Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thrice in one week?
I have to continue to weigh in on the looming debcale at Indiana. If not for all this Congressional waste of time with Roger Clemens, this story would be much, MUCH bigger.

IU is in a predicament. Do they fire Sampson now? Is that fair, you know, due process and all? Do nothing and look foolish? Suspend him?

In the wake of the upsetting loss - on a bank shot triple by a seven-footer no less - the Hoosiers are bleeding in more ways than one. How do they stop the bleeding?

To catch up on the story... follow it at ESPN.

My own conspiracy theory...
Okay, I am surely not the only or the first to think this, but something hit me as soon as this story broke the other night. Bob Knight knew something was up, resigned to let Pat take his own long awaited top gig, avoided saying he was "retiring" all for one simple reason - he's heading back to Indiana.

Myles Brand is no longer around. Knight is still adored by ardant Indiana supporters. He's got a good five years left in him. Bobby Knight is Indiana basketball. I truly think there is a great opportunity for The General to come back in, right the ship and ride off into the sunset... having paved the way for Steve Alford to "come home" and be his replacement.

Call me crazy, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...


mayo170 said...

From the Chicago Tribune:,1,918945.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Anonymous said...

Yes it is very interesting timing on Knight's resignation and Sampson's potential firing.

Rumors are that IU flushes the toilet of Samscum tomorrow. It would be best for the University and possible for the team's performance.

Who knows, the players may pull together and excel, like when UM relieved HC Frieder, after he accepted another job. UM let Asst coach Fisher take over and lead them to a NC.