Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Gamm - Week Seven
Off in the distance, I hear the pounding of basketballs on the hardwood. Could it be that we're already moving past the mid-point of the college football regular season? Wow. Time flies.

We've spread the getting of Gamm wealth among everyone - except Phats - so far, but no one is making up much ground on my old college roomie, St. Louis Spartan. Will anyone make a move this week?

Iowa at Wisconsin - The Game of the Week in the conference. Only two teams remain unschated in league play and both take to the road this weekend. However, Iowa has a tougher task ahead than OSU as the Hawkeyes face a UW team that has lost just three games at home in its last 37. Plus, Bucky was pretty well thrashed in C-bus last weekend and is looking to take it out on someone. In that case, who better than a rival? Iowa has three tough road trips left - UW, MSU and OSU. I think they find a way to get this one done. Iowa 24 - Wisconsin 23.

BruceS says ... What can you say about Iowa? Preseason had everyone talking about how good they were going to be. After the first few games everyone was asking what was wrong with them. Now, they are again the talk of the town. Wisconsin seems to be hot or cold lacking some consistency. I'm picking the Hawkeyes to keep rolling with a solid road win. Iowa 27 Wisc 17

Northwestern at Michigan State - There are a few ways to slice this one. Northwestern has been a major pain in MSU's backside in East Lansing of late. Michigan State is playing solid, inspired football right now. The Wildcats haven't played anyone worth their weight - except maybe Minnesota - and have struggled to beat two MAC teams who are a collective 0-10. The injury bug is biting at State right now, but there is more depth than any time I can recall. I like State to control the clock with a solid rushing attack and for Cousins and crew to dink and dunk the 'cat D to death. NU will get their licks, but in the end, State prevails. Michigan State 31 - Northwestern 20.

BruceS says ... The Spartans are on a mini roll winning their last two. Yet, can they overcome the rash of injuries of late at key positions, most importantly at QB. I, for one, hope to see Keith Nichol keep the job as I think he has more of "it" than Cousins. Coming out of h.s. he wasn't one of the most recruited QB's in the country for nothing. I say he plays and plays well against another somewhat up and down Northwestern team who historically gives the Spartans fits. Michigan State wins again and continues to build momentum, 31 - 24

Delaware State at Michigan - This would be worth my time if it was maize and blue with winged helmets vs. maize and blue with winged helmets (i.e. M vs. Delaware instead of Delaware State). This is perfect timing for a Michigan team on its heels. Michigan 41 - Delaware State 10.

BruceS says ... This should be no contest and a chance for Michigan to play a lot of people, resting those who can benefit from such. I don't know anything about Del. State but I am comfortable giving Michigan an easy win, 42 - 13

Ohio State at Purdue - Ohio State is going for a record in West Lafayette. Ohio State has won 15 straight Big Ten road games, going all the way back to the 17-10 loss at Penn State in 2005. A win this week would tie Michigan's streak of 17 straight road wins from 1988-1992. Meanwhile, Purdue is trying to right the ship. The Boilers have lost five straight, some in excruciating manner, and would love to play spoiler here. I think Purdue will come out and play their best game of the season, but I'm not sold that is enough. Ohio State 27 - Purdue 23.

BruceS says ... Defense wins in the B10 and the Buckeyes have lots of that. Purdue still trying to find themselves post-Tiller and will have some more growing pains before things get better. This game gives Pryor and the offense a chance to improve as they will need to get better in order for them to run the table the balance of the B10 schedule. tOhio State 30 Purdue 14

Minnesota at Penn State - Seems like ABC missed the boat on this one. Sure, the Gophers have shocked Penn State at Beaver Stadium in the past. Yes, Penn State hasn't really beaten anyone worth their weight thus far. But picking this over Iowa at Wisconsin? Questionable. Penn State has something to prove. Minnesota desires a notable victory. Penn State might have Michigan on the brain, but I doubt it. This will be a decent game, but Penn State wins going away. Penn State 37 - Minnesota 24.

BruceS says ... The Gophers seem to be improving weekly even if the record may not reflect it. Penn State is searching for some consistency and needs to play a good game against a quality opponent. Playing at home gives PSU the nod here and they get a good win against a pesky Gopher team. PSU 27 Minn 20

Illinois at Indiana - Why is it that Indiana gets all the night games on Big Ten Network? Night games should be good ones. This one? Doesn't fit the bill. Illinois is a mess. Indiana isn't very good. This might be the best chance at a conference win for either until the pair play the Boilermakers (sorry Phat, Dan and my other Purdue brothas). Time to toss a coin. Heads = home team wins. Tails = visitors win. Flip...bouncing, spinning... and it lands on its side. No, not really! If Juice plays, Illinois wins. Zook wants to keep his job - I think - so Juice starts and Illinois wins. Finally. Illinois 28 - Indiana 21.

BruceS says ... This is the toughest game for me to pick. Illinois is so bad and in disarray right now I don't know how I can pick them to win against anyone. Yet, Indiana was so bad last week at UVA, I don't see how I can pick them to win. Will it be McGee or Juice for the Illini? On paper they would appear to be the better team. I think Juice and company finally play well enough to win one against a faltering Indiana team. Illinois 24 Indiana 20.


AndrewJ1313 said...

Iowa 27 at Wisconsin 25
Northwestern 20 at Michigan State 31
Delaware State 10 at Michigan 38
Minnesota 17 at Penn State 27
Illinois 17 at Indiana 20
Ohio State 37 at Purdue 3.

Go Bucks!!!!!!

mayo170 said...

Although it doesn't help The Big Ten's top-end image, Way To Go Phats!

Buckeye Nation said...

Congrats to phats and Dan.
You guys were long overdue.
Sux to be me (or andrew) that it finally happened on Saturday.

Phats said...

Thanks guys, it was a great day to be a Boilermaker! Not a student but I did rush the field haha :)