Friday, October 09, 2009

Get Gamm - Week Six...
Full slate this week, with every team in action, including three OOC games and two key in-conference battles. This is where we start to see a little separation - if not by record - in terms of the haves and the have nots.

Miami-OH at Northwestern - The Miami-Northwestern connections run deep. Deep enough that I wonder why this isn't an automatic game every year? Maybe one reasons is where the programs are right now. Miami is giving up points and yards by the truck load. Northwestern has no problems gaining yards and racking up points. First one to 40 wins? Maybe. Miami holds a shocking 6-2 series edge but isn't in the same ballpark this year... unless Northwestern keeps forgetting how to tackle. Northwestern 41 - Miami 31.

AndrewJ1313 says ... To date, Northwestern hasn’t beaten anyone impressive nor have they lost to anyone impressive. This week they get a break from Big Ten play and welcome the bottom of the MAC barrel Miami Redhawks. Miami is terrible and Northwestern should turn in their Big Ten resignation if they lose this one. Northwestern 38, Miami-OH 17

Michigan State at Illinois - This is a really big game for both teams. Once thought to be two of the sleepers to contend for the title, Illinois is a really bad 1-3, with three blowout losses to its credit. Michigan State is arguably two plays from 4-1, but still sits at 2-3 with something to prove. Will last week's win over Michigan be the springboard the Spartans needed? Dantonio coached teams have fared better than past MSU coach's squads post Michigan week. Illinois starts Eddie McGee at QB. That will either inject life or speed the spiral. Michigan State 31 - Illinois 23.

AndrewJ1313 says ... Both of these teams need this win. Illinois is floundering and has a new QB running the offense. Michigan State will carry the momentum from last weeks impressive OT win over Michigan to salvage this season. I still think MSU will make it to bowl eligibility and Ron Zook may make it to the unemployment line. MSU 28, Illinois 24

Purdue at Minnesota - This one is really critical for Minnesota. Purdue is about where I expected them to be, albeit they've lost three games they very easily could have won, maybe should have. But the Gophers have lost two in a row at home, including a rivalry game last weekend. Purdue is racking up the offensive stats, while the Golden Gophers are bringing up the rear. The key will come down to turnovers. Purdue turns it over - a lot. It bites them again. Minnesota 27 - Purdue 24.

AndrewJ1313 says ... What can you say about Purdue? I was always told if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. With that in mind… Minnesota 32, Purdue 21

Eastern Illinois at Penn State - The only reason I will burn a few words is because former Iowa signal caller Jake Christensen leads the Panthers. EIU is actually a nice 4-1 but they've not faced the likes of Penn State. The Nittany Lions have still not fired on all cylinders this season, but use this as a tune up for a tough stretch forthcoming. Penn State 38 - Eastern Illinois 13.

AndrewJ1313 says ... How did Penn St. manage a FCS school in the middle of the season?! This one doesn’t even deserve commentary let alone TV air time.PSU 54, Eastern Illinois 13

Indiana at Virginia - I don't know much about UVA except that they lost to a FCS foe William & Mary but beat a decent North Carolina team last week. Indiana hasn't beaten anyone of consequence but proved that it can on the road and perform (at Michigan). These teams appear to be pretty evenly matched. I'll be rooting for the Big Ten, but UVA is tough to beat at home on homecoming. Virginia 20 - Indiana 17.

AndrewJ1313 says ... Yawn of the week in college football. The Cavaliers are a bigger disappointment than Illinois and I think Indiana is better then predicted going into the season. The loss in Ann Arbor was a heart breaker and last week they were just out classed by a very good OSU squad. Indiana rebounds this week against a terrible, terrible, terrible ACC foe. Indiana 30 - UVA 24

Wisconsin at Ohio State (Tiebreaker) - The game of the week in the Big Ten. We get to see if the Badgers are all they're cracked up to be at a perfect 5-0. We also get to see how far OSU has come as this is the first real test since the USC loss. I foresee a good old fashioned slug fest, with three yards and a cloud of chewed up tire rubber the rule of the day. The OSU defense and the crowd at the 'shoe make all the difference. Ohio State 17 - Wisconsin 9.

AndrewJ1313 says ... This will be the first big test for OSU since the USC game – a game in which the Bucks very easily could have won. This Wisconsin team is very interesting, the defense isn’t the same-old, same-old and they have a bruising running back in Clay (what is he like 6-3, 250). OSU’s front four will have to play very well, get pressure on Tolzien and shut down the running game early. Wisconsin on the other hand will have to contain Pryor and force him into mistakes, which he is susceptible to. In the end though, I still think OSU is the class of the Big Ten and the defense if fantastic – Coleman will be hungry to get back onto the field. OSU 31, Wisconsin 17

Michigan at Iowa - Can you believe as solid as Iowa has been at times over the years, that this is their first shot at a 6-0 start since 1985? Michigan finally lost last week, despite another near heroic effort by Tate Forcier. Iowa is stingy against the run and this a week after the Wolverines managed just 28 yards on the ground in East Lansing. Iowa gets to 6-0 and despite a tough remaining schedule, the fans in Iowa City start thinking about Pasadena... Iowa 23 - Michigan 14.

AndrewJ1313 says ... Every time I think Michigan is going to get clobbered going to Iowa, they prove me wrong and some how, dominate the game. I’m going to stick with Iowa in this one though. This Michigan team is starting to look like a typical RichRod led team – all flash, no defense. Iowa can control the flash and expose the lack of defense. I am not looking forward to facing Forcier in the next few years though, the kid can play!Iowa 21, Michigan 20

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