Monday, January 21, 2008

Get Gamm - week four...
Congrats to Dan Meyer and Phats for going 10-1 on the week. Phats wins by virtue of the second tiebreaker (total points) since they were both the same amount away from the margin.

Phats, get me your thoughts on the games in bold and scores on the others ASAP. I hope to get my thoughts, updates, etc. on line tonight...

This week...
1/22 - Michigan at Wisconsin
1/22 - Illinois at Ohio State
1/23 - Purdue at Penn State
1/23 - Iowa at Indiana
1/24 - Michigan State at Northwestern
1/26 - UConn at Indiana* (Tiebreaker)
1/26 - Wisconsin at Purdue
1/26 - Penn State at Iowa
1/26 - Minnesota at Ohio State
1/27 - Michigan at Michigan State
1/27 - Northwestern at Illinois

Our picks...
1/22 - Michigan at Wisconsin
Gamm: Wisconsin 72 - Michigan 52
Phats: WISCONSIN 66 michigan 56

1/22 - Illinois at Ohio State
Gamm: Every game is a must-win for the Illini right now if there is any hopes of making a run at the NCAA Tournament. The same can be said for OSU, despite having a better overall record. These games are HUGE when it comes to March. I like OSU at home despite the 3-game losing streak. Ohio State 70 - Illinois 66.

Phats: Interesting game for sure. If the Illini could have put two halves together they would head to Columbus on a 2 game winning streak, luckily for my Boilers they didn't. I'll take the home team in a close one. OHIO STATE 70 illinois 67

1/23 - Purdue at Penn State
Gamm: Purdue 69 - Penn State 65
Phats: PURDUE 68 penn state 62

1/23 - Iowa at Indiana
Gamm: Indiana 73 - Iowa 56
Phats: INDIANA 65 iowa 58

1/23 - Michigan State at Northwestern
Gamm: Michigan State 69 - Northwestern 51.
Phats: MICHIGAN STATE 70 northestern 54

1/26 - Connecticut at Indiana
Gamm: Both of these teams are on top of their games right now. Connecticut is young and hungry... IU has a blend of youth and experience. The home court in this game is huge. The Hoosiers haven't been truly tested in a while. A team with any measure of talent would have beaten the Hoosiers and their 26 turnovers at Minnesota by 20. Indiana passes this test - in overtime. Indiana 80 - UConn 77.

Phats: Uconn just destroyed a pretty good Marquette team, and I am still not convinced how for real IU is, I mean their schedule has just been awful. This will be their first test since Xavier and we all know how that ended up. However, and this pains me, it's played at Assembly Hall so UConn will walk in 10 down and never recover. INDIANA 68 uconn 64

1/26 - Wisconsin at Purdue
Gamm: The game of the week in the Big Ten. Is Wisconsin for real? This is the first decent test for the Badgers who have feasted on the lower tier teams thus far (five wins - not counting the early week prediction - against teams that are a combined 6-22). Purdue is young but will be a factor in the race this year and right in the thick of it in the years to come. Purdue is tough at Mackey... Purdue 64 - Wisconsin 61.

Phats: Wisconsin at Purdue- So, do I pick with my head or my heart? Purdue has been playing really well lately and Mackey was as loud as I have heard it in sometime Saturday vs Illinois. It will be close, and the homecourt advantage helps the young Boilers pull it out PURDUE 69 wisconsin 67 (Of course I pick with my heart :)

1/26 - Penn State at Iowa
Gamm: Iowa 60 - Penn State 58
Phats: IOWA 62 penn state 57

1/26 Minnesota at Ohio State
Gamm: Ohio State gets two homes games this week right when they were in dire need. Minnesota scraps with the best of them. Gophers are a tad short on talent and that is the difference as the race for the fourth and/or fifth slots are in full tilt... Ohio State 72 - Minnesota 64.

Phats: The Gophers are in a tough stretch of games right now, and I don't see them winning this one. That NCAA bid that looked promising might be slipping a little. OHIO STATE 68 minnesota 59

1/27 - Michigan at Michigan State
Gamm: This hasn't been much of a rivalry of late, like on the gridiron but with the opposite team handling the other. Michigan is well coached - for a change - and slowly getting better, but this will be another rough one in a season of bumps and bruises. Neitzel and Co. torch the 1-3-1 zone for a big win that boosts them heading into the meat of the slate. Michigan State 81 - Michigan 63.

Phats: A rivalry game usually you can throw out the records. UM is just not that good this year, and well MSU is, Spartans roll at home. MICHIGAN STATE 77 michigan 60

1/27 - Northwestern at Illinois
Gamm: Illinois 66 - Northwestern 60
Phats: ILLINOIS 76 northwestern 53


mayo170 said...

1/22 - Michigan 49 at Wisconsin 61
1/22 - Illinois 54 at Ohio State 59
1/23 - Purdue 56 at Penn State 53
1/23 - Iowa 51 at Indiana 71
1/24 - Michigan State 73 at Northwestern 59
1/26 - UConn 74 at Indiana* 78 (Tiebreaker)
1/26 - Wisconsin 67 at Purdue 52
1/26 - Penn State 54 at Iowa 58
1/26 - Minnesota 58 at Ohio State 63
1/27 - Michigan 54 at Michigan State 81
1/27 - Northwestern 63 at Illinois 70

Buckeye Nation said...

1/22 - Michigan 55 at Wisconsin 78
1/22 - Illinois 58 at Ohio State 75
1/23 - Purdue 62 at Penn State 61
1/23 - Iowa 57 at Indiana 74
1/24 - Michigan State 62 at Northwestern 51
1/26 - UConn 68 at Indiana* 73(Tiebreaker)
1/26 - Wisconsin 66 at Purdue 69
1/26 - Penn State 64 at Iowa 66
1/26 - Minnesota 62 at Ohio State 74
1/27 - Michigan 51 at Michigan State 75
1/27 - Northwestern 52 at Illinois 60

Dan Meyer said...

Michigan 58 st WISCONSIN 72--Wolverines have virtually no chance at Kohl's

Illinois 60 at OHIO STATE 64--Illini will break through soon but not at Columbus

Purdue 68 at PENN STATE 70--Lions prove that they CAN win without Claxton.

Iowa 63 at INDIANA 75--No speed bumps for the Hoosiers yet.

MICHIGAN STATE 70 at Northwestern 62--Spartans get precious road win.

* UConn 72 at INDIANA 80--Hoosiers keep rolling at Assembly Hall

Wisconsin 64 at PURDUE 66--How can Boilers beat Badgers and lose to PSU? They're still young and youth = inconsistency.

Penn State 68 at IOWA 72--Here, Claxton probably would have made the difference.

Minnesota 64 at OHIO STATE 68--Along with Wisconsin-Purdue, the best in-conference games of the week.

Michigan 60 at MICHIGAN STATE 74--By Saturday, Spartan mini-slump is a thing of the past.

Northwestern 58 at ILLINOIS 70--Illini blow off some frustration and may be ready to surge.

AndrewJ1313 said...

1/22 - Michigan 58 at Wisconsin 72
1/22 - Illinois 60 at Ohio State 70
1/23 - Purdue 63 at Penn State 60
1/23 - Iowa 60 at Indiana 74
1/24 - Michigan State 68 at Northwestern 51
1/26 - UConn 72 at Indiana 76
1/26 - Wisconsin 70 at Purdue 72
1/26 - Penn State 66 at Iowa 63
1/26 - Minnesota 58 at Ohio State 74
1/27 - Michigan 53 at Michigan State 78
1/27 - Northwestern 55 at Illinois 62

Dan Meyer said...

Wow, didn't see that [the Purdue-PSU game] coming. Willing to give Phatz the Gamm lead for the Boiler victory.