Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Get Gamm Picks
Late again I know! Still haven't even graded last week's!

Illinois at Wisconsin
Purdue at Michigan State

Ohio State
at Indiana
Northwestern at Iowa

Michigan at Minnesota

Michigan State
at Penn State
Indiana at Wisconsin
Iowa at Purdue

Ohio State at Illinois
Minnesota at Northwestern


Dan Meyer said...

Previously posted on prior entry:

Illinois 63 at WISCONSIN 72
Purdue 65 at MICHIGAN STATE 70--Hope this one is wrong
OHIO STATE 72 at Indiana 64
NORTHWESTERN 69 at Iowa 65
Michigan 63 at MINNESOTA 70

For Valentine's Weekend (I'm sure that the Big Ten schedule maker has caught grief from his wife for making the two Sunday games the most competitive of the week):

MICHIGAN STATE 73 at Penn State 66--Spartans finally get an easier game.

Indiana 64 at WISCONSIN 74--The Hoosiers are going to win at Kohl's when the Boilers and Spartans couldn't? Yeah, right.

Iowa 65 at PURDUE 75--Sandwich game status may keep the Hawkeyes in this for the first 30-32 minutes.

OHIO STATE 68 at Illinois 66--Toughest pick of the week--let's just say that Turner made me a believer at Mackey.

Minnesota 62 at NORTHWESTERN 65--NCAA tourney elimination game? Perhaps not yet, but both bubble teams need this badly. Basically a home-court pick.

Phats said...

WISCONSIN 68 illinois 61
PURDUE 70 michigan state 68(why not)

OHIO STATE 77 indiana 56

MINNESOTA 71 michigan 65

MICHIGAN STATE 80 penn state 65
WISCONSIN 78 indiana 49
PURDUE 81 iowa 60

ILLINOIS 65 ohio state 63
NORTHWESTERN 64 minnesota 62OT

Buckeye Nation said...

LOL, I declare not being impressed with Illinois, and they rattle off a road win and a big home win against MSU. What the hell do I know, except I think MSU wins if Lucas is in the lineup. Tough break for the Spartans because Lucas is a difference-maker. Because of this, all of the sudden, it is not a foregone conclusion that the Spartans will win the regular season title. I'm officially throwing PSU under the bus as a one-trick pony that gets up for the big ones and then loses and goes through the motions for the lesser games and still end up losing. Some definite standings-changers on this week's slate. My Buckeyes reprise the start of the Big 10 season with 4 of the next 5 on the road, but thankfully we have a healthy Evan Turner this round. I'm still bullish on Northwestern finally making the Big Dance. Wisconsin will get 2 wins at home, while MSU and the 2nd place pack will have to earn their wins.

Illinois 52 at Wisconsin 61 - Momentum from win over MSU keeps the Illini close early until the Badgers pull away.
Purdue 70 at Michigan State 72 - No Kalin Lucas gives the Boilers a chance to steal a road win.

Ohio State 72 at Indiana 69 - no road game in the Big 10 can be taken for granted.
Northwestern 60 at Iowa 59 - Cats can smell the dance and gut-out a huge win on the road.

Michigan 62 at Minnesota 69 - Gophers rarely lose to the mid-pack teams in the Barn.

Michigan State 71 at Penn State 62 - Lions stay close early, then fold like a cheap K-Mart lawnchair by the end.
Indiana 51 at Wisconsin 63
Iowa 61 at Purdue 72

Ohio State 68 at Illinois 71 - Hope I'm wrong, but I can see Hightower, Valentine or Higgins making BS calls so they can hear the home fans cheer rather than jeer. Dan, I believe in ET too, but Hightower et al., believe that they are the reason we follow the games.
Minnesota 51 at Northwestern 59

Phats said...

Dan you should have had more faith in our Boilers!!! What a great win, and to think I am still on a high from watching Brees lead the Saints to the Super Bowl win

mayo170 said...

Whoah! I'm sure Buckeye Nation saw the article, Bob Hunter at the C-bus Dispatch thinks the Big 10 may expand to 14 schools. How crazy would that be?


Buckeye Nation said...

Congrats to Dan and Phats on the huge win in EL.
The race for the regular season title is now on between the 5-pack!

Dan Meyer said...

A humbling start to the week; 1-4 going into Saturday (course, except for Phats, I think all of us had a rough start this week). Memo to mayo: have you posted your weekend picks yet?

mayo170 said...

Uh oh...just pulled a Phats!

Well, so much for staying out of last place. I think I missed five games, thanks for trying to save me Dan. I was looking too forward to the long weekend (Wall St. is closed, so my firm is closed today).

Phats said...

Hey welcome to my world Mayo!! :)

I was enjoying my summer so much and then BAM back to school time and totally forgot

Dan Meyer said...

Midweek games for Feb. 16-18

MICHIGAN STATE 75 at Indiana 65--Think Hoosiers "shot their wad" vs. Purdue two weeks ago.

MICHIGAN 69 at Iowa 68--A pure guess.

*Purdue 68 at OHIO STATE 72--Best game in the country Wednesday night; hope Phats is right on the pick.

Penn State 58 at NORTHWESTERN 64--Wildcats looked good with backs against the wall Sunday.

WISCONSIN 66 at Minnesota 64--Do the Gophers have any heart left?

mayo170 said...

Michigan State 73 at Indiana 61
Michigan 59 at Iowa 52
Purdue 63 at Ohio State 74
Penn State 53 at Northwestern 59
Wisconsin 56 at Minnesota 52

Buckeye Nation said...

Just when Illinois was beginning to impress me with their win in Madison... Gotta keep my "pick-against-the-Buckeyes-in-a-marquee-road-game-in-the-Big-10-and-they'll-win" mojo this week!
By Sunday evening we will have a better idea of how the top 5 teams stand in the race for the conference regular season title.
The Boilermakers are now viewed as the #1 seed from the Big 10. That view will be tested this week.
With Kalin Lucas back healthy, the Spartans should be running on all cylinders.
While Northwestern is still clinging to a chance for the Big Dance, the loss at Iowa was crippling; now they must win out and beat Wisconsin in Madison, and probably win at least one if not 2 games in the Big 10 Tournament.

Tue 02/16/10

Michigan State 79 @ Indiana 58 - Yawn, scroll...
Michigan 61 @ Iowa 63 - should effectively dash any hopes for UM in the NCAA save winning the BTT.

Wed 02/17/10

Purdue 64 @ Ohio State 67 - THIS will be a barnburner, an electric atmosphere with two of the conference's elite teams fighting for a title; the Boilers have the revenge factor, but the Buckeyes have the home court advantage.
Penn State 56 @ Northwestern 62 - Another must-win for the Cats.

Thu 02/18/10

Wisconsin 62 @ Minnesota 64 - A rivalry game that will likely take the Badgers out of the running for the regular season title.

Sat 02/20/10

Illinois 64 @ Purdue 70 - The Illini will be rested, but the Boilers have the crowd behind them.
Penn State 64 @ Michigan 68 - Wolves better be on their game, because the Lions are looking for a W, any W.
Indiana 61 @ Minnesota 71 - the Gophers remember the choke-job they pulled off in Bloomington in OT last time these two met.

Sun 02/21/10

Ohio State 68 @ Michigan State 70 - of course I hope I'm dead wrong. Should be another great game regardless.
Northwestern 61 @ Wisconsin 68 - Cats need a win, but so do the Badgers, especially if they stumble at the Barn in Minnehaha earlier in the week.