Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another week of Get Gamm
The race is tighter than tight. Some major opportunities to be had this week with key contenders going head to head...

Michigan State at Indiana
Michigan at Iowa

Purdue at Ohio State
Penn State at Northwestern

Wisconsin at Minnesota

Illinois at Purdue
Penn State at Michigan
Indiana at Minnesota

Ohio State at Michigan State
Northwestern at Wisconsin


Phats said...

Wasn't sure I was going to make it!

MICHIGAN STATE 72 indiana 56
MICHIGAN 65 iowa 59

PURDUE 72 ohio state 68 (Why not!?)
NORTHWESTERn 77 Penn state 61

MINNESOTA 68 wisconsin 64

PURDUE 72 illinois 56
MICHIGAN 70 penn state 54
MINNESOTA 79 indiana 56

MICHIGAN STATE 68 ohio state 65
WISCONSIN 71 northwestern 63

Dan Meyer said...

Scores from previous thread:

MICHIGAN STATE 75 at Indiana 65
MICHIGAN 69 at Iowa 68
Purdue 68 at OHIO STATE 72 (please, please be wrong)
Penn State 58 at NORTHWESTERN 64
WISCONSIN 66 at Minnesota 64

For the weekend:

Illinois 65 at PURDUE 70--Dangerous game for the Boilers, but I have to believe that they win at least once this week

Penn State 62 at MICHIGAN 68--Two wins in same week for the Wolverines may be a stretch. A reasonable upset pick, but not by me.

Indiana 64 at MINNESOTA 68--Good chance to see whether the Gophers have any pride left.

Northwestern 65 at WISCONSIN 74--Wildcats better hope they don't need this to make the Big Dance

Ohio State 69 at MICHIGAN STATE 75--Second spectacularly good game involving the Buckeyes this week. Can't see Sparty losing again at Breslin.

mayo170 said...

Come on Phats, you were so close to giving me hope.

Dan Meyer said...

Midweek games, February 23-25

ILLINOIS 68 at Michigan 64
OHIO STATE 70 at Penn State 60
Purdue 65 at MINNESOTA 68--Boilers overdue for "off" night.
Iowa 60 at NORTHWESTERN 66
WISCONSIN 68 at Indiana 63

Buckeye Nation said...

Either through wishful thinking or simple foresight, I now see more than one team winning the Big 10 regular season title.
Purdue flexed their muscle by exacting revenge against my Buckeyes, and barring a tailspin, should be a #1 seed in the Big Dance. Wisconsin found out what an advantage the Barn is for the Gophers, even if you have a few Minnesotans on your roster. The Spartans have a HUGE game at West Lafayette, and must win there to ensure any hope of gaining a share of the title.
My Buckeyes have a tough roadie against suddenly rejuvenated Penn State, and then a home tilt against our hated rival who beat us in A2 when Evan Turner was still recuperating, plus will be watching the results from the Barn and Mackey.
The Illini need a least a split this week to keep their NCAA tournament hopes off any bubble.
The Gophers could get close to the bubble again with a pair of wins this week.
The rest of the conference teams are just spoilers at this point.
Northwestern will not be in the Big Dance, barring a championship run in the Big 10 Tournament.

Tue 02/23/10

Illinois 73 @ Michigan 70 - Wolverines have problems with the Illini under the bucket.

Wed 02/24/10

Ohio State 75 @ Penn State 70 - Buckeyes outlast Lions.
Purdue 68 at Minnesota 70 - Maybe the Boilers are due for a letdown, and the Barn is a logical road venue for that to happen.

Thu 02/25/10

Iowa 60 @ Northwestern 68 - too little, too late for the Wildcats.
Wisconsin 72 @ Indiana 63 - Hoosier woes continue.

Sat 02/27/10

Michigan 62 @ Ohio State 78 - revenge is a dish best served cold.
Minnesota 66 @ Illinois 72 - Illini snare a needed home win.

Sun 02/28/10

Northwestern 63 @ Penn State 68 - Lions sweep the Cats.
Michigan State 74 @ Purdue 73 - Pride and revenge on the line for the Spartans in a tough environment. Probably wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time for me this season...
Indiana 62 at Iowa 73 - a game only their most loyal fans will care about.

Phats said...

ILLINOIS 68 michigan 66

OHIO STATE 79 penn state 64
PURDUE 68 minnesota 61(I have more confidence than Dan!)

NORTHWESTERn 66 iowa 60
WISCONSIN 77 indiana 60

OHIO STATE 67 michigan 60
MINNESOTA 69 illinois 66

NORTHWESTERN 71 penn state 68
PURDUE 73 michigan state 64(Sorry Sparty not at Mackey!)
IOWA 65 indiana 58

mayo170 said...

Illinois 71 @ Michigan 66
Ohio State 68 @ Penn State 52
Purdue 79 at Minnesota 74
Iowa 53 @ Northwestern 61
Wisconsin 54 @ Indiana 56
Michigan 62 @ Ohio State 66
Minnesota 59 @ Illinois 65
Northwestern 68 @ Penn State 62
Michigan State 64 @ Purdue 67
Indiana 59 at Iowa 52