Monday, February 04, 2008

Get Gamm - Week Six...
We're officially (mostly) to the halfway point of the conference season. There are five teams clearly better than the rest and it should be a great race to the finish. The home teams continue the recent upward trend, bouyed by the likes of Iowa and Penn State who pulled off progressively shocking upsets at home on Saturday evening. Home teams now stand 31-18. Look for that home court to be huge as February wears on and turns to March.

There was a shake up at the top last week as first Wisconsin pulled Indiana back to the pack, then Purdue surged slightly ahead and MSU fell - quite surprisingly - at Penn State to fall one off the pace. Bottom line, while MSU has dug itself a hole with two losses to bottom of the pack squads, it is more or less a four team race at the top with the Buckeyes vying to stay in consideration for March. Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride!

As for Get Gamm, Phats rules the roost - again! He beat all comers and is on a roll Get Gamm hasn't see in a while... Phats, you know the drill. Games in bold below are the ones to give me commentary on...

2/5 - Michigan at Ohio State
2/5 - Penn State at Purdue
2/6 - Minnesota at Northwestern
2/6 - Wisconsin at Iowa
2/7 - Indiana at Illinois
2/9 - Iowa at Minnesota
2/9 - Penn State at Michigan
2/9 - Northwestern at Michigan State
2/9 - Purdue at Wisconsin* (Tiebreaker)
2/10 - Indiana at Ohio State

The picks...
2/5 - Michigan at Ohio State
Gamm says - Ohio State 80 - Michigan 58
Phats says - Ohio State 68 - Michigan 56

2/5 - Penn State at Purdue
Gamm says - Did MSU help Penn State find itself last Saturday night? Or was that a once every two years performance by a young and talented but raw Nittany Lion team? Purdue is rolling, won twice on the road last week and keeps it up... Purdue 73 - Penn State 65.

Phats says - I think Michigan State did us a favor by losing to PSU, now our young team won't be overlooking the Lions. With this game being at Mackey, my Boilers keep the train rolling.. PURDUE 70 penn state 57

2/6 - Minnesota at Northwestern
Gamm says - Northwestern 58 - Minnesota 56
Phats says - Minnesota 77 - Northwestern 60

2/6 - Wisconsin at Iowa
Gamm says - Hmm, a tough one. Wisconsin is playing the second best basketball in the conference right now (to Purdue). The Badgers like the down and dirty style that Iowa forces. Iowa will get one more huge win at home, but I am not sure this is going to be that win. Wisconsin 62 - Iowa 56.

Phats says - Can Iowa take down yet another contender on their home floor? Coach Lick has the Hawks playing some decent ball, however the Badgers looked really tough handling the Gophers in the Barn. Wisconsin struggles but they get it done in the end WISCONSIN 68 iowa 65

2/7 - Indiana at Illinois
Gamm says - the one to watch this week, if only to see how the Orange Krush handle what should be Eric Gordon's only visit to Champaign. Illinois is due for a big win. Indiana is struggling right now. Upset special. Illinois 59 - Indiana 57.

Phats says - Upset Special. The Hoosiers' weak schedule has really exposed them lately, and the Illini are playing better than their record would indicate. This bad blood rivalry takes a fever pitch with Gordon probably making his one and only appearance at Illinois. Illini will rally around a hostile crowd and get the win. ILLINOIS 69 indiana 67

2/9 - Iowa at Minnesota
Gamm says - Minnesota 65 - Iowa 54
Phats says - Minnesota 67 - Iowa 65

2/9 - Penn State at Michigan
Gamm says - Penn State 81 - Michigan 76
Phats says - Michigan 67 - Penn State 61

2/9 - Northwestern at Michigan State
Gamm says - Michigan State 75 - Northwestern 50
Phats says - Michigan State 78 - Northwestern 49

2/9 - Purdue at Wisconsin* (Tiebreaker)
Gamm says - Payback time. Wisconsin bullied Indiana at home last week and gets a quick shot at payback. The Badgers are a brutal out at home and finally put an end to an impressive run by a Purdue squad that may have already stated its case for being the title favorite - next year. Wisconsin 70 - Purdue 62.

Phats says - My heart says Boilers win, my head says Wisconsin wins. What a HUGE win this would be for the "Baby Boilers" doing what so far no other purdue mens team has done won at the Kohl Center. Badgers will want to repay Purdue for their first conference loss. It's hopefully going to be a good game Badgers too much in the end I am afraid head wins out over heart. WISCONSIN 64 purdue 61(I hope I am wrong! I would gladly take a miss)

2/10 - Indiana at Ohio State
Gamm says - The road stays tough for the Hoosiers. Might this be loss four in five games? IU is bound to get it together for one marquee road win and OSU is just young enough to help them along. I'm torn because I like the home teams... Indiana 72 - Ohio State 70 - OT

Phats says - Stunning loss to Iowa makes this a must win for the Buckeyes to stay in the Big Ten race. It's nice to see IU finally playing some tough games, because right now their signature win is still Illinois State. After this game, it will stay that way. Buckeyes control DJ and Gordon, and get a hard fought win over the Hoosiers. OHIO STATE 64 indiana 60


Buckeye Nation said...

2/5 - Michigan 56 at Ohio State 75
2/5 - Penn State 62 at Purdue 68
2/6 - Minnesota 67 at Northwestern 54
2/6 - Wisconsin 49 at Iowa 52
2/7 - Indiana 64 at Illinois 66
2/9 - Iowa 53 at Minnesota 61
2/9 - Penn State 66 at Michigan 67
2/9 - Northwestern 58 at Michigan State 75
2/9 - Purdue 68 at Wisconsin* 75(Tiebreaker)
2/10 - Indiana 63 at Ohio State 72

Phats said...

I emailed ya my picks

mayo170 said...

2/5 - Michigan 62 at Ohio State 71
2/5 - Penn State 51 at Purdue 58
2/6 - Minnesota 71 at Northwestern 58
2/6 - Wisconsin 76 at Iowa 66
2/7 - Indiana 81 at Illinois 69
2/9 - Iowa 56 at Minnesota 73
2/9 - Penn State 69 at Michigan 60
2/9 - Northwestern 49 at Michigan State 66
2/9 - Purdue 54 at Wisconsin 63* (Tiebreaker)
2/10 - Indiana 64 at Ohio State 61

AndrewJ1313 said...

2/5 - Michigan 52 at Ohio State 69
2/5 - Penn State 59 at Purdue 61
2/6 - Minnesota 61 at Northwestern 53
2/6 - Wisconsin 60 at Iowa 61
2/7 - Indiana 72 at Illinois 77
2/9 - Iowa 60 at Minnesota 72
2/9 - Penn State 69 at Michigan 60
2/9 - Northwestern 60 at Michigan State 78
2/9 - Purdue 63 at Wisconsin 70
2/10 - Indiana 65 at Ohio State 68

Dan Meyer said...

Michigan 60 at OHIO STATE 71--Like Tressel, like Motta

Penn State 64 at PURDUE 69--Trap game for Boilers. Hopefully, home court pulls them through.

MINNESOTA 71 at Northwestern 62--Gophers playing well at moment (except for Wiscy).

Wisconsin 56 at IOWA 58--Hawkeyes are tough in Iowa City.

Indiana 66 at ILLINOIS 69--Venegance is mine, saith Weber.

Iowa 54 at MINNESOTA 62--Gophers help post-season prospects.

Penn State 65 at MICHIGAN 68--Wolverine hoopsters take another step toward matching gridiron win total.

Northwestern 58 at MICHIGAN STATE 76--Evanston realtors are circling like vultures.

*Purdue 57 at WISCONSIN 62 (prove me wrong, Boilers). Kohl's is tough enough without payback as a motivator.

Indiana 70 at OHIO STATE 74--Hoosiers would do well to split this week. The Buckeyes might very well keep that from happening.

Dan Meyer said...

Picks for Tuesday, February 12

Michigan State 72 at PURDUE 75
Illinois 64 at MINNESOTA 70