA 73 ohio state 70

2/2 - Michigan State at Penn State
Gamm says - Michigan State 80 - Penn State 64
Phats says - MICHIGAN STATE 80 penn state 58

2/3 - Northwestern at Indiana
Gamm says - Indiana 77 - Northwestern 60
Phats says - INDIANA 77 northwestern 56

2/3 - Wisconsin at Minnesota
Gamm says - This is a toss up. Rivalry game, at the Barn. Minnesota has slipped of late but these teams match up well. The place will be rocking and the home teams are picking up steam. Minnesota 65 - Wisconsin 64.

Phats says - Gophers have seen their nice start to the season hit a road bump lately. They have a chance for the upset here, but I think Wisconsin just a little too tough. Close one in the barn. WISCONSIN 68 minnesota 64


mayo170 said...

1/29 - Ohio State 736 at Penn State 68
1/30 - Iowa 61 at Purdue 69
1/30 - Texas Pan AM 59 at Northwestern 66
1/30 - Illinois 59 at Michigan State 68
1/31 - Minnesota 84 at Michigan 63
1/31 - Indiana 68 at Wisconsin 73* (Tiebreaker)
2/2 - Purdue 59 at Illinois 51
2/2 - Ohio State 74 at Iowa 69
2/2 - Michigan State 85 at Penn State 69
2/3 - Northwestern 56 at Indiana 63
2/3 - Wisconsin 68 at Minnesota 69

Phats said...

Just emailed my picks.

AndrewJ1313 said...

1/29 - OSU 78 at Penn State 62
1/30 - Iowa 60 at Purdue 65
1/30 - Texas Pan AM 55 at Northwestern 63
1/30 - Illinois 61 at Michigan State 72
1/31 - Minnesota 82 at Michigan 65
1/31 - Indiana 68 at Wisconsin 71* (Tiebreaker)
2/2 - Purdue 55 at Illinois 56
2/2 - OSU 77 at Iowa 69
2/2 - Michigan State 87 at Penn State 66
2/3 - Northwestern 57 at Indiana 69
2/3 - Wisconsin 65 at Minnesota 70

Dan Meyer said...

[Andy: Please re-check my reocrd--I am showing one fewer games than anyone else and Phats and I only disagreed on PU/PSU.]

This week's scores [Implicitly mixed in with "Rob-bie Hum-mel,clap, clap, clap, clap, clap" chants]

OHIO STATE 68 at Penn State 52--De Chellis is in BIG trouble if things don't change. Losses w/o Claxton are one thing; home blowouts quite another.

Iowa 60 at PURDUE 69--Four way tie at top? Perhaps at least for a few days.

Texas Pan Am 65 at NORTHWESTERN 78--Wildcats staunch the bleeding--for now.

Illinois 66 at MICHIGAN STATE 75--Weber HAS to be wondering how he got this schedule.

MINNESOTA 72 at Michigan 70--Manhood game for BOTH teams, Gophers barely prevail.

*Indiana 65 at WISCONSIN 72--No lack of intensity, but Kohl's makes the difference.

Purdue 66 at ILLINOIS 70--This may be the game that turns it around for the Illini--or the game that puts the Boilers in the Big Ten title chase for the duration.

OHIO STATE 60 at Iowa 56--Buckeyes burnish NCAA credentials.

MICHIGAN STATE 72 at Penn State 57--Spartans add to Lions woe.

Northwestern 58 at INDIANA 82--and it could be worse.

Wisconsin 62 at MINNESOTA 64--Gophers re-enter NCAA picture in "ESPN Instant Classic"-caliber game.

Phats said...

Why couldn't I have done this well during football. Dan you might take the lead away from me this week, I wasn't sure on some of the games!

Buckeye Nation said...

1/29 - Ohio State 72 at Penn State 59
1/30 - Iowa 61 at Purdue 74
1/30 - Texas Pan AM 58 at Northwestern 61
1/30 - Illinois 68 at Michigan State 79
1/31 - Minnesota 75 at Michigan 68
1/31 - Indiana 71 at Wisconsin* 74(Tiebreaker)
2/2 - Purdue 69 at Illinois 70
2/2 - Ohio State 71 at Iowa 66
2/2 - Michigan State 68 at Penn State 59
2/3 - Northwestern 57 at Indiana 70
2/3 - Wisconsin 72 at Minnesota 74