Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Gamm - Week Seven...
Been crazy here... no time to think basketball despite a HUGE week coming up!

Mayo170 went 8-3 and won last week but there is little to no time to get me picks, so mayo, you're on deck for next week with this week's winner.

Getting right to it...

2/12 - Michigan State at Purdue: This is the first of two enormous games for the Spartans. Purdue is looking a lot like the 1997-98 Spartans. A win here for either team is critical. Going with the heart... Michigan State 68 - Purdue 66

2/12 - Illinois at Minnesota: Minnesota gets well at home. Gophers 73 - Illinois 68

2/13 - Wisconsin at Indiana: Payback time? The Badgers more or less dominated IU not too far back, but Wisconsin is a tad off after a tough week that saw a squeaker win at Iowa and a rare home loss vs. Purdue. Indiana 74 - Wisconsin 65

2/13 - Ohio State at Northwestern: NU has to win sometime - right? Ohio State 67 - NU 63

2/14 - Michigan at Iowa: Iowa has been one of the toughest venues of the season for road teams. Iowa 65 - Michigan 61.

2/16 - Minnesota at Wisconsin: Badgers get right. UW 74 - Minny 63

2/16 - Purdue at Northwestern: The 'cats have to win sometime, right?! Purdue 74 - NU 60

2/16 - Illinois at Penn State: Two teams with records not indicative of their ability. Toss up. Penn State 68 - Illinois 67

2/16 - Michigan State at Indiana: The way the schedule looks, an IU win makes them the odds on favorite. Indiana 71 - MSU 64

2/17 - Ohio State at Michigan: OSU 65 - Michigan 62


Phats said...

Purdue 71 michigan state 64(Sorry Sparty we should have beaten you in EL and that was WITHOUT hummel)

MINNESOTA 64 illinois 63


OHIO STATE 77 northwestern 58

IOWA 62 michigan 58

WISCONSIN 70 minnesota 56

PURDUE 77 northwestern 60

ILLINOIS 64 penn state 60

INDIANA 69 michigan state 66OT

OHIO STATE 65 michigan 57

mayo170 said...

Thanks Phats for letting someone else play along!

2/12 - Michigan State 71 at Purdue 74
2/12 - Illinois 62 at Minnesota 68
2/13 - Wisconsin 58 at Indiana 66
2/13 - Ohio State 71 at Northwestern 58
2/14 - Michigan 63 at Iowa 66
2/16 - Minnesota 65 at Wisconsin 71
2/16 - Purdue 84 at Northwestern 73
2/16 - Illinois 70 at Penn State 66
2/16 - Michigan State 67 at Indiana 62
2/17 - Ohio State 74 at Michigan 69

Buckeye Nation said...

2/12 - Michigan State 71 at Purdue 74
2/12 - Illinois 64 at Minnesota 72
2/13 - Wisconsin 62 at Indiana 69
2/13 - Ohio State 67 at Northwestern 61
2/14 - Michigan 66 at Iowa 69
2/16 - Minnesota 66 at Wisconsin 74
2/16 - Purdue 73 at Northwestern 53
2/16 - Illinois 66 at Penn State 68
2/16 - Michigan State 64 at Indiana 68
2/17 - Ohio State 70 at Michigan 69

Phats said...

Ha you're welcome, I am just glad it was my streak that ended and not Purdue's! Congrats by the way

Dan Meyer said...

From the Feb. 4 thread

2/12: Michigan State 72 at Purdue 75--actual 54-60.
2/12: Illinois 54 at Minnesota 60

Rest of the week:
WISCONSIN 63 at Indiana 60--Bit of a biased pick; NCAA letter may distract Hoosiers.

OHIO STATE 70 at Northwestern 64--Buckeyes can't afford a loss here.

Michigan 55 at IOWA 60--Hawkeyes have been more consistent.

Weekend picks:
Minnesota 56 at WISCONSIN 65--Badgers back to business.

PURDUE 74 at Northwestern 65--Don't be surprised if Wildcats lead at the half; Purdue is overdue for a letdown.

ILLINOIS 70 at Penn State 65--Ziggy vs. Charley Brown; this time Weber gets a break.

Michigan State 65 at INDIANA 66--Home court pick, could easily be wrong.

OHIO STATE 70 at Michigan 66--Maize and Blue get closer, but not close enough.

Andy Gamm said...

Purdue fans - you have one heck of a bball team to be proud of. They so remind me of the Mateen, CBell, MoPete, Hutson, Tone Smith, etc. teams...

Robbie Hummel is a joy to watch. As a basketball coach of young kids (4th graders) I love his hustle, well-rounded play, etc.

I know MSU will finish a game or so out of the race, so I'll toss my support your way. Especially with the news today that Indiana was notified by the NCAA of MAJOR bball program violations.

As for MSU, if we can play the rest of the way like we did in the second half, we'll go 26-5, 14-4 and make some postseason noise. THAT was vintage MSU basketball.

Dan Meyer said...

Thanks for the kind words. The Spartans showed a lot of heart in the second half--and Lucas is a darned good freshman in his own right. Good luck against IU Saturday!

Andy Gamm said...

Lucas is a stud and the reason we stayed in that game. Everyone else did too much standing around and watching, especially early. He just needs to get better at the drive and kick - THAT is what will get Neitzel his shots.

Drew can create but his forte is the jump shot and he is being guarded too closely this season to get space. When he sees daylight, he shoots but he is often not squared up.

The hustle that Naymick showed on the save play has to be the energy that comes the rest of the year...

Phats said...

Hey Andy,
Thanks for the nice words about our Boilers, now do your best to have MSU clobber IU this weekend!! :)