Monday, February 18, 2008

Get Gamm - Week Eight & Nine
Well, I think it is officially a three team race for the league crown. Michigan State lost twice in the state of Indiana last week, but it was losses at Iowa and Penn State that have the Spartans on the outside looking in - again.

This week is critical in the race. Purdue goes to Indiana where it can put two games between itself and the Hoosiers. Wisconsin hits the road twice to play wounded teams (Illinois and Ohio State). By week's end, the race may be completely in Purdue's hands.

As for Get Gamm, Phats is starting to make it a run-away. He won last week again, despite only going 6-4. Here's the deal. Since I am heading to Hawaii (for work) mid-week, I am going to post this AND next week's slates all at once. Mayo170 - who won two weeks ago, will pick this week's games with me. Phats, who won last week will pick the week two slate.

2/19 - Purdue at Indiana* Tiebreaker

2/19 - Northwestern at Iowa
2/20 - Penn State at Michigan State
2/20 - Wisconsin at Illinois
2/21 - Michigan at Minnesota
2/23 - Indiana at Northwestern
2/23 - Iowa at Michigan State
2/23 - Illinois at Michigan
2/23 or 24 - Wisconsin at Ohio State
2/24 - Penn State at Minnesota

mayo170's picks for the week...
What a crazy week for the state of Michigan… The Spartans lose twice and the Wolverines have now won three in a row.

What a game this should be, the kids at Purdue are steamrolling through the Big Ten and show no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, IU is trying to figure out a way to get through the Kelvin Sampson debacle. As we post this week, I’m sure his career is winding down at IU. So who’s it going to be, the young startups, or the team trying to win one more for the coach? Indiana is tough at home and the crowd loves the team, but it’s apparent they hate the coach. The Boilers get by in a tight one: 79-74.

Northwestern 58 at Iowa 65
Penn State 62 at Michigan State 68

Wisconsin is going on the road in a game that they need to win to keep their title hopes alive. Illinois is looking pretty dismal this year after wreaking havoc for most of this decade in the Big Ten. Wisconsin will roll through Champaign-Urbana to stay within reach of Purdue: 69-56

Michigan is starting to look like they understand what their offense is supposed to look like. After a solid win against OSU, they now head to one of the tougher venues in the Big Ten in a faceoff of freshman Big Ten coaches. Minnesota, a solid middle of the pack team in the league is looking to right the ship this week against one of the bottom-feeders of the year. A tough call to make, but home court will be the advantage here: Wolverines 61 – Golden Gophers 66

Indiana 78 at Northwestern 60

A must-win for the Spartans…or at least score 40 this time around. Izzo was steaming while watching IU shred the Spartans last week, and he knows that his team needs to wake up or another embarrassment at the hands of the lowly Hawkeyes will leave him bald. The Spartans will eventually put it together in the second half: 79-71

Illinois 63 at Michigan 68

Wisconsin makes a trip to Columbus to play a team that is coming off an inexplicable loss to its arch-rival. Ohio State wants a win over a tip-tier team to get back on a roll heading into the home stretch and it doesn’t get much more difficult than Bo Ryan’s squad. This has the makings for a game of the week and should be a great one, with Ohio State eeking out a win 63-60.

Penn State 59 at Minnesota 66

Gamm's picks for the week...
2/19 - Purdue at Indiana - Indiana needs DJ White long term - starting tonight. Purdue regains any inside advantage they lost. The Boilers are young, confident and ready to smack around the Hoosiers. Saturday's momentum doesn't carry over... Purdue 71 - Indiana 64.

2/19 - Northwestern at Iowa - sleeper game of the week. But not as in don't sleep on it because it'll be a good game. Might challenge Iowa-MSU for lowest total score in league play this year. Iowa 50 - Northwestern 42.

2/20 - Penn State at Michigan State - Payback. Revenge. Magic came to town, laid down the law and now the Spartans respond. MSU 80 - Penn State 61.

2/20 - Wisconsin at Illinois - Every game is critical for the Badgers if they want to win the title. Every game is critical for Illinois if they want to make the NIT. Illinois is due. Illini 64 - Wisconsin 62.

2/21 - Michigan at Minnesota - Don't look now but for the first time in years, Michigan looks like a - gasp - basketball team! Minnesota is reeling a bit and needs wins to save postseason hopes. Michigan slips but barely. Minnesota 68 - Michigan 65.

2/23 - Indiana at Northwestern - is this the first game PK (Post Kelvin)? Northwestern is bound to upset someone. If White doesn't go, maybe this is the game? Then again, maybe not. Indiana 64 - Northwestern 54.

2/23 - Iowa at Michigan State - Payback part 2. Revenge part 2. Michigan State does what they did last year after a damaging early conference season loss to Iowa - they crush 'em. Michigan State 74 - Iowa 53.

2/23 - Illinois at Michigan - Another critical game for Illinois but Michigan has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I like how Michigan is playing right now. Wolverines 74 - Illini 70.

2/24 - Wisconsin at Ohio State - OSU needs a signature win in conference play to stay off the bubble. Wisconsin doesn't turn it over and turns you over. A bad mix for the Buckeyes. Bucky 70 - Buckeyes 64.

2/24 - Penn State at Minnesota - Penn State is scrapping to be NIT eligible. Minnesota needs to pile up more wins too. Coin toss as these teams match-up quite well. I'll go with the home team. Gophers 73 - Nittany Lions 62.

- - - - - -

2/26 - Ohio State at Indiana
2/26 - Northwestern at Michigan
2/27 - Iowa at Penn State
2/27 - Minnesota at Purdue
2/28 - Michigan State at Wisconsin* Tiebreaker
3/1 - Northwestern at Purdue
3/1 - Ohio State at Minnesota
3/1 - Michigan at Penn State
3/2 - Indiana at Michigan State
3/2 - Illinois at Iowa

Phats' picks for this week...
Ohio State at Indiana- OSU is really faltering down the stretch here lately, this would go a LONG way in securing a NCAA birth that once looked like a lock. The big question for the Hoosier who will be coaching? IU at home too much. INDIANA 71 ohio state 63

MICHIGAN 66 northwestern 57

PENN STATE 64 iowa 63

Minnesota at Purdue- Purdue the surprise of the big ten this year, even to us diehard Boiler fans can't let their guard down against a very dangerous Gopher team. Having a week off between games you'll see the rust earlier, but the 6th man, the Paint Crew will help keep the energy up and the Boilers will pull away late. PURDUE 73 minnesota 65

Michigan State at Wisconsin- The Spartans are a great team when the game is played in East Lansing, this one is in the Kohl Center and that means, Badgers win. WISCONSIN 73 michigan state 65 (although I am pulling for MSU!)

PURDUE 81 northwestern 57(Boilers won't lose on Senior Day! even starting freshmen!)
MINNESOTA 65 ohio state 61

MICHIGAN 64 penn state 58

Indiana at Michigan State- Payback time for the Spartans. After getting embarrassed on ESPN with College Gameday there, you know Izzo will have his guys ready for this one. IU has done well on the road and has gotten some luck as well, that all runs out in East Lansing. MSU will get a big game from Neitzel, and the MSU Defense will hold Webster, I mean Eric Gordon in check, and roll from there MICHIGAN STATE 71 indiana 59

Illinois at Iowa- Iowa was starting to play better until that loss to Michigan at home. Illini have too much talent for the record they have, Illinois will pull out a rare big ten road win. ILLINOIS 68 iowa 62

Gamm's picks for the week...
Not a ton of time between work and some sun time here in Maui... but here are my picks for the week:
2/26 - Ohio State at Indiana - IU almost tanked at NU but found a way to win. The comfort of the home crowd will carry the Hoosiers to a win over an OSU team that is a little stuck right now. Indiana 74 - Ohio State 62.

2/26 - Northwestern at Michigan - Northwestern has been close so often this season, only to fail. These teams are very similar. The Wildcats are bound to win eventually... NU 60 - Michigan 58

2/27 - Iowa at Penn State - A great chance for Penn State to step closer to the NIT. PSU 65 - Iowa 61.

2/27 - Minnesota at Purdue - The Gophers can be a handful, but this is Purdue's year. Purdue 70 - Minnesota 59.

2/28 - Michigan State at Wisconsin* Tiebreaker - MSU hasn't beaten Bo Ryan's Badgers in the Kohl Center. The Spartans seem to be back on track. Can they hand the Badgers a rare loss at home? I think they can and will. MSU 65 - Wisconsin 63.

3/1 - Northwestern at Purdue - Might be a trap game if on the road. But Purdue rolls. PU 78 - NU 62.

3/1 - Ohio State at Minnesota - OSU is in dire need of wins to secure an NCAA berth. Not gonna happen in the barn. Minnesota 67 - Ohio State 62.

3/1 - Michigan at Penn State - A real chance for Penn State to serve more notice in the Big Ten. Michigan is even more short handed and Penn State has a lot of fight in them. PSU 66 - Michigan 59.

3/2 - Indiana at Michigan State - Payback time. MSU stays unbeaten at home. State 73 - Indiana 67.

3/2 - Illinois at Iowa - Illinois has really fallen on hard times this season. Iowa is tough at home. Recipe for an Illini defeat. Iowa 62 - Illinois 58


Phats said...

PURDUE 68 indiana 67(going with the heart!)

IOWA 64 northwestern 54

MICHIGAN STATE 70 penn state 57

WISCONSIN 61 illinois 56

MINNESOTA 63 michigan 50

INDIANA 67 northwestern 53


MICHIGAN 66 illinois 64

OHIO STATE 63 wisconsin 59

MINNESOTA 70 penn state 53

Sent you the picks for week two.

mayo170 said...

2/26 - Ohio State 61 at Indiana 68
2/26 - Northwestern 58 at Michigan 69
2/27 - Iowa 54 at Penn State 62
2/27 - Minnesota 59 at Purdue 71
2/28 - Michigan State 51 at Wisconsin 57* Tiebreaker
3/1 - Northwestern 49 at Purdue 61
3/1 - Ohio State 57 at Minnesota 62
3/1 - Michigan 61 at Penn State 60
3/2 - Indiana 63 at Michigan State 70
3/2 - Illinois 63 at Iowa 53

Dan Meyer said...

Deferring the Week of Feb 25 - March 2 until later (posted Feb. 19)

*PURDUE 75 at Indiana 74--With White's status unknown, I make this admittedly biased pick. If DJ was healthy, I would have picked the Hoosiers by about 6.

Northwestern 52 at IOWA 58--Might have picked the Wildcats if the game had been in Evanston; Iowa didn't look good last week.

Penn State 60 at MICHIGAN STATE 74--Spartans take out frustrations on Nittany Lions

WISCONSIN 72 at Illinois 69--Bo better be careful--might have picked the Illini if they had beaten Penn State last weekend.

Michigan 66 at MINNESOTA 70--Gophers struggle but hold on against surprisingly hot Wolverines.

INDIANA 72 at Northwestern 65--Let down is possible, but Hoosiers may survive it anyway.

Iowa 58 at MICHIGAN STATE 68--Spartans now focus on postseason tourneys.

ILLINOIS 64 at Michigan 60--Do Illini make a fool of me again?

Wisconsin 62 at OHIO STATE 64--Signiture win for the Bucks when they need it most.

Penn State 70 at MINNESOTA 78--Gophers sweep the series.

Buckeye Nation said...

2/19 - Purdue 68 at Indiana 73* Tiebreaker - one of the last gasps of the Sampson era at IU
2/19 - Northwestern 55 at Iowa 67
2/20 - Penn State 64 at Michigan State 70
2/20 - Wisconsin 73 at Illinois 71
2/21 - Michigan 71 at Minnesota 70
2/23 - Indiana 75 at Northwestern 60
2/23 - Iowa 57 at Michigan State 71
2/23 - Illinois 66 at Michigan 73
2/23 or 24 - Wisconsin 65 at Ohio State 68 - Buckeyes finally beat a ranked team
2/24 - Penn State 64 at Minnesota 72

AndrewJ1313 said...

Crap, I was on vacation last week and missed a whole week of picks. I guess I tightened my hold on the basement.

2/19 - Purdue 74 at Indiana 67
2/19 - Northwestern 54 at Iowa 67
2/20 - Penn State 68 at Michigan State 70
2/20 - Wisconsin 75 at Illinois 70
2/21 - Michigan 69 at Minnesota 65
2/23 - Indiana 81 at Northwestern 67
2/23 - Iowa 60 at Michigan State 79
2/23 - Illinois 67 at Michigan 73
2/24 - Wisconsin 63 at Ohio State 65
2/24 - Penn State 59 at Minnesota 67

Phats said...

The only good news about a purdue loss we are still in first! But I hate IU

Dan Meyer said...

Week of Feb. 26--March 2

Ohio State 66 at INDIANA 70--With the Sampson upheaval, Buckeyes have a chance to steal one at Bloomington--then DJ says "not in our house."

Northwestern 58 at Michigan 70--Now Prince would have to write "Purple Pain."

Iowa 52 at PENN STATE 55--Amazingly, Nittany Lions have found some footing.

Minnesota 64 at PURDUE 72--Boilers may be rusty in first half, but eventually prevail.

*Michigan State 66 at WISCONSIN 68--Shopping for a victory? Try Sears; Kohl's doesn't believe in that form of customer service.

Northwestern 55 at PURDUE 74--Hoping that Riddell, Reid, etc. get significant time.

OHIO STATE 68 at Minnesota 66--Huge game for NCAA/NIT/CIT prospects. (What the heck is a CIT? A new tourney to get 15-13 big conference teams the same post-season opportunity that they used to get from the NIT)

Michigan 65 at PENN STATE 66--Two surprisingly hot teams at the moment; a win here and Michigan could be riding a five or six game winning streak. Going with home court on this one.

Indiana 70 at MICHIGAN STATE 74--Boiler fans will think VERY unpleasant thoughts about the Spartans if IU wins in E. Lansing.

Illinois 57 at IOWA 60--Sadly, I think that Weber and the Illini have given up.

Buckeye Nation said...

Looks like no repeat for me or the Buckeyes this year. Very painful for me.

2/26 - Ohio State 64 at Indiana 72 (praying that I'm wrong)
2/26 - Northwestern 54 at Michigan 71
2/27 - Iowa 67 at Penn State 69
2/27 - Minnesota 63 at Purdue 77
2/28 - Michigan State 71 at Wisconsin* 80 Tiebreaker
3/1 - Northwestern 56 at Purdue 73
3/1 - Ohio State 66 at Minnesota 69 (I'm doing a lot of this "I hope I'm wrong")
3/1 - Michigan 69 at Penn State 65
3/2 - Indiana 72 at Michigan State 76
3/2 - Illinois 68 at Iowa 71