Monday, February 01, 2010

Get Gamm - Mid Season Review
Hope I might finally get some more time this week. The Big Ten is becoming a one horse race, but the league has hope since MSU travels to its two toughest venues this week - at Wisconsin and at Illinois. Both spotlight games on ESPN. Followed up with Purdue in East Lansing next Tuesday, it could be over or a race in a manner of eight days.

Congrats to Dan Meyer for nailing the picks last week. One of these days I'll have enough time to spotlight the winners!

Michigan at Northwestern
Michigan State
at Wisconsin

Penn State at Ohio State
at Iowa

at Indiana

Minnesota at Penn State
at Michigan
Michigan State at Illinois

Iowa at Ohio State
Indiana at Northwestern


Dan Meyer said...

Hooray for me, but even more Purdue! On to the first week in February:

Michigan 62 at NORTHWESTERN 66--Approaching an elimination game and I like home court in this matchup.

Michigan State 68 at WISCONSIN 72--Kohl is where streaks go to die.

Penn State 63 at OHIO STATE 78--Probably reprise of yesterday at Mackey.

ILLINOIS 69 at Iowa 64--The Illini mini-surge continues.

PURDUE 66 at Indiana 62--"Justice" prevails; but not until Boiler fans have some "Maalox" moments.

MINNESOTA 68 at Penn State 63--Not a bad upset pick, but I think that the Gophers still have some pride.

Wisconsin 68 at MICHIGAN 70--It's all about the timing; Badger letdown vs. Wolverine desparation.

Michigan State 72 at ILLINOIS 74--Excellent chance that this pick goes wrong; I have not idea what to expect from the Illini.

Iowa 60 at OHIO STATE 70--Buckeye surge continues; David Petreus would be proud.

Indiana 63 at NORTHWESTERN 68--If I'm right, state of IL goes 4-0 this week.

Phats said...

Here goes nothing.

NORTHWESTERN 64 michigan 59
WISCONSIN 68 michigan state 62(No lucas save this time!)

OHIO STATE 66 penn state 49
ILLINOIS 65 iowa 63

PURDUE 77 indiana 65

PENN STATE 68 minnesota 66
MICHIGAN 69 wisconsin 66
MICHIGAN STATE 70 illinois 59

OHIO STATE 83 iowa 60
NORTHWESTERN 70 indiana 59

Buckeye Nation said...

One of these days, I'll figure out Penn State; maybe I have nightmares still of the Crispin brothers raining threes on the Buckeyes....
If MSU is going to be caught in the standings, this is the week it has to begin. The margin of error for the 2nd place pack is small indeed. Got to give credit to the Spartans for pulling out Ws in 2 games it probably should have lost (@ Minnesota, @ Michigan). Very tough week for picks coming up, so here goes:

Michigan 48 at Northwestern 52 -Cats continue quest for 1st ticket to the Big Dance.
Michigan State 61 at Wisconsin 63 - should be a helluva game.

Penn State 58 at Ohio State 71 - Buckeyes can't letdown now, this is the time to rack up the Ws.
Illinois 60 at Iowa 63 - I'm just not impressed with the Illini this year.

Purdue 68 at Indiana 69 - the rivalry is the only reason for this upset pick...oh, and home court advantage... (sorry Dan & phats)

Minnesota 66 at Penn State 67 - put up or shut up Lions.
Wisconsin 64 at Michigan 66 - could be a barnburner.
Michigan State 70 at Illinois 68 - see Illini comment above.

Iowa 58 at Ohio State 72 - ET phones home...AGAIN!
Indiana 48 at Northwestern 55 - these are the games NU has to win.

mayo170 said...

Michigan 59 at Northwestern 53
Michigan State 71 at Wisconsin 70 Everyone keeps bringing up the Badgers home record against Izzo, this is as good a time as any to break it.

Penn State 54 at Ohio State 73
Illinois 73 at Iowa 75 (gut feeling)

Purdue 79 at Indiana 66

Minnesota 54 at Penn State 57
Wisconsin 58 at Michigan 55
Michigan State 68 at Illinois 71

Iowa 47 at Ohio State 61
Indiana 64 at Northwestern 66

mayo170 said...

Phats, you ever felt like you've seen all this before?

Phats said...

Mayo- you mean you and I bringing up the rear again in the standings? haha yeah it's just not my year for predicting I guess, hoops is worse though because I actually remembered to pick from the beginning

Dan Meyer said...

Midweek picks for Feb. 9-11:

Illinois 63 at WISCONSIN 72--Beating Wal-Mart might be easier than winning at Kohl's.

Purdue 65 at MICHIGAN STATE 70--Would LOVE to pick the Boilers, but Purdue rarely plays well the next game after IU at Bloomington.

OHIO STATE 72 at Indiana 64--Unless Pritchard goes for 13 in a half again.

NORTHWESTERN 69 at Iowa 65--Wildcats keep NCAA hopes afloat.

Michigan 63 at MINNESOTA 70--Wolverines better hope that they can beat Iowa and Penn State; except for Sims, the fight looks to be gone.

mayo170 said...

Illinois 66 Wisconsin 74
Purdue 59 Michigan State 62
Ohio State 70 Indiana 59
Northwestern 58 Iowa 51
Michigan 52 Minnesota 59