Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tourney Time
Before Ohio State and Purdue battle today for the B10 Tourney crown, I thought I would get out my Top 4 seeds by region. Good luck to the Bucks and Boilers. Both are playing solid basketball this weekend.

1 - Pittsburgh
2 - Duke
3 - Mizzou
4 - Tennessee

1 - Louisville
2 - Michigan State
3 - Kansas
4 - Wake Forest

1 - North Carolina
2 - UConn
3 - LSU
4 - Purdue

1 - Memphis
2 - Oklahoma
3 - Washington
4 - Syracuse

The rest of the Big Ten...
Ohio State gets a 5
Illinois gets a 6
Wisconsin gets an 8
Michigan gets a 10
Minnesota gets an 11
Penn State gets a 12


Buckeye Nation said...

Congrats to Andy and his Spartans winning the Big 10 regular season title going away and securing a 2 seed in the Big Dance.
Congrats to Phats and Dan as their Boilers obliterated the Conseco jinx, making it Mackey-South as Purdue, now firing on all cylinders, wins the Big Ten Tournament over my up and coming Buckeyes. I was there and saw it happen.
Lastly, congrats to me who had a wonderful time at the Big 10 Tourney in Indy and who was the only one to correctly pick both teams in the championship game, and eventual winner...much to ,my chagrin. No solace in being "right."
But any time you can beat both Wisconsin and Michigan State and make a run at pulling off a win against Purdue within 3 days, it was a step forward who are a better team coming out of Indy than they were going in, at least reputation-wise.
Congrats also to Indy which put on another great show, in spite of the down attendance in the tough economic times. I've been to both Chicago and Indy for the BTT, both great venues and great times, but Indy does it better, all the way around.

Phats said...

I was there as well Buckeye Nation. OSU is going to be scary good next few years if everyone stays around. Now I hope all 7 big ten teams represent in the Big Dance! You going to make it to Dayton?