Thursday, March 05, 2009

Big Ten awards time...

Yes, I am aware that there is still a weekend of play remaining, but my ballots are done. I've done my homework (stats) and watched enough games (probably half of at least 75% of the games this year) to know who I want if I am picking my best five players.

Note, I don't believe you pick a player at each position. I believe you pick the five best. I'll also give my defensive player of the year and coach of the year and an update on who will go where for the postseason.

Quickly though, a shout out to NU for the stunner at Mackey. Makes up for the blown lead game at Welsh-Ryan back in January. And that comeback win for Penn State over Illinois? Excellent.

Gamm's All Big Ten:
Evan Turner (G) - Ohio State: Leads the Big Ten in scoring (17.3 ppg), third in rebounds (7.1 rpg), fourth in assists (4.4 apg). Top ten in shooting percentage, top 12 in free throw shooting percentage.

Kalin Lucas (G) - Michigan State: Second in the Big Ten in scoring (16.2 ppg), ninth in assists (3.9 apg). Among the fastest point guards in the nation. Can take a game over with shooting, scoring or passing. Third in free throw percentage.

Talor Battle (G) - Penn State: Fifth in the Big Ten in scoring (15.3 ppg), second in assists (4.5 apg), 16th in rebounding (5.3 rpg). A guy who can take the game over (see last night for instance) with speed and versatility.

Manny Harris (Point Forward) - Michigan: Fourth in the league in scoring (15.4 ppg), fifth in rebounding (6.9 rpg), 10th in assists (3.6 apg). Edges out teammate DeShawn Sims who might actually be the better pro prospect.

Robbie Hummel (Forward) - Purdue: Despite the time he missed, when he's on the court, he makes Purdue a great team. Without question, a fully healthy Hummel is the best player in the league. His stats don't tell his story, so I am leaving them out.

Honorable mention: Raymar Morgan, Kevin Coble, DeShawn Sims, Jamelle Cornley.

Player of the Year:
The most valuable player for his team - any team - is Evan Turner. Hands down the best producer this Big Ten season. Without him, the Buckeyes are NIT at best.

Coach of the Year:
Ed DeChellis - Penn State. Tied for their highest win total ever in conference play. Beat Purdue, Michigan State and Illinois (twice). Could garner the two seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

Postseason Predictions:
Michigan State - win out and get a #1. Otherwise, a #2 seems like a lock.
Purdue - could go as high as a 4, but more likely a 5.
Illinois - locked in at a 6.
Penn State - could also get to a 6, more likely a 7 or 8.
Ohio State - 8 or 9.
Wisconsin - 10 at best.
Minnesota - 10.

Michigan and Northwestern slide to the NIT as some of the last teams out.

*Note - all stats are conference game stats only


mayo170 said...

Excellent choices Andy. I wish I could have seen as much basketball this year as this has been a very solid season in the Big Ten.

Some sarcastically "shocking" news out of Tallahassee today...

Looks like Joe Pa might not have to worry about Bobby catching up anymore.

Phats said...

Where's JaJaun Johnson???

Dan Meyer said...

My take:
First team All-Big Ten:
Jarnell [?] Cornley (PSU), JuJuan Jackson (Pur), Evan Turner (OSU-POY), Kalin Lucas (MSU), Manny Harris (Mich)

Second team All-Big Ten:
Mike Davis (Ill), Kevin Coble (NU), Goren Sutton (MSU), Talor Battle (PSU), Jake Kelly (IA)

Honorable Mention: Ill--Chester Frazier, Demetrius McCamey, Mike Tisdale; Ind: Devin Demas, Tom Pritchard; Iowa: Matt Gatens, Cyrus Tate; Mich: DeShawn Sims (legit alternative to Mike Davis on second team); MSU: Summers (sorry, don't remember first name), Travis Walton; Minn: Daemon Johnson, Al Nolen, Ralph Sampson III, Lawrence Westbrook; NU: Craig Moore, Jeremy West; OSU: William Buford, B. J. Mullens; Penn State: Stanley Pringle: Purdue: Robbie Hummel, Chris Kramer, Etaun Moore; Wisconsin: Jim Bohannon, Hughes, Joe Krabbenhoff

All Freshman Team: Matt Gatens (IA), Tom Pritchard (IU), Ralph Sampson III (MN), William Buford (OSU-Star), Lewis Jackson (Pur)

All Defensive Team: Daemon Johnson (MN), Joe Krabbenhoff (WI), Charles Frazier (IL-DPOY), Chris Kramer (Pur), Travis Walton (MSU)

Note: Johnson (Pur), Lauderdale (OSU) and Nolen (MN) also considered.

Most Improved (tie): Mike Davis (IL), JuJuan Johnson (Pur)

Coach of Year: Ed De Chellis (PSU) by virtue of beating Illinois and Bruce Weber twice. Tom Izzo and Jim Carmody also considered.