Monday, March 09, 2009

Tourney Time...
We had a very fitting week of upsets to lead us into March Madness. Indiana gave Big Ten Champ MSU all it could handle. Penn State hit a buzzer beater to beat Illinois. Northwestern shocked Purdue on the road. Michigan stunned Minnesota at The Barn. Iowa took out Penn State in double overtime. As a basketball fan, I was loving every minute of it. Even if it meant sweating the Get Gamm title!

I had a good year for me - my first with finishes at the top in both football and hoops. Congrats to Mayo with the bold pick of the NU over PU upset. We're not playing for records anymore - just pride - but you do get to pick the Big Ten tourney with me...

Here is the full, pretty schedule.

Here is my breakdown...

#8 Minnesota vs. #9 Northwestern - Both teams need wins to go dancing, though NU needs them more. Should be a great, great game. Both come in off of tough losses. Northwestern gets a rare first day win. NORTHWESTERN

#7 Michigan vs. #10 Iowa - Trust me, no one wants to play Iowa in this thing. The Hawkeyes always fare well in these, or so it seems - especially when facing a four in four situation. Iowa won't win this tournament, but they may well put Michigan back on the bubble. IOWA

#6 Penn State vs. #11 Indiana - The Nittany Lions shot themselves in the foot with the loss at Iowa but can make a statement with a big win. IU has nothing whatsoever to lose, which makes them dangerous. Still, Penn State wants to go dancing. PENN STATE

#9 Northwestern vs. #1 Michigan State - The Wildcats have picked off MSU on day one before but the Spartans have championships on their mind. Oh and a little payback for what then seemed like a devastating home loss for the Spartans. MICHIGAN STATE

#5 Ohio State vs. #4 Wisconsin - This should be a great game. Wisconsin is playing well right now and wants a shot to ruin MSU's dreams in the Semi's yet again. In an overtime thriller... WISCONSIN

#10 Iowa vs. #2 Illinois - Illinois has lost two in a row to end the season and has had a lot of time to think about it. I have a feeling about Iowa, but I'm talking myself out of it. ILLINOIS

#6 Penn State vs. #3 Purdue - Purdue is also reeling of late. Penn State could use another win to solidify its spot, but Purdue has something to prove. PURDUE

#4 Wisconsin vs. #1 Michigan State - A must watch game. Wisconsin has stabbed MSU's dreams in the heart so many times over the past several years - this round of the Big Ten Tourney included. This time, MSU wills itself to a scrappy win. MICHIGAN STATE

#3 Purdue vs. #2 Illinois - Illinois is 2-0 against the Boilers this year. The Illini will not make it a three-for. PURDUE

#3 Purdue vs. #1 Michigan State - A rubber match between the two best teams in the Big Ten. Purdue has a bit of an edge playing in its home state. Michigan State has the most recent upper hand though, which could creep into Purdue's mind. MSU is playing for a #1 seed out west. Purdue for a spot on the 4-line. I am tossing a coin. Head it's MSU, Tails it's Purdue... Heads... MICHIGAN STATE


BruceS said...

I would love to agree 100% with your pick of our Spartans winning the BTT, however history tells me MSU rarely plays well for 3 straight games in this tourny. I think MSU will win it all IF they get to the championship game. Otherside, Purdue gets the edge.

Phats said...

Congrats on winning Andy! :)

If we're picking here is mine
NW over minnesota(might pop their bubble!)
MICHIGAN over iowa
PENN STATE over indiana

MICHIGAN STATE over northwestern
WISCONSIN over ohio state
ILLINOIS over michigan
PURDUE over penn state

WISCONSIN over michigan state
PURDUE over illinois

PURDUE over wisconsin
*What better time to get our first ever wins in the Big Ten Tournament when played at Conseco

Dan Meyer said...

Certainly I can do better than my "brillant" Big Ten regular season performance--or maybe not.

MINNESOTA 68 vs. Northwestern 64--Wouldn't be shocked by a Wildcat win but I think Gophers have more talent.

MICHIGAN 63 vs. Iowa 58--Another dangerous game for the higher seed; the Wolverines get the job done and punch their ticket.

PENN STATE 65 vs. Indiana 60--Full (if grudging) credit to Crean for getting as much as possible out of the Hoosier lineup. Next year will be more fun for the Hoosiers (and of course less fun for Purdue fans). Win should put Nittanies in the Big Dance.

MICHIGAN STATE 72 vs. Minnesota 66--Upset is possible and would remove doubt as to Gophers NCAA status. With this result, Gophers are VERY bubblicious.

WISCONSIN 72 vs. Ohio State 66--Buckeyes play respectably, but Badgers are on a mission.

Illinois 63 vs MICHIGAN 65--Wolverines bare their teeth and pull the biggest upset of the tourney.

PURDUE 69 vs Penn State 66--No Boiler fan dares to take even one win in the Big Ten Tourney for granted.

Michigan State 68 vs. WISCONSIN 70--Runner by Bohannon makes Spartan fans sweat the #2 seed--but not to worry; it comes through.

PURDUE 64 vs Michigan 60--Boilers aren't brillant, but Michigan has hangover after Illini upset.

Purdue 63 vs WISCONSIN 70--I'm afraid that Bo is WAY overdue to beat my Boilers and Bucky Badger thus repeats.

Buckeye Nation said...

Winners in BOLD CAPS

Everyone is more impressed with Wisconsin than I am.

NORTHWESTERN over Minnesota
MICHIGAN over Iowa
PENN STATE over Indiana

MICHIGAN STATE over Northwestern
OHIO STATE over Wisconsin
MICHIGAN over Illinois
PURDUE over Penn State

OHIO STATE over Michigan State
PURDUE over Michigan

PURDUE over Ohio State

mayo170 said...

Minnesota over Northwestern
Michigan over Iowa
Penn State over Indiana

Michigan State over Minnesota
Wisconsin over Ohio State
Illinois over Michigan
Purdue over Penn State

Michigan State over Wisconsin
Purdue over Illinois

Purdue over Michigan State

BruceS said...

IOWA over michigan
PSU over indiana

MSU over nw
WISC over tosu
ILLINOIS over michigan
PURDUE over psu

MSU over wisc
PURDUE over illinois

MSU over purdue